CUPE 3903 supports organized crime

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Caledonia, Caledonia Militia, Caledonia PeaceKeepers, CANACE, CUPE 3903, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives

June 23, 2009

When Caledonia residents gather tonight to hear from Doug Flemming about the forming Caledonia Peace Keepers, CUPE intends to bus in protestors who are in favour of organized crime and support the Men’s Fire. I quoted their release in an earlier story.

Doug Flemming has been in contact with Tom Keefer who is leading the CUPE 3903 protest against law and order tonight and asked him to sit in on the meeting to hear first hand what’s actually going to take place, but Mr. Keefer refused stating that he has no need to hear the facts. He did suggest however that this evening’s meeting be cancelled and he would set up a meeting between Residents / CANACE and the Men’s Fire instead.

That concept is laughable as we have never and will never meet with a group of organized criminals / racist exremists like the Men’s Fire which has been responsible for countless criminal and at times terrorist acts in Caledonia. The Voortman ruling from a Cayuga Court makes clear that the Men’s Fire are criminals who are guilty of extortion and intimidation but CUPE 3903 and Tom Keefer choose to support them anyway.

To quote a press release by the media relations man for the Caledonia Peacekeepers – Gary McHale:

“Serious questions need to be asked of CUPE3903 for their support of an armed native militia which the courts have denounced for their repeated criminal behavior. Serious questions need to be asked of the OPP and in particular Commissioner Fantino for their support of a criminal organization

Faced with such clear examples of how justice and the Rule of Law no longer apply in Haldimand, does it surprise any Canadian that residents have done what many groups have done in big cities when crime is out of control, and that is to unite into a community group.

Gary McHale – Media Relations for the Caledonia Peacekeepers – 905-692-6420

All statements supported by court documents – will send documents upon request.”

Worth noting is that CUPE 9303 has made an attempt to link me to racist, supremacist garbage and I will be looking at potential legal action against them in the near future, but more importantly the meeting tonight for the Caledonia Peacekeepers will proceed as planned and any attempt at interference by the Men’s Fire, CUPE 9303, Tom Keefer, or anyone else will be thoroughly documented and exposed to the public.

To get an idea of what CUPE 9303 is all about, I shall quote their own material which can be found here:

In addition to the Haudenesaunee Men’s Fire at Six Nations, some of the groups we work with include: (TRUE) the Two Row Understanding through Education (a Brantford-based group of non-native solidarity activists who organize monthly educational meetings), trade union activists, the Native Youth Movement, the Community Friends group in Caledonia, the Black Action Defense Committee in Toronto, the York Aboriginal Student Association, and the Six Nations Youth Centre Committee

More of their rhetoric can be found here including attempts to link us to “Neo Nazi’s”

“The First Nations Solidarity Working Group is a new working group that was struck at last year’s AGM.

In March of 2007 members of the working group worked with the Caledonia-based Community Friends organization to hold an educational and organizational meeting where trade union activists could learn about the struggle at Six Nations and figure out what concrete steps they could take in support of the people of Six Nations. Over 50 people representing a dozen different unions attended the meeting in Hamilton.

Members of the working group traveled to Caledonia during the Sterling St. standoff in October of 2007.”

CANACE has been battling Native lawlessness and those who support it for 3 years and will certainly not be backing down now to a unionized group that supports a violent, armed, illegal, racist Native militia that calls itself the Men’s Fire. If they wish to continue to try to slander us with supposed links to white supremacy, they will soon find themselves in Court with us.

If they show up tonight by the bus load to protest against a peaceful, law abiding group of residents who are tired of their community being ravaged by rampant lawlessness at the hands of the likes of the Men’s Fire, then so be it. So long as they behave themselves in a law abiding fashion they have every right to attend, but they will not intimidate residents, the Caledonia Peacekeepers, or CANACE into backing down.

  1. Right on, Jeff! I wonder how many CUPE members know that their Union is supporting a criminal organization that actually threatened the Court if it ruled against it?

    I wonder how many CUPE members know that their Union went to Caledonia to support the Stirling occupation where Sam Gualtieri was almost murdered by native punks in the home he was building for his daughter?

    I wonder how many CUPE members know that their Union is about to embarass them by coming out to victimize the people of Caledonia once again in support of the gangsters who have made their lives miserable?

    I wonder how many CUPE members know that their Union is about to be sued for falsely trying to link you, me and Gary to white supremacists?

    If CUPE members want to understand what is REALLY going on in Caledonia/Haldimand, they can see this page on our CANACE website: Race-Based Policing

    If CUPE members want to know who the real racists are, ride the bus tonight and look around at the people sitting next to you.

    Gotta run, Jeff, see you in Cayuga tonight.

    Mark Vandermaas
    Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

  2. Jim says:

    Uh excuse me, but what business is this of a teacher’s union from Toronto? What direct benefit is this to their membership?

  3. James says:

    I hope Gary sent that press release to Ben Mercer of CFRB.
    Ben has been giving this mouthpiece prime afternoon drive-home time for the last two days straight. I listened for 20 minutes in disgust as the host basically gave this guy free reign to spout a lot of nonsense.
    The host didn’t even give an opposing view, arguement, or open up the phone lines! he thought talking about a Belgian stripper-bus driver was far more thought provoking to the average Toronto area listener.
    It was a bit funny actually to listen to this guy. The first day, he made suggestions linking the meeting to racist activities, then on the second day, he seemed to distance himself from those comments HE MADE the day before! To open up he even got defensive about possible violence from his protest when the host hadn’t even mentioned violence!

    He basically said, never mind YOUR rights, it’s all about the stolen land man!

    Keep up the fight guys!

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