Natives to protest at Militia meeting tonight

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Caledonia, Caledonia Militia, CANACE, Doug Flemming, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives

June 23, 2009

As most have heard by now, Doug Flemming is holding a town hall meeting at the Lions Hall in Cayuga tonight to inform the public about the finer details of the forming Caledonia Militia. News of this new group has literally spread across the Country over the past week, and attendance at tonight’s event was expected to be very high. I for one was looking forward to sitting back and watching a nice peaceful militia meeting.

It would seem however that the Natives are not content to allow non Natives to hold a simple information session without causing a scene. Rumours of a busload of Natives showing up have been floating around, but confirmation came this morning in the form of a forwarded email from “The CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group” The following release is full of the usual propaganda about us being racist that one learns to ignore or laugh at after 3 years of doing this job.

A call for a peaceful protest against the formation of an anti-native
“militia” in Caledonia – Tuesday, June 23rd at 6pm Outside the Lion’s
Club in Cayuga, Ontario.

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard in the mainstream media already, things are
escalating again in Caledonia. Doug Fleming (an associate of
anti-native sovereignty activist Gary McHale) has announced that he is
now forming a “militia” to directly confront “native lawlessness” in
Caledonia. According to Fleming, the militia would patrol areas in
Caledonia by car and by foot wearing uniforms and communicating with
radio equipment. If alerted to an instance of “native lawlessness” the
militia would then use “reasonable force” to effect a citizen’s arrest
and would hold the native person until such time as the OPP arrived to
take the “prisoner” to jail.

Needless to say, this represents a major escalation in regard to the
conflict at Six Nations. In addition to the OPP having already laid
over 120 charges against Six Nations activists, the formation of this
militia — with a primary target of removing “illegal” native “smoke
shacks” near Caledonia — points directly to the increasing of the
possibility of violent conflict between natives and non-natives.
Fleming has called for a public meeting for founding of the militia to
happen on June 23, at 7 p.m., at the Lion’s Hall in Cayuga. The
announcement of the formation of the militia has received widespread
publicity in the mainstream media. (Links to the coverage can be found

Although Gary McHale and his supporters have avoided making public
racist comments towards natives, there is no doubt that the formation
of the militia will draw explicitly racist individuals who have long
wanted to physically confront native protesters into activity.
Neo-Nazi groups have long participated in McHale’s various protests
since at least the fall of 2006, and there is every likelihood that
they will be drawn to this meeting if they are not already involved in
organizing it.

Put simply, this meeting cannot be allowed to happen unopposed. As
non-natives who have long supported indigenous struggles in general
and the Six Nations struggle in particular, we are issuing a call for
all who are opposed to escalation and violence inherent in Flemming’s
call for a “Caledonia Militia” to peacefully protest the holding of
this meeting.

Transportation to the protest will be organized by activists in
Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph. Please contact
for more information, to endorse the protest, or
to reserve a space on the buses. Buses will be leaving from Toronto at
4:30pm sharp and should return by 10pm that night at the latest. You
must contact us over email to reserve a space on the bus. Please
reserve a spot immediately so we can get a sense of how many people
require transport. There is a suggested donation to help cover the
cost of transport is $10 although no-one will be turned away for lack
of funds.

In solidarity,

The CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group.

With potential busloads of people coming from various cities to protest against law and order, I’m no longer confident that I’ll get to just sit back and enjoy the night, but it should be a very interesting event, and I do hope that those who come to make trouble realize that I will be documenting every second of it and will lay criminal charges privately against anyone who breaks the law.

It’s quite obvious that these people realize the new citizens militia is going to put a huge crimp in their organized crime and thus in their profits from illegal smoke shacks, but I doubt they realize that their ability to intimidate fed up residents is not what it was 3 years ago. What will happen next is anyone’s guess, but CANACE will be there to support the residents and hold accountable anyone using criminal behaviour to further their agenda as always.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    As long as residents keep their cool and don’t rise to confrontation, the police will probably deal with the troublemakers. The whole country apparently is watching this, so if Cupe members decide to get violent, let them take the fall for their behaviour.
    Caledonia residents have been remarkable in their restraint to date, and I do not believe they will engage in violence under any circumstances.
    Good Luck on the meeting.

  2. James says:

    Well, native gangsters teaming up with other gangsters. Who would have thought it?
    You’d think unionists would be too busy these days trying to keep their well paid members employed, but I suppose public workers have “safer” jobs than most of us.
    I caught the first half of an interview with some mouthpiece from CUPE yesterday on CFRB, repeating much of that junk in the prime drive-home timeslot. I didn’t catch the end of the piece, so no idea if they offered a counter point or not. I doubt it though.

  3. Jim says:

    I wonder if dues paying union members know that the union is diverting resources from member benefits to support the public mischief of every crack pot radical fringe group in the country.

    • Roland says:

      I don’t know if the Union local they are talking about here is an old Stelco Steel Union they were buddying up with natives last protest to keep trucks from Nani to move freely through blockade on by-pass.This is totally self serving and why aren’t the police calling this obstruction of justice and enflaming and unstablelising the whole Caledonia issue!!!

  4. James says:

    typical Toronto marxists for you.

  5. annie says:

    CUPE should mind their own business and focus on providing for their membership and pensioners properly. Once again a bunch of idiots, who probably have no idea of history, the plight of six nations or Caledonian residents and their long suffering during these last years of neglect by the OPP to enforce the law.

    IT IS NOT FOR US TO TAKE SIDES, it is for us to LISTEN TO BOTH SIDES. Without listening, nothing constructive can move forward. To understand my neighbour I must listen, and truly hear them. This cannot be done, screaming, blockading and occupying a community, and hurting people.

    People regardless of their ethnicity get hurt, and while the news lists them as just a resident or native, they are people with names, stories and hardships unfairly heaped upon by the others who have not one shred of decency left in them.

    If we as first nations people, DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, how can you ever expect them to CARE ABOUT US. If first nations truly care about their ancestors and history as I do,then show it. Reach out to your neighbors, hear them, make their pain your pain, and help. The truth be told our ancestors would be ashamed of many today, who care so little for anyone but themselves. My heart continues to go out to all the residents of Caledonia who have been hurt by the actions of some first nations over the last three years. My heart continues to feel for those of six nations, who like myself (mohawk) care for their neighbours and are left powerless to do anything. I encourage you to find the strength of your ancestors and reach out. You may not find a willing hand to hold, at first but over time they will reach back, and when they do hold on and make the change by example. (as has been the case in my community, deseronto) Until that day I shall continue to hope that no more will suffer at the hands of others and the OPP.

  6. The new site on Face Book looks at The meaning of the word “Justice” Judges Unfairly Study Trial Information Citizen Exploited.Lets look at the meaning of “Police” Police Own Law Intolerant Citizen Exploited.In both cases you notice the end result is citizen exploited.Lets look at the meaning Intolerance.=lack of toleration of opinions or practices of others:inability to bear or endure.This comes from all police training I believe because a friend of mine became a member of the force and we stopped hanging out with him.His comment was when he was out with us everyone in this room broke the law today its just what area of law.You see what the average citizen doesn’t get is police are uncomfortable mixing with the general population.Go to a wedding or stag and doe see who they sit with is other police.Look I here this native process is based on some long term treaty.It was probabaly based on hunting or fishing rights because Calidonia River is centre of treaty.They have not exersized these hunting and fishing rights reverts back to the queen.Since we have to reopen treaty anyway funding and the waste of money management in the system should be looked at.At what point is the taxpayer who will pay for policing and all of this has a spot at the table.When police respond now attitude is we are the law and the law is.To the police that are reading this now when you respond the mind set should be.In the public interest we are here to uphold the law and keep the peace the law.This is less confrontational and reminds you represent public all of the public!!!!

  7. Jim says:

    James Says:
    typical Toronto marxists for you.

    >> Right about that. It’s pretty well known in protest networks that if you want to create some crap on the streets there are 3 or 4 sources for rent-a-revolution in TO. York U is one.
    You know what frosts me off is we ran the Nazis out of town but we let the Marxists stay. Flip sides of the same coin.

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