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July 17, 2009

For years we have been saying that lasting change will come one day and one of the elements that would be necessary is for the good people on Six Nations who are fed up with being allegedly represented by a handful of thugs to speak out against the lawlessness and let everyone know that they too have a voice which has been suppressed by the violent criminals leading occupations and terrorizing Caledonia. This week marked a big first step in that direction.


UPDATED December 3, 2010 with higher quality video’s and substantial added commentary. My thanks to the many who brought the playback problems with DailyMotion to my attention. All video’s have been remastered and moved to YouTube in much higher quality.

There are as of this writing 97 exclusive, high quality video’s on my Youtube channel which can be found at

July 16, 2009

The following exclusive video’s are best viewed full screen at 420p and may take some time to buffer depending on your connection.

As CANACE and Caledonia residents gear up for the final flag raising on Argyle Street in Caledonia, uncertainty about what the OPP will do gives way to a request from the OPP for us to ask permission from the Native occupiers on DCE to hang our flag on public property. Mark Vandermaas wastes no time putting this idea where it belongs and an interesting discussion ensues between Mark and Sgt. Michaud of the OPP.


July 12, 2009

After 31 months, 4 arrests, and almost $1 Million spent trying to stop a Canadian flag from being raised on a Canadian hydro pole, the OPP finally relented today and allowed Non Natives to have the same rights as Natives in Caledonia, if only for a brief time. Why they did it is questionable, but I would submit that our intention to come back once each month until they stopped interfering had a lot to do with their decision.

In any case, Caledonia resident Doug Flemming was able to climb a ladder and attach a Canadian flag to a hydro pole across from DCE without interference from the OPP, or the Native occupiers, and the flag raising events in Caledonia have come to an end. The timing couldn’t be better as we have an abundance of other issues to focus on such as illegal smoke shacks and using private prosecution to hold senior officials accountable for their actions over the past few years.


Exclusive video from the Caledonia Peacekeepers meeting in Cayuga on June 23, 2009. For best results I recommend buffering the video (if needed) and then playing it full screen in high quality.

CHCH news interviewed Doug Flemming before the event began. I don’t know how much of this they used but it was an excellent interview.


UPDATE: July 09. 2009 The OPP returned to the illegal shack this morning with a warrant for the arrest of Steve Powless, and snagged 3 other people as well in the process. Funny how they’re capable of doing their job when the media is breathing down their neck, but impotent in the face of lawlessness by Natives the rest of the time.

After the failed July 7 raid, Powless sat down with Sun Media and issued the following statement: “from where the sun comes up to where it goes down, every bit of land it touches is my home”.  I could do an entire editorial about that absurd, deluded statement from this Native Supremacist but instead I’ll settle for pointing out that for the moment, a jail cell is his home and it looks great on him.

UPDATE: 10pm – Sun Media is reporting that the OPP did make an attempt to move on the illegal smoke shack this morning but ran away when confronted by approximately 20 Natives. “They decided it was not in the public interest to pursue the matter at this time” said Paula Wright.

Seriously folks, 20 people is all it took to run off a police force? That’s pathetic. When exactly will it be in the public interest to remove illegal smoke shacks that sell to children in the eyes of the OPP?

UPDATE: 1:45pm – We have confirmation from several sources that an attempt at a raid did indeed take place of the illegal smoke shack on the property of Ernie Palmer this morning. There are uncomfirmed reports that Native reinforcements showed up and pushed back the OPP, but again those details have yet to be confirmed.

July 7, 2009

We’re receiving unconfirmed reports this morning that the OPP have raided the smoke shack that Steve Powless erected on Ernie Palmer’s private property just outside Caledonia. This comes on the heels of strong rumours that more shacks were to be erected this week in the Caledonia area, and just days before the flag raising CANACE is holding on July 12 on Argyle Street.

We’re waiting for some form of confirmation, and if this story proves true we will have extensive converage here, at & VoiceofCanada

Jeff Parkinson

July 2, 2009

Much will be written about the technical details of the Order of Mandamus that Gary McHale won in Cayuga Court today, but having had the pleasure of being there to witness history and having won my own in January of 2009, I want to share some of the implications of what our rulings mean when put together.

CANACE co-founders Gary McHale & Jeff Parkinson creating case law on private prosecution in Canada

CANACE co-founders Gary Mchale & Jeff Parkinson creating case law on private prosecution in Canada

Each made legal history and quite literally created case law that Canadians will be using in court forever, but they also have a very direct impact on the way the corrupted crown operates when dealing with private prosecution and CANACE right now. They have been attempting to obstruct our path to resolving the lawlessness in Haldimand County for years, but their ability to do so is beginning to deteriorate in the face of something they had perhaps forgotten about: The law.  We have long held that the tactics of the crown would not be able to hold up to scrutiny by a Judge and have proven it with 3 precedent setting rulings in the past 7 months.


July 1st, 2009

I’ve already written about our very interesting day in Deseronto, but I think you really have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate how disgusting the behaviour of the local Mohawks was, so I invite all of you to see for yourselves in these exclusive CANACE videos presented for the first time in both standard and high resolution. Please note that playing these videos in high quality and full screen requires extra time to buffer so I recommend clicking play and then pausing it for a few minutes.

Cindy Welsh tried to explain to the crowd both the purpose of the meeting, and the reason we were meeting in a public park instead of a proper hall.

Gary McHale makes his first attempt to give a presentation to this 99% hostile crowd.