Video of CANACE in Deseronto

Posted: July 1, 2009 in CANACE, Cindy Welsh, Deseronto, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Native Racist Hatred, Natives, Video

July 1st, 2009

I’ve already written about our very interesting day in Deseronto, but I think you really have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate how disgusting the behaviour of the local Mohawks was, so I invite all of you to see for yourselves in these exclusive CANACE videos presented for the first time in both standard and high resolution. Please note that playing these videos in high quality and full screen requires extra time to buffer so I recommend clicking play and then pausing it for a few minutes.

Cindy Welsh tried to explain to the crowd both the purpose of the meeting, and the reason we were meeting in a public park instead of a proper hall.

Gary McHale makes his first attempt to give a presentation to this 99% hostile crowd.

The Mohawks take their first turn at speaking and heckling. The reason this begins with applause is because of a statement someone made too far from the camera to be audible so there are about 7 seconds between the two clips that’s not here. Notice that we do not disrupt and badger the Natives when it’s their turn to speak.

Gary makes his second attempt to address the crowd and the media. Notice how Gary stands his ground and isn’t even remotely rattled by the incessant heckling. He then politely grants the request from the crowd to have Cindy speak again as a resident.

Cindy attempts to reason with the crowd who defer to her for about 3 minutes before someone starts screaming at her and asks if she’s insane.

The Mohawks rant and rave at Cindy Welsh about past oppression of which she was not a part, then turn on another resident.

Deciding that this meeting is somewhat less than productive, Gary explains to the crowd that we will be back another day and why. This does not sit well with the Mohawks who scream and curse at him. Then perhaps realizing how racist they look, they demand that the camera be turned off (which it was not). At 3:56, one of the Mohawks proclaims “Zeig Heil!” A good example of the extremist and supremacist attitude these people have. This clip ends with a bang as the yappy little woman in the red shirt tries one last time to get a rise out of Gary and fails miserably.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. annie says:

    Great example of how a few dishonour their people. Everyone has the right to be heard, mohawk and non-native. Problem is that the mohawks do not want to listen to anyone but themselves. Nothing will change until they actually remember that being proud of where you come from involves respecting yourself and others, something this group has no idea of what to do. No I am not a racist, but a mohawk who is sick and tired of the voice of my people being heard out of such hate filled mouths. What you all could accomplish by just listening, how much support you could have from the surrounding communities, but your hatred blinds you and the vicous cycle continues. What a disappointment.

  2. Tax Serf says:

    I watched the videos shot at this one sided shouting match. All I can say is that those who presumably represent native interests in the region were the most obnoxious lot of adolescent hillbillies north of Mason-Dixon.

    I can understand now why the Feds walked away from the table and talks are stalled. How can you negotiate with a childish naiveté which demands validation of such ersatz argument?

    Another thing that came across clearly in that video; giving emotional and intellectual immaturity any political influence would be like giving a baby a loaded pistol to play with.

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