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UPDATE: July 09. 2009 The OPP returned to the illegal shack this morning with a warrant for the arrest of Steve Powless, and snagged 3 other people as well in the process. Funny how they’re capable of doing their job when the media is breathing down their neck, but impotent in the face of lawlessness by Natives the rest of the time.

After the failed July 7 raid, Powless sat down with Sun Media and issued the following statement: “from where the sun comes up to where it goes down, every bit of land it touches is my home”.  I could do an entire editorial about that absurd, deluded statement from this Native Supremacist but instead I’ll settle for pointing out that for the moment, a jail cell is his home and it looks great on him.

UPDATE: 10pm – Sun Media is reporting that the OPP did make an attempt to move on the illegal smoke shack this morning but ran away when confronted by approximately 20 Natives. “They decided it was not in the public interest to pursue the matter at this time” said Paula Wright.

Seriously folks, 20 people is all it took to run off a police force? That’s pathetic. When exactly will it be in the public interest to remove illegal smoke shacks that sell to children in the eyes of the OPP?

UPDATE: 1:45pm – We have confirmation from several sources that an attempt at a raid did indeed take place of the illegal smoke shack on the property of Ernie Palmer this morning. There are uncomfirmed reports that Native reinforcements showed up and pushed back the OPP, but again those details have yet to be confirmed.

July 7, 2009

We’re receiving unconfirmed reports this morning that the OPP have raided the smoke shack that Steve Powless erected on Ernie Palmer’s private property just outside Caledonia. This comes on the heels of strong rumours that more shacks were to be erected this week in the Caledonia area, and just days before the flag raising CANACE is holding on July 12 on Argyle Street.

We’re waiting for some form of confirmation, and if this story proves true we will have extensive converage here, at & VoiceofCanada

Jeff Parkinson