Caledonia smoke shack raided by OPP

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Caledonia, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Native Supremacy Movement, OPP, Steve Powless

UPDATE: July 09. 2009 The OPP returned to the illegal shack this morning with a warrant for the arrest of Steve Powless, and snagged 3 other people as well in the process. Funny how they’re capable of doing their job when the media is breathing down their neck, but impotent in the face of lawlessness by Natives the rest of the time.

After the failed July 7 raid, Powless sat down with Sun Media and issued the following statement: “from where the sun comes up to where it goes down, every bit of land it touches is my home”.  I could do an entire editorial about that absurd, deluded statement from this Native Supremacist but instead I’ll settle for pointing out that for the moment, a jail cell is his home and it looks great on him.

UPDATE: 10pm – Sun Media is reporting that the OPP did make an attempt to move on the illegal smoke shack this morning but ran away when confronted by approximately 20 Natives. “They decided it was not in the public interest to pursue the matter at this time” said Paula Wright.

Seriously folks, 20 people is all it took to run off a police force? That’s pathetic. When exactly will it be in the public interest to remove illegal smoke shacks that sell to children in the eyes of the OPP?

UPDATE: 1:45pm – We have confirmation from several sources that an attempt at a raid did indeed take place of the illegal smoke shack on the property of Ernie Palmer this morning. There are uncomfirmed reports that Native reinforcements showed up and pushed back the OPP, but again those details have yet to be confirmed.

July 7, 2009

We’re receiving unconfirmed reports this morning that the OPP have raided the smoke shack that Steve Powless erected on Ernie Palmer’s private property just outside Caledonia. This comes on the heels of strong rumours that more shacks were to be erected this week in the Caledonia area, and just days before the flag raising CANACE is holding on July 12 on Argyle Street.

We’re waiting for some form of confirmation, and if this story proves true we will have extensive converage here, at & VoiceofCanada

Jeff Parkinson

  1. James says:

    Reading the Spectator this morning, it sounds like the classic Monty Python sketch from King Arthur.
    “RUN AWAY!!!!, RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Really, where is the motivation to do as the police says? There rarely seems to be ANY consequences!

    There are two things I worry about in this right now aside from the equality under the law issue.
    First, why is this property owner so quickly giving up his property rights? He may be a supporter, but his actions, or lack thereof are bad for all property owners in Canada. If it is so easy to subvert property rights then we can expect extremists any any stripe occupying anywhere potentially.
    Then I worry about this addict and pusher relationship developing in Caledonia. This may be wishful thinking, but if people were to boycott these shacks and buy LEGAL cigarettes… there would be no reason for these shacks to pop up! I think a mass quit smoking campaign is due in the area. Pinch the extremists where it hurts, in the wallet! They seem to be doing ok, if they can afford blackberries. I know I can’t.

    Just why do we pay taxes?

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    We pay taxes because we are law abiding citizens. Unfortunately what our government does with them is beyond our control. If they choose to spend a million each year on negotiations over an invalid claim, or half a million + to prosecute Gary McHale for a crime that he didn’t commit and that nobody has ever heard of before, we such it up and continue to pay our taxes.

    Mr. Palmer made it quite clear that he was a supporter of the Natives and of Steve Powless until he found out that he may be held accountable for the laws and bylaws being broken on his land at which point he started to sing a different tune.

  3. Jim says:

    The reports I read said the smoke shack backers arrived in cars and stayed in their cars. It seems the OPP only had a handful of people who could even remotely be perceived as a threat.

    I suspect this is a “oh well, we tried, we just don’t want to create trouble so the shacks stay” type of a cop out [pun intended].

    Get used to these illegal eye sores, there’s no will in the OPP to enforce the law if it means confrontation with law breakers.

  4. Jim says:

    Credit is due to the OPP who followed up with arrests and eviction orders.

    The down side is the Crown is still not prosecuting equitably as it allowed these repeat offenders off with lame bail conditions and no travel restrictions.

    Within hours they reoccupied and broke the law selling contraband at the same location.

    It was a hollow victory undone by crown cowardice to seek proper bail conditions responsible to public safety and the peace.

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