Six Nations councillor speaks out against lawlessness

Posted: July 17, 2009 in DCE, Headlines, Helen Miller, Jeff's Blogs

July 17, 2009

For years we have been saying that lasting change will come one day and one of the elements that would be necessary is for the good people on Six Nations who are fed up with being allegedly represented by a handful of thugs to speak out against the lawlessness and let everyone know that they too have a voice which has been suppressed by the violent criminals leading occupations and terrorizing Caledonia. This week marked a big first step in that direction.

Councillor Helen Miller wrote an excellent letter to the editor which was published by several newspapers including the Brantford Expositor titled Only elected council can speak for Six Nations. It’s too good to editorialize so I’ll quote it in it’s entirety.

Only elected council can speak for Six Nations

There has been much confusion of late as to who represents Six Nations and justly so, given every week a different group of people springs up claiming to speak on behalf of Six Nations. So this letter is to help clear up the confusion.

According to the federal and provincial governments, the elected council is the legal government of Six Nations, although historically it was the Confederacy council. Now some might say the low turnout of voters speaks loudly, but the fact is the majority of people don’t involve themselves in the politics. I do believe if push came to shove, the majority would support the elected council.

As for who represents Six Nations let me put it this way: The Mohawk Workers, Women of the Mohawk Nation, the Men’s Fire or individuals like Steven “Boots” Powless or Ruby and Floyd Montour were not elected, appointed or authorized by the people of Six Nations to be their representatives or to speak on their behalf. Nor is the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) supported by the elected council or the community at large. However, it was authorized by the Confederacy council.

Fact of the matter is, it’s the media who give recognition and empowers these people by putting them on the front page of the newspapers and headliners of the evening news. Frankly speaking, I believe the protests are more about the media attention than about the land.

We’ve all noticed of late the absence of protests on development sites. I believe the protests have stopped for two reasons: The people don’t want to be arrested and they know they don’t have the support of the Six Nations community anymore.

Truth is today the majority of Six Nations people who I’ve spoken with are fed up with the protests, fed up with these groups of people and individuals claiming to speak for them and fed up with the smoke shops on Highway 6. So people who fear another Caledonia can put their fears to rest.

As for the land negotiations, most people don’t know this but on Easter Sunday in 2006 in a meeting with the elected council, the Confederacy council, and the federal and provincial governments, seven elected councillors including myself signed a letter officially mandating the Confederacy council to handle the Douglas Creek barricades and land reclamation.

Later, the elected council expanded the mandate to include the Plank Road claims. That’s why the elected council has to date played a minimal role in the land talks.

But after three years of little to no progress at the lands table and confusion and frustration from developers, the elected council opted to develop and distribute a Consultation and Accommodation document. The elected council also opted to reinstate the 1995 court case for an accounting of Six Nations Trust Fund and lands, believing there is no legitimate reason why Six Nations cannot litigate and negotiate at the same time.

Six Nations Coun. Helen Miller Ohsweken”

Finally someone is stepping up to provide a voice for the good people of Six Nations who have been silenced by fear for the past few years, and from her words it becomes abundantly clear that what we have been saying about the masses being oppressed & silenced by thugs is true.

Many in Caledonia have recognized this for more than 3 years, but the media has often portrayed the words of the criminal element as some sort of gospel truth and that must change. People like Helen Miller have the power to make that change, and thankfully she has shown the courage to step up and be the first to speak out.

The question now is how many Helen Miller’s will it take before the government, OPP, and the media start to listen and realize that those they have been protecting, paying off, turning a blind eye to, and giving ultimate credibility to are just a splinter group of organized criminals with purely selfish motives?

Kudos’ to Mrs. Miller for having the courage to be the first to speak out on behalf of Six Nations, and let’s hope that she will serve as an inspiration to many others.

Jeff Parkinson

See also Mark Vandermaas’s editorial on the strength of Helen Miller

  1. Very well said, Jeff. For three years we have been smeared for saying the same things as Helen Miller, so it was nice to be so completely vindicated by her words. (I wonder if she also meant the CUPE crew who have supported the HMF thugs?)

    Thank you again, Counciller Miller!

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Agreed Mark.

    We’ve certainly eaten more than our share of crap for daring to believe that the majority of good people out there don’t agree with these actions, and hopefully she won’t have to put up with the same.

    It would be interesting to hear her take on the outside agitators from CUPE, but I’m more than pleased with (and a bit vindicated by) her words this week.

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