The Caledonia crack house

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP, Tobacco Kings

August 30, 2009

Much has been said both in the media and in every coffee shop I’ve been to lately about the current course of action being taken by the OPP to put a crimp in the contraband tobacco trade in Caledonia. Some think it’s great that something is being done, and some think it’s absurd that only non Natives are being targeted by the racially motivated OPP. I think it’s time for a different perspective.

In 2007, a man planted a trailer on some land bordering a small town and started selling crack cocaine out of it. At first it only had a few customers and people tried to ignore it but everyone knew what it was and nobody was pleased. The local police said they were investigating but no arrest was made.

Before long, a drug deal gone bad lead to a psycho with an illegal military assault weapon shooting the place up and an employee was hospitalized with a hole blown clear through his arm. The man who opened fire on this place in the middle of the afternoon with a prohibited weapon was arrested and eventually given a slap on the wrist.

Despite this fact, the customers kept coming  and in fact grew in number as addicts learned of the existence of this crack house that was apparently immune to the law. Before long, the owner decided he needed a bigger place to store his growing stash of crack, so he removed the trailer and built a much larger shack in its place. The police watched this happen and refused to stop him.

Eventually the dealer put up signs near the road advertising cocaine for sale at tax free discount prices. His business grew so much that he built a permanent structure on the land and put up bigger signs. The residents of the town were furious and the police refused to answer questions about it claiming that it was under investigation.

Crack addicts flocked to this place and other drug dealers in the area were inspired to start building their own crack houses around the town complete with big signs advertising cheap cocaine. Residents attempted to protest at one of these drug dens one day and the Police responded by lining up in front of the crack house to protect it from the local residents. The dealers brought in reinforcements and physically attacked not only the residents but the police as well while the cops stood and watched.

2 people were hospitalized and the police responded by charging one of them with Counselling to commit mischief not committed so that they could get travel restrictions on him to keep him from attending any future protests against the crack dealers. They investigated the second man who was hospitalized but decided not to charge him with anything once it was revealed that not only was he a videographer who was not involved in protesting that was seriously hurt, but that it was a cop who assaulted him.

By 2009, approximately 8 of these crack houses had been erected around the town and frustrated residents formed a citizens group to protect each other from the violent dealers as the police refused to lay a finger on any of them. The prospect that someone might actually try to shut down the shacks peddling cocaine to junkies from far and wide including children prompted the police to take action and people were hopeful.

The cops moved in and began to pull over anyone seen buying the drugs. They searched their cars, took away their crack, and warned them not to come back. No arrests were made but the police claimed to be getting tough on the crime by busting the customers while refusing to touch the dealers or raid the shacks that were full of illegal drugs.

Substitute illegal cigarettes that have as little as 15% tobacco in them and the above story is 100% true. Each of us will come to our own conclusion about the current enforcement policy of the OPP, but personally I think it’s a racially biased, politically motivated, half assed attitude that is no more than a band aid solution to a very serious problem.

Ultimately the enforcement blitz will end when the media attention dies down, and the drug dealers will simply wait it out. Customers will perhaps steer clear for the time being but in time they’ll start to flood back in to get their fix as that’s what the cheap people who buy this insect egg and human feces infested garbage do.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. William Jensen says:

    I agree one hundred percent.

  2. M. Schmidt says:

    I think everyone has had enough of all this crap but are the police or the government on the same page.. I think not..Someone is going to get hurt before anything is done and that is a crying shame

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    People have already been seriously hurt as a result of these shacks (including myself) and it is a shame that our government and police force is too cowardly to do anything about it.

    We’re all hopeful that no more blood will flow over these illegal shacks, but that depends entirely on the mood of the criminals running them.

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