2 very different Native readers weigh in

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Caledonia, CANACE, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Native Racist Hatred, Native Supremacy Movement

December 20, 2009

After nearly 3 years of running this site there have been over 700 comments posted, and I’m pleased to say that some of those have come from Native readers with very different points of view. These have ranged from Annie from Deseronto who has taken risks to expose the true nature of the terrorist occupations that have taken place in her backyard to death threats and incomprehensible babble from extremists.

This week has brought 3 new comments from 2 very different readers who wanted to weigh in on various stories that have been posted here, and although I will publish their comments in the stories they were intended for, I think they’re worthy of a post of their own because they show the stark contrast between a gentleman who happens to be Native and proud of his heritage, and an extremist who hides behind his heritage as an excuse for criminal behaviour. Their comments will be italic and my response will not.

First we have John LaForme who is a member of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. Mr. LaForme is responding to a story about Natives claiming ownership of Toronto.

Dear whoever wrote this,

Sorry fine sir, but if you really want to know….ALL of the Six Nations originally came from what is now known as New York State and apparently some from Virginia(?)…The Queen (or king) rewarded your tribes with land in Southern Ontario that was not even theirs to give in the first place…..Where you get off claiming Toronto as Six Nation land I have no idea, as we have to remember that the whole of Six Nations are also “immigrants” to the traditional territories of MY ancestors friend….

John LaForme
Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

Thanks for weighing in John.

 This particular story was from a bizarre publication called the Mohawk Nation News. The author of that claim to Toronto is an extremist who rants and raves on a weekly basis about how Canada is committing genocide against Natives and other extraordinary fantasies such as the US is about to invade Canada to keep the French from taking us over, the Canadian border patrol trying to “murder” her by detaining her one day, and a list far too long of fiction to list here. She’s known for her admiration of Adolph Hitler which I think speaks volumes about her character and credibility.

Sadly there are those who take her filth as the gospel and I’m glad to hear from someone like yourself who clearly can see her for what she is.

Next we have “Jeff Greyeyes” who is a proud red supremacist from the Ojibway Nation commenting on the Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario story. I have left his diatribe as it was submitted with spelling and grammar mistakes intact. It’s all one long rambling paragraph which seems to be a common theme among the extremists, but we’ll overlook that and try to make some sense out of his rant. His comment follows others from people of the same mindset and I would encourage you to go check out the other responses including my own.

jeff parkinson- ok i read your shit and i’m very much confused with what you had to say about the two other comments, to me its very hard to understand what you are trying to say as you say it in notebook style.
where have you been in the last 350 years and have you kept up with all the wrong doings that our done to many of our nations’you say red doesn’t speak for anyone and yet he’s a very well known activist and speaks very much the truth unlike you, no matter what you say about being native to this land and how you became a so called canadian, the word kaanada means village so hows does that make you one of the true peoples who once roamed these great land with respect, as joneser said we would never move bureal sites to build a road way or or build on secret area’s that we people respected since time started.
what gives yor the right to say you belong here when we all know most immigrants that crammed a boat to the new lands are decendents of rapists and murders and common thiefs.
if you read up on history you might be the great great grandchild of a murder or so on.
we never once gave up this land nor did we ever sell it” i’m the son of the 7th generation of my clan and if you tell me wrong then you are saying we never existed’ in my 54 years and seeing many hurtful things done to our peoples and the break down of our ways with the taking of us children and the abuse we went through you got no right to say what you had to say in your bullshit statment because you never sufferd the way we have been suffering since the landing of your boats and the first germ war you put apon us, it wiped out many tribs on the eastern shores of the east coast and so on, the murders at wounded knee and white sands colorado of old people and women and children who did nothing but wanted to live there rightful ways.
the use of alcohol to break a spirit in many ways and still today our people suffer this great deal and it came from the visitors are hands and is still being passed, your holy people brought these dark buildings of abuse and when i was a child in these schools many i met went missing’ do you have an answer for that because oneday once again the truth of many children missing will come out as its said in our native tonges that things that don’t belong in the earth will be pushed out by the movement of frost’ i guess thats why they put people in boxes.
anyhow i’m just stating things of what others said here and it has nothing to do with a criminal act.
ny nations ojibway and i’m proud of whome i am and my real name is summer bear and i’m bear clan and my people lived in the same area i been living for more then i can say and as for you—-> your roots belong in a starving land why els would you people come over here and put claim to something that was never yours !!!!!!!!!!!!

There is another comment from Mr. “Greyeyes” on a story called Shawn Brant leads another occupation which I might as well post now so I can respond to everything he had to say in one shot.

hey jeff i got a question ?
whats your address because i’m going to be in the toronto area on cultral talks and would like to pay your big mouth a visit.

Hello Mr. Greyeyes.

I’m sorry to hear that you are confused and can’t understand what I’m saying. You see back in pre-school I learned that when I disagree with someone, it’s appropriate to use these things called “words” to respond instead of violence because we live in a civilized society. I’ll do my best to answer your questions and concerns.

For most of the last 350 years I have not been alive. The average human lifespan is 74 not 350 you see. As for the wrongs done to your people, do you mean the real ones, or the ones you imagine when you require what you think is an excuse to get away with criminal behavior?

I have kept up far more than the average Canadian on the wrongs that have been done to Native people by this country because unlike you I prefer to offer an educated opinion. My focus is admittedly on law & order not historic injustice and excuses, but I am well aware that Canada has wronged Natives throughout our history, and I freely admit it. Are you willing to admit that Native extremists like yourself have wronged and terrorized innocent Canadian citizens in an attempt to force our government to listen to your demands?

You suggest that one of my ancestors may have done something unbecoming somewhere in ancient history and this is indeed possible. I don’t know what my ancestors were up to 350 years ago because it has absolutely no bearing on my life today.

If you say that you’re the son of a seventh generation of your clan then I have no reason to doubt that and I congratulate you on being proud of your heritage. That is a quality that I feel has been lost by many in our society which is very unfortunate.

You point to the fact that Smallpox in blankets given out by Captain Eucyer of the British army killed Native people as some sort of proof of a conspiracy on the part of Europeans to wipe out your ancestors, but you conveniently ignore the fact that it killed millions of us before we had any clue what it was.

You try to use assumptions about what my ancestors may or may not have done hundreds of years ago as proof that I am somehow not native to Canada and do not belong here, but the simple fact is I was born and raised right here and have as much right to be here as you do. My ancestors came here many years ago and suffered disturbing oppression. We all know that the Irish were treated like scum for no particular reason, but I don’t use this as an excuse to commit criminal acts.

As for missing children, I do not have an answer other than the very obvious fact that the Canadian government made an inhuman mistake for which they have apologized and offered compensation. This does not excuse in any way the fact that Native people were abused at the hands of the Canadian government years ago, nor does it excuse criminal and terrorist behavior on the part of violent thugs who hide behind that history and their ancestry to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

As for your little attempt at intimidation, it’s irrelevant. I’ve been threatened, attacked, and hospitalized in the battle against lawlessness in Caledonia over the past few years and it’s done nothing to stop me from battling the injustice being perpetrated against the innocent citizens of Caledonia by Native thugs.

Your sense of entitlement is quite sad really and I pity you. It must be quite stressful to live your entire life thinking the world owes you something and that you have the right to claim it by any means necessary. I wonder what steps you have taken personally to improve the lives of Natives in your clan and those across the country. How many wells have you dug to provide fresh water to those who don’t have it? What steps have you taken to bring an end to the corruption that is draining the billions of dollars given to Natives each year by Canada to ensure that money reaches those who truly need it? How many diplomatic channels have you opened with politicians who actually have the power to solve some of your problems?

These questions are rhetorical of course because I think we all know the answers. I do hope that one day you will gain the enlightenment to see how destructive the course you have chosen for your life is, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

  1. Can you imagine the reaction if some non-native with the email address ‘whitepower@xxx’ threatened a native writer? [Although Jeff didn’t mention it in his post he informed me that “Grey-Eyes” was using a ‘redpower_canada@xxx address].

    Interesting how some natives who claim to be historical victims are so eager to victimize others and/or justify it. True victims would be speaking out against violence and crime against ALL people, not threatening or fomenting hatred against innocent people while irrationally blaming them for all their troubles – real or imagined.

    The sick,evil underbelly of the Native supremacy movement [http://www.caledoniawakeupcall.com/NativeSupremacy.html ] has been exposed once again.

    As you know, other CANACE founders including me have been the victims of this hateful mindset: http://voiceofcanada.wordpress.com/2007/12/18/native-racist-you-and-all-like-you-dont-belong-here/

    One day ALL racists and supremacists will be universally condemned, not just those who happen to have white skin.

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor


    Why does defending my people become thuggish and called “terrorist”?? You think that your society is going to last forever here?? We are 5 days away from living like we do today to wandering around looking for food when the gas stops?? When the fuel stops making it to gas stations and stores run out of food and so on and so on…Do you think that where you live is going to be safe?? Do you think you or your family are going to be safe?? Where will you go how will you survive?? Government maybe..?? Do you think police will be around?? I would suggest that you would get out of dodge and away from cities before all hell brakes loose. People, your society will break down so fast and panic, the urge for safety will lead you from your home, people will want to kill you for your food, water, clothes, wife..etc..You may want to join with others and make a pact/pack to protect and survive with each other, after all it’s survival of the fittest, good luck with that. And after all is said and done you and your family make it back after order is restored when it’s safe again, you would fight for your home, your freedom, your land…..because thats what humans do. Problem is you just don’t know it YET!!!The earth is not meant to be spoiled and abused and when it comes down to it populations can’t sustain with the demand of resources. You have only proven your ignorance to me, and if you think Oh well, don’t care, who’s this guy then you have proved it to yourself.

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike.

    I don’t personally think that your long winded, gramatically flawed end of the world scenario is going to change many minds about the issue of rule of law in Ontario, but you’re entitled to your opinion.


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