CANACE 2009 year in review

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Caledonia, CANACE, Deseronto, Fantino Charged, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP, Private Prosecution, Top Posts

2009 was a landmark year for CANACE to say the least. We have perhaps appeared relatively quiet to the general public as of late because the bulk of our work has been in the Ontario court system, but this should not be confused with a lack of action on our part as we’ve been furiously busy.

On January 12 we won a precedent setting legal ruling which began to reshape the way that prosecution by private citizens is handled by the courts and the crown. See the ruling here, and the Parkinson v R page for more details. This followed an equally important December 2008 Parkinson v. R ruling.

January 27 CANACE founders traveled south of the border to meet with US officials and provide them with evidence regarding attacks on ATF agents and border patrol guards in Caledonia. Being invited into another Country to provide evidence that our own government refused to hand over to the States was to say the least one of those days that you realize you’ve accomplished something.

February 17 we rallied with Doug Flemming at the office of Toby Barrett in Simcoe to oppose a private members bill that would have linked land claims with the terrorism & lawlessness in Caledonia. Land claims have nothing to do with the criminal behavior that has been allowed to run rampant and the criminals can not be allowed to hide behind land claims like a smoke screen. Our message was the front page story of the Simcoe Reformer the next day.

February 18, we went to Queens Park.

March 6 the founders of CANACE went to the offices of the Attorney General on Bay Street for a 2 hour + meeting with officials that has never been publicized.

May 24 we rallied with residents to try once again to hang a Canadian flag on a Canadian street and succeeded once more in gathering irrefutable evidence of race based policing in Haldimand County when the OPP brought in 150 officers and a helicopter to stop us. On this day Randy Flemming was assaulted by multiple OPP officers and subsequently arrested for walking down the street with a Canadian flag in hand. This assault was documented and widely reported on. The excessive force used by the OPP caused damage to Mr. Flemmings arm that will likely require surgery to repair.

On a fun side note, we literally dined that evening with the OPP chopper hovering over us observing which provided the entertainment for the evening. Perhaps they were watching to see if Gary McHale would pop out of a pizza box and violate his counseling mischief not committed bail restrictions.

On June 20 we marched with Caledonia residents carrying Canadian flags down Argyle Street in support of Randy Flemming without any interference by the OPP or the Natives gathered at DCE to watch. We then rallied at the Cayuga OPP station in support of Mr. Flemming.

On June 23 we attended the first meeting of the Caledonia peacekeepers group formed by Doug Flemming and documented an abundance of evidence at a concurrent protest in favour of lawlessness by Tom Keefer of CUPE 3903 and his unkempt rabble as they attempted to once again muddy the waters between legitimate land claims and terrorist tactics used by Native extremists. The filth ridden slanderous rhetoric used by Keefer and his group has lead to multiple lawsuits. Video from the meeting can be found here 

 On June 24 we took a road trip to Deseronto and gave a presentation to a group of hostile, militant Natives (who cheered the attempted murder of an OPP officer) about law and order. Every effort was made by the cowardly town council to keep us out of town, and the OPP set us up to be surrounded by a very hostile crowd in a park tucked away from public view & refused to respond to a call for assistance from a resident, but in the end they failed and the crowds ended up mingling and having very civilized conversations. All of the videos from that day are available here.

On July 2 another major and precedent setting court ruling was obtained in our favour which essentially finished the job of abolishing the ability of the crown to interfere with the right of a private citizen to lay a criminal charge in Canada. See McHale v R for more details.

On July 12 we finally hung a Canadian flag on the forbidden hydro pole on Argyle Street in Caledonia. The world did not end, nobody got hurt, and the fact that the OPP had spent 31 months and unfathomable resources preventing this simple, peaceful, symbolic event became even more glaringly absurd to all in attendance. 

From that point on, our attention turned largely to pursuing actions in both civil and criminal court, extensive networking behind the scenes with politicians, officials, and citizens, and to the mammoth trial of epic proportions against Gary McHale for counseling to commit mischief not committed.

Although most of these interactions are never disclosed to the public, they often lead to interesting developments such as CANACE meeting with officials from the Attorney General’s office on Bay Street in Toronto last spring, and CANACE founders being invited to sit on the governance panel of an Aboriginal policy forum in Alberta in 2010.

On December 31 2009, a major victory was obtained when Gary McHale was granted an order of mandamus ordering Julian Fantino to stand charged with influencing a municipal official. This is the beginning of the brass being forced out of their ivory towers to face the consequences for their considerable part in keeping the wheels of race based justice turning in Ontario and an extremely important step in the right direction.

For a small group of nobody’s from starkly different backgrounds with no formal training, no money, no experience in dealing with lawlessness, courts, and government facing an absolutely impossible task by most standards, we have had a banner year to say the least.

Although technically this didn’t take place in 2009, it demands mention. For 3 1/2 years we have been chipping slowly away at the wall standing between the mainstream media, and the truth of the horrors that have been taking place in Caledonia, and on January 8, 2010 Christie Blatchford arrived with an article in the Globe & Mail which hit that wall like dynamite. It’s a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in justice in Ontario.

I know I speak for each of the CANACE founders when I say I am very much looking forward to 2010.

Jeff Parkinson

For more information on the Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE), see our corporate website here

  1. Aaron says:

    So what’s happening with Randy Fleming?
    Have the charges been dropped or are they proceeding?
    Are the officers who broke his elbow charged with assault?

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    The last I heard the charges have not been dropped because as you know, it’s a very serious offence to walk down a public street with a Canadian flag in hand, so it’s going to trial.

    Nobody has been charged for the assault on him, but he is considering civil action.

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