Bold new lies from Fantino

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Fantino Charged, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP

January 21, 2010

We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing the same tired rhetoric from Julian Fantino anytime Caledonia is mentioned to him by the media, so it’s no shock to hear him using the same material now that he’s been criminally charged as he used 2 years ago. “Meat in the sandwich” “Difficult and complicated situation” “officer discretion” “keeping the peace” all the usual nonsense, but now that he’s been served with a summons, and backed by his boss Dalton McGuinty, he’s not surprisingly been emboldened and is taking his spew to a whole new level.

In an interview conducted for the TV show Focus Ontario, Fantino has shifted from questionable remarks to very bold lies. Since the show does not air until this Saturday January 23, we don’t yet have access to the majority of his statements, but what we have heard in excerpts is very disturbing.

Every criminal occurrence that has happened in Caledonia has either resulted in a person or persons being arrested, warrants of arrest being issued or ongoing investigations being pursued” As absurd as that is, it gets even worse. “No one has gotten away with anything

No one has gotten away with anything? A few examples come to mind which raise questions. Who has been arrested for the following;

The 6 week blockade of a provincial highway in 2006?

The kidnapping of an OPP officer who was held by extremists for mistakenly driving onto the DCE?

Burning the historic wooden bridge in town to the ground, and pulling guns on the fire fighters who tried to put it out?

Throwing boulders at a war veteran in his 90’s at his home bordering the DCE?

Throwing a van over an overpass onto highway 6?

Setting noxious tire fires that burned for weeks?

Throwing rocks onto cars passing below from a highway 6 overpass?

Breaking into homes adjacent to DCE and stealing property some of which has been recovered by residents who had to go onto DCE themselves because the OPP were ordered not to?

Threatening to kill, cause bodily harm to, or burn down the homes of residents living adjacent to DCE?

Running a van repeatedly into an OPP officers legs on December 1, 2007?

Building illegal smoke shacks on Government owned land and selling smokes to children?

Blowing up the hydro station in Caledonia causing a blackout that lasted for days?

Blockading Argyle Street on Labour Day 2008?

Countless assaults on residents and OPP officers primarily in 2006?

Leading the occupation that lead to the near death of local developer Sam Gualtieri in Sept 2007?

And finally, who has the OPP investigated and or arrested for the assault that left me unconscious in the middle of a provincial highway for 20 minutes, hospitalized, and with a head injury that is unlikely to ever heal on December 1, 2007? I can answer that one. Nobody. I was told by one of the officers investigating the events of that day that no investigation had been launched into who attacked me. I do have that conversation audio taped so if Mr. Fantino would like to dispute it, I’ll be happy to release the audio.

There are unquestionably many other examples of crimes for which nobody has ever been arrested in Caledonia and many people have gotten away with many horrific things. That fact would seem to be somewhat contrary to what Mr. Fantino is trying to make the public believe at this juncture, and I for one believe he would not be making such ridiculous statements if he were anything less than sure that the McGuinty government and its employees (such as the office of the Attorney General) were standing by to cover for him.

Julian goes on to tell the National Post that being criminally charged is “something I’ve incurred for standing up and doing what’s right.” But try as I might, I can’t think of one example of that to post. Such a shame for someone with such a long career.

Jeff Parkinson

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