Video: The Fantino interview on Focus Ontario

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Fantino Charged, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Video

January 23, 2010

Focus Ontario had a great opportunity to sit down with Julian Fantino this week and ask the tough questions with him in studio. There was no place to run, no place to hide, and they absolutely blew it.

Julian sputtered out his usual rhetoric for about 4 minutes as the host sat and listened rather quietly. The song and dance about peacekeeping (are we a failed state?) and being “the meat in the sandwich” gave way only briefly to some new bold lies about arrests, investigations, and a claim that nobody is getting away with anything.

But you’re here because you want to see the interview, so here it is. Please note that to watch it in high res you will need to let it buffer. 

In part 2 Julian talked street safety, and made excuses for continuing to enforce his street racing law which presumes guilt and measures out punishment before you get your day in court. Remember that this law has been ruled unconstitutional twice now by courts.

He justified himself by saying that nobody has any sympathy for someone who’s going 243 in a 100 zone on a motorcycle. Funny that he would choose a number so much higher than the limit for this law which is 50km/h over and applies to the mother of 4 in her minivan just as much as it does to some punk on a bike.

Far be it for a man like Julian to let something like 2 courts ruling this law unconstitutional to stop him from enforcing it. He’ll just invoke an image that’s absurd and would outrage average citizens in the hope they’ll forget that little part where they too will be presumed to be guilty until proven innocent until Fantino’s law.

He also makes the ammusing comment “we do not frivolously enforce any piece of legislation”. How about Counselling mischief not committed?

I suppose the natural reaction to this show should have been outrage on my part, but I’ve seen and heard it all so many times now that I just felt a great sense of embarrassment for anyone out there who actually believed what they were hearing.

Fortunately for us all, there are hard hitting journalists like Christie Blatchford who are not going to let Julian use his job title to deflect from the gravity of the situation he has created.

Jeff Parkinson
  1. Michael Bussiere says:

    Is there any movement to have Fantino removed from Harper’s cabinet? Thanks.

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