Fantino snubs Sixth Line victims

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Caledonia, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs

January 27, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

In an effort to perhaps bring some level of reassurance to the victims of OPP abandonment to Native thugs of the families living on the Sixth Line in Caledonia, Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer attempted to set up a simple meeting between them, and OPP commissioner Julian Fantino. This took place in late Sept 2009, but has only recently come to my attention.

Sixth Line is a Haldimand County road that runs adjacent to DCE and leads to the Six Nations reserve, but the part of it on which 14 families and their children live is not part of the Six Nations territory and is in the jurisdiction of the OPP.

Life was good for these folks until April 20, 2006 when the OPP turned tail and ran from the thugs who seized not only DCE but the Sixth Line as well. Negotiators trying to appease the thugs to get the blockade of Argyle Street taken down agreed not to have the OPP patrol the road or answer 911 calls from residents. The innocent families caught in the middle were abandoned to the whims of armed criminals who saw them as easy prey.

One of these residents who we called “dancer” was a 14 year old girl who was among the children told by the OPP that if a Native person broke into her home and attacked her, she (not her attacker) would face criminal charges if she defended herself. One of her favourite hobbies, dancing  which she would practice on her lawn was quickly brought to a halt by Natives running amuck on her street.

This brave young woman came forward when so many would have cowered in fear and told her story to us. We reported it as widely as possible including bringing her to Queens Park to tell the media, and having her as a guest speaker at our March for Freedom event on October 8 2007. (video) (dial up)

As reported in the Dunville Chronicle in October 2009, Fantino’s response to meeting with these families was “I acknowledge receipt of your email. Please be advised that due to very onerous demands on my time, I will not, in the near future be able to commit to a meeting.” One must wonder if this is the response Mr. Fantino would have given had the meeting requested been with the Native occupiers of DCE with whom he has met before on several occasions and given his cell phone number to.

Given that Fantino has met with those who have terrorized Caledonia on more than one occasion, it would be nice to report on the meetings he’s had with the non-native victims. Unfortunately there are none. He had refused requests to meet with non-natives at every turn.

Sadly this is just another example of Fantino snubbing those he has allowed to be victimized by the race based policing policies of his political masters.

Reference material;

  • Dunville Chronicle 011021 (pdf)
  1. Mark-Alan Whittle says:

    What happened to the post entitled “DCE tapes revisited”, did you get a visit from the OPP before deleting it and the comments, leaving the header in your “most recent comments” sidebar to the right?

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    What happened Mr. Whittle is that it was brought to my attention that the links had gone dead on the site where the tapes are hosted, so I suspended (not deleted) the post until I have time to decide what to do with it.

    I did not receive a visit from anyone over the post, nor do I anticipate that I will. If the OPP want to stop in to ask me why I’m talking about something however, I’ll be happy to explain the significance of the tapes to them.

    Since it’s not a crime to discuss an issue, I expect that they will just read the post like everyone else once it’s made public again which will happen shortly.

    You raised a good question, but let’s please make an effort to stay on topic which is Fantino snubbing the people of the 6th line at the moment.


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