Breaking News; Senior OPP officials charged with obstruction of justice

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, CANACE, Corruption, DCE, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP

March 16 2010

A Cayuga Court justice has ordered criminal charges of obstruction of justice against OPP deputy commissioner Chris Lewis, and Superintendent Ron Gentle this morning for their role in having Gary McHale arrested in December 2007.

Although they knew they had no evidence against McHale, he was arrested to prevent a backlash from the criminal occupiers as Clyde Powless was arrested for assault. There was too much evidence of the cowardly attack from behind that Powless committed on McHale, so instructions were given to arrest McHale at the same time as Powless to appease Native extremists.

More info on these charges will be made available very soon both here and at

Also be sure to see a couple of excellent fact packed editorials by Mark Vandermaas of VoiceofCanada on the topic here & here

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Dick E. Dee says:

    Well, well, what a surprize.
    It’ll be withdrawn on some fabicated technicality..

  2. Congrats to Gary and CANACE for this terrific accomplishment! Must be tough medicine to swallow – they tried to set up Gary, and got burned themselves.

    Mark Vandermaas

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Certainly it’s possible (probable) that the charges will be stayed by the corrupt McGuinty crown, but thanks to charges we have previously laid the public is starting to the actions of the crown for what they are which of course is far from representing the people.

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