OPP fail to protect residents from radicals

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Caledonia, CANACE, CUPE 3903, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP, Tom Keefer

March 21, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

How many keystone cops does it take to separate hundreds of protestors on opposite sides of a contentious issue? Judging by the actions of the OPP today, the answer is under a dozen.

As most who read this site already know, today was to be Merlyn Kinrade’s Anti Racism rally in Caledonia, but a somewhat intriguing development caused a change in plans. Tom Keefer of CUPE 3909 brought his unkempt rabble to town to hold a counter protest which he not so creatively called “the anti racism rally”.

Keefer was mistakenly alleged by the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs to have been formally expelled from Concordia university and banned from campus for spray painting antisemitic slogans on school property and threatening security guards who tried to stop him.(1)

In a letter to me this morning, Mr. Keefer denies that allegation, and states that he was exonerated and reinstated. When asked to provide documentation to this effect, Mr Keefer provided some questionable material, but we have dug up the evidence on our own and it would appear that the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs was mistaken. They drew what they perhaps thought to be a reasonable conclusion at the time, but to be clear Tom Keefer was never charged with painting graffiti of any kind.

More information is becoming available to us on this topic, and it will be explored further once we have had enough time to properly review all of the evidence.

Keefer and his crew set up shop in the vicinity of the CANACE rally in hopes of intimidating us into leaving, and in the process brought a large number of radicals into contact with the residents of Caledonia. History has shown that when the OPP fail to separate the two sides, the Natives turn violent.

The Keefer crowd started their day by holding defamatory signs on the side of the road in front of the Lions Hall lot and despite being informed of this well in advance of our arrival, the OPP chose to send virtually no officers to deal with the situation and keep the 2 sides apart.

After numerous attempts by CANACE members to get the OPP to do their jobs, we postponed our event until next weekend and made it clear that we will not allow ourselves to be set up for violent attacks again. The consensus among the residents was that this was yet another set up by the OPP to create a volatile situation, ensure they do not have the resources to handle it, and then blame us if things turn ugly.

This is exactly what they did on December 1st, 2007 which resulted in Gary McHale and myself being attacked and hospitalized, and again in Deseronto this past summer when they squeezed us into an off the beaten track park surrounded by angry Mohawk people with no OPP officers present.

Their efforts failed to produce violence in Deseronto, and failed again today as we are not foolish enough to fall for this on their third try.

With all of the above in mind, we moved our event to March 28th, and if the OPP fail to do their job that day we will move it to the next Sunday repeatedly until they get their act together.

We have in 4 years never organized a concurrent counter demonstration to any event that the Natives have held because they have as much right to speak or peacefully protest as we do, but we will not tolerate the efforts of Keefer, or the OPP to set us up to be attacked.

Our decision to postpone was clearly not anticipated by the other side who were displeased at our leaving, so in one last effort, a large group of them surrounded my car as Mr. McHale and I left, taking pictures of my license plates, and video of our every move.

Although I would strongly question why a supposedly legitimate journalist like Jim Windle of the Tekanawake news feels he requires pictures of my license plates, I’m certainly not going to be deterred by it.

If Keefer and the OPP wish to continue to play childish games, we have no problem with holding a rally every weekend until they learn that we will not be a party to their chaos.


(1). Institute for global jewish affairs report

  1. Thanks for getting this up so fast Jeff.

    1. It was disgusting what the OPP did today.

    2. As for Keefer, some key journalists have suddenly become very interested in him and his activities. One of the docs I sent them a copy of his Nov 15/09 report to CUPE 3903.


    This will open your eyes about his group which includes anarchists, Black Panthers, radical unionists and a so-called Christian organization which downplays (on their website) the murderous genocidal Hamas Charter which has been condemned by the UN.

    All of these nutbars have supported native organized crime who, they brag, have caused $2B in economic damage.

    He says they’re working closely with the Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire, a group which was ordered to end a Hagersville occupation by a Superior Court judge who says were engaged in Extortion, Intimidation, Nuisance, Trespass and Inducing Breach of Contract. He also said they subjected the owner to an angry racial attack against white people, and threatened the Court. Here’s the judge’s reasons for his ruling:

    Click to access 090403-Vortman-ReasonRuling.pdf

    Keefer also says in his report that the union got money from an anarchist organization which they shared with Jim Windle’s group TRUE.

    They also work with the Black Action Defense Committee. See this video about the 1992 Toronto Riot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WZtRw9II2s (Be sure to keep watching until you see founder Dudley Laws trying to justify the violence.)

    Funny, though, although the OPP claim to know “all about Keefer” they have never once denounced his activities as they have done with Gary McHale and his followers who have never made racial remarks or aided organized crime groups.

    CUPE has already changed the title of this report, so if the link goes dead, or the items listed above suddenly get written out of it, bonafide journalists can contact me for a PDF screen capture I printed on Dec 01/09.

    Readers may also enjoy this Gary McHale column which quotes from another document by Keefer in which he talks about waging economic warfare against Brantford to force the gov’t to grant natives an area free of Canadian law, and how CANACE is the main obstacle in their way. It’s called, “Declaring the Exception: Direct Action, Six Nations, and the Struggle in Brantford.’

    Gary’s article is called, ‘Have you heard of Tom Keefer?’


    Again, if journalists want PDF copies of Keefer’s article they can contact me.

    Mark Vandermaas

  2. tomkeefer says:

    In reply to Mark Vandermaas,


    The OPP is not your private police force. They don’t come running at your beck and call. There were no laws being broken and no one’s safety was at risk. There was a peaceful rally against racism on the International Day for the Elimination of Racism and lots of calm and rational discussion between people with diverging perspectives on the situation re Caledonia and Six Nations.


    a.) If you were seriously interested in issues of racism and “two tiered” justice, I imagine that you’d be more familiar with the way in which COINTELPRO targeted the Black Panthers and the civil rights movement in America. So yes, we have no problem with supporting victims of state terror such as Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal or Robert Seth Hayes who have spent long years in jail on trumped up charges manufactured by corrupt and unlawful police agencies, and nor should you (unless you don’t extend your critique of two tiered justice and police misconduct to people with more melanin than you.)
    b.) We have no problem accepting money from anarchist foundations and using that money to support the excellent anti-racist educational work that TRUE has been doing for the last couple of years in Brantford. I fail to see what your problem is. Are anarchists (of whom there are many varieties) not allowed to set up foundations to give their money away in support of their political priorities?

    c.) We have no responsibility for whatever perspective the Christian Peacemaking Team has towards Hamas on their website. Last time I checked, Hamas *was* the democratically elected government of the Palestinians and the CPT tends to promote peaceful dialogue with all parties in a conflict situation, so I don’t really see your point. Raise it with them if you must. As for Hamas having been condemned by the UN, I take it you are aware that Israel has been condemned on many different occasions by the UN as well?

    d.) You are slandering the Men’s Fire by calling them “organized crime”. They’re not, and if you knew anything about who was actually in the group and what they were doing, you’d know that.

    e.) You claim my article “brags” about Six Nations causing $2 billion in economic damage. I didn’t “brag” about it, the number I quoted was $1.7 billion not $2 billion (a little matter of $300 million), and the source I used was from CANACE’s own publication – The Human Cost of Illegal Occupation. Here’s the full text of what I said: “According to some sources, Six Nations direct actions have caused over $1.7 billion in economic damage to the local economy since the 2006 reclamation began. In addition to the disruption of the King and Benton site, Six Nations has shut down a $125-million Hydro One expansion in Caledonia, the development of 4,000 homes in Caledonia valued at $880 million, the development of 85 townhouses in Hagersville valued at $20 million, a $275-million wind-farm, a Wal-Mart development in Dunnville, and a total of $590 million worth of other developments in Brantford.” http://uppingtheanti.org/journal/article/07-declaring-the-exception/ What on earth is your objection to me quoting your sources to demonstrate the economic impact of Six Nation’s protests?

    f.) Since he is a member of the same local political-economical elite that has long benefited from the theft of Six Nations land, I don’t view Justice Henderson’s decision as all that surprising. It is completely in keeping with the colonial assumptions of the British Crown towards the indigenous peoples that it has colonized and oppressed. I consider the Canadian courts ruling on issues of Indigenous law and land rights to be about as impartial as the legal system in South Africa under apartheid that labeled Nelson Mandela and the ANC as “violent terrorists.”

    g.) I have no idea what your critique is of the Black Action Defense Committee is. You provide a link to a video showing a bunch of footage from a riot that happened in Toronto almost 20 years ago, and make special mention of what Dudley Laws said. His words were: “What happened yesterday was the frustration the anger of people coming out. We have waited for the justice system to deal justly with our community and they have failed.” What exactly is wrong with what he said? Are you making the libelous claim that BADC or Laws organized the riots? Or are black people not allowed to have a critique of the “two-tiered” nature of racial profiling and policing on the streets of Toronto?

    h.) What does it matter what the OPP “knows” or doesn’t know about me? I have committed no crimes, have no criminal record and was not doing anything illegal on March 21st. Are you suggesting that they should arrest me or otherwise harass me for my political opinions because they are different from yours? Is that what you want, some kind of omnipotent police state that operates at your beck and call to harass and arrest who you want?

    Really Mark, you’re going to have to do a lot better than this. I’m calling shenanigans on this, your latest disgorgement of half-truths, paranoid delusions and non-sequiturs.


    Tom Keefer.

  3. Eric says:

    Ouch. This brings back a lot of painful memories. I attended Concordia just before the largest unrest but followed the subsequent events closely.

    While your strategy of attending and formulating a protest each week until security is guaranteed is commendable, you should know that this Tom Keefer is annoyingly persistent. He might be able to gather enough trouble-makers week after week too.

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:


    If Mr. Keefer wants to continue to organize protests, that is his right. If they turn violent, that is his responsibility.

    Having been at this for almost 4 years thus far, I can honestly say that CANACE knows a thing or 2 about being annoyingly persistent.

    And to Mr. Keefer,

    I anticipate that Mark will be along to reply to your comment as it’s him you are addressing.


  5. I don’t have time to fully respond, but let me say this:

    1. Keefer’s words about “calm and rational discussion” contrast sharply with his outright refusal to accept Doug Fleming’s telephone invitation to meet with him instead of orchestrating a campaign, via the Cayuga protest, to smear us as white supremacists. Not to mention his smearing of Doug and Gary McHale on the BASICS Radio show beforehand. And they certainly belie what happened on Sunday when they interfered with our right to speak.

    Please, Mr. Keefer, stop insulting our intelligence. If you really wanted to speak to us and have a calm, rational, non-confrontational discussion, you could simply email us to set up a meeting. You certainly knew how to find us quickly enough when your Concordia antics came to light.

    2. I did what Keefer did not do for us or for Doug Fleming before he orchestrated his campaign last summer to paint us as white supremacists. I wrote to him regarding the Concordia allegations and asked for his comments before I publish my story about him that I’m working on.

    I have read Mr. Keefer’s assertions that he was “exonerated” by Concordia which was contained in an email to Jeff, and I have read his 24 page account of the case. He neglected, however, to send us a copy of the decision from the Concordia Board of Governors, so we had to track that down ourselves.

    Unfortunately, documents from Concordia don’t seem to bear out Keefer’s assertion that he was an innocent man falsely accused. Keefer was expelled because he was accused of issuing death threats against security guards. According to Keefer’s defence document, this is alleged to have taken place after the son of a Syrian diplomat Laith Marouf spraypainted (depending on your perspective)a pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel slogan on a wall.

    According to the board of governors Keefer apologized to the university for his words but denied they were meant as a death threat. The board also found that the guards acted professionally and commended them for showing restraint.

    The board reinstated Keefer and Marouf “without condoning the actions of Mr. Keefer or Mr. Marouf,” and declared “its support for the Rector and administration in promoting and enforcing zero tolerance for violence, racism, intimidation and verbal threats.”

    Sorry, Keefer, but that doesn’t sound like you were “completely exonerated” to me as you claimed in your email to Jeff. So stop with the empty lawsuit threats already.

    I am hoping to prepare a detailed fact sheet on Mr. Keefer and his associates for release to the media next Sunday.

    In the meantime, I would urge Jeff’s readers to read the document Jeff linked to about anti-Israel/anti-Semitic activities at Concordia. I seem to recall reading that there was at least one documentary made about it. See the list of citations on the back page.

    Mark Vandermaas

  6. The Phantom says:

    I encourage Mr. Keefer to keep talking. The more people know about you and your views sir, the more of them will write you off as a deranged Communist agitator.

    Rage on, say I.

  7. tomkeefer says:

    Thank you for making that correction to your story Mr. Parkinson.


    Tom Keefer.

  8. Bonnie Stephens says:

    Thanks for this article and the responses. I was at the rally and did not know who Tom Keefer was. When that megaphone started blaring, what I heard him saying made me feel sick to my stomach. I do not understand how anyone truly interested in all sides of this issue could manage to come up with such a skewed, hateful load of venom.

    Bonnie Stephens

  9. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    I can’t comment on what Mr. Keefer is going to do next because only he knows that, but I can tell you that we’ve been making him aware of alot of things that he didn’t know this week.

    I don’t expect that his position is likely to change much, but moving forward he will have a better understanding of who we are and what’s going on.


  10. Brad Jackson says:

    It was sure nice of Mr.Keefer to bring everyone along for the class trip last sunday, but i think the students should have educated themselves on the issues a little more in depth than a half hour pep talk on the ride from U of T to Caledonia. I can’t beleive CUPE 3903 has no idea what Mr.Keefer does, or where he flies their flag. See you this sunday!

    Brad Jackson


    VoiceofCanada has just created a new resource called ‘Caledonia Players’ to help the public and policy researchers understand the role and extreme political views of the various players directly involved in supporting Six Nations organized crime groups. It is under construction, but I have just posted the first, and perhaps the most important fact-sheet of all:

    1. Tom Keefer & CUPE 3903

    2. Caledonia Players


    I look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday, including Brad. If Jeff’s readers want to know more about the reasons last Sunday was cancelled, please see this article:


    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  12. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    My understanding is that Keefer has every intention of coming back this Sunday to disrupt another rally.

    It really is fascinating how hard Liberals will work to silence any voice they disagree with.

    Being that the OPP are aware of this days in advance, it will be interesting to see what they do this time.


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