Spectator story promotes ‘white privilege’

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Hamilton, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Propaganda

April 2, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

One of the biggest challenges for us the past four years has been dealing with and educating the media. This is not news to anyone who has been following our struggle, but fortunately the tide has been turning in 2010. Outlets like the Globe & Mail, National Post, and CBC have begun to catch on to what’s really been going on, and their stories reflect that beautifully.

One might think that by now the only holdout would be the Native media itself, but they too have learned through court actions that painting us as white supremacists is defamation and not acceptable journalism. The evidence to the contrary is in everything we’ve ever done or written.

While most have made remarkable progress, the Hamilton Spectator continues to fail to learn from past mistakes as was very evident in a letter they published yesterday.

With a bold headline of Rally shows who the true antiracists are, and it’s not Gary McHale and friends”, the story quickly descends into an attack on CANACE, the residents of Caledonia, and anyone who happens to have been born with white skin.

They’re claiming bluntly that white skinned people are incapable of being victims of racism, that we were born into an enclave of society that can never be wronged, and that we should have no voice because of something that could not be more out of our control.

They’re towing the line of the propaganda that has been used to try to excuse criminal and terrorist behaviour in Caledonia (and across Ontario), and clinging to the disgusting doctrine of white privilege as though it were based in reality rather than a fantasy world. In fact it sounds alot like the propaganda one might read in the Mohawk Nation News.

White Privilege is something I have intended to take a hard look at here for a long time, and will be exploring very soon. It’s as racist a doctrine as the Nazi’s “solution to the Jewish problem” and has invaded our society at disturbingly high levels. The basic concept is that if you are born white, you are incapable of being discriminated against in any way.

While I would normally quote the story that inspired this editorial at length, I do not care to give this defamatory alarmist propaganda any credence.

I learned years ago to never expect great things of the Hamilton Spectator and by doing so I have never been disappointed. Their latest blanket statement against you, me, and the bulk of our society will have to be addressed in a court of law at which time I’m hopeful that they will begin to pull their heads out of the sand.

If this whole story seems a lot like déjà vu to anyone, that’s because I’ve written along these lines before and it was about a similar failure of the Hamilton Spectator in recent memory. They’re like a child who fails kindergarten multiple times. It shouldn’t be possible and it leaves those of us with common sense scratching our heads.

For a newspaper that bases its name on the notion of watching, they’re awfully blind.


  1. Jim says:

    Jeff; suffice to say that “white privilege” is a uniquely anarcho-Marxist invention used as a tool to destabilize an existing society.

    If you want to learn about the roots of identity group/race politics you need to read some of the critical theory machinations of the “Frankfort School” alumnus such as; Adorno, Horkheimer, De Bois, Marcuse etc. The whole “white privilege” mythos is nothing but the same old shop worn Marxist class struggle gibberish transposed to cultural terms. The socially engineered agenda here is to radicalize sub-culture groups with revisionist propaganda exploiting some imagined entitlement for past injustice, then, with agitprop and critical pedagogy, set one identity group against another in order to destabilize society.

    People who adopt or preach the white privilege theory are either hard core useful idiots of the 5th column left or just bigots looking for some political mumbo jumbo to justify their own ethnic group supremacist views.

    In the case of the Spec exploiting cultural Marxist theory (white privilege) I think it more a matter of useful idiocy and the lowbrow media wanting to ‘shock’ to sell their their pulp to the ignorant.

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