Video: Ignorant crown dodges CH news

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Al Sweeney, Caledonia, Corruption, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, McGuinty, OPP, Private Prosecution, Video

In a disgusting show of disrespect for the people who pay his salary, a top crown official in Ontario first tried to wait out CHCH veteran Al Sweeney at the Cayuga courthouse last week, and when he failed at that he simply refused to speak to the media.

Apparently the new position of the Crown who is supposed to represent us is that we’re to be kept in the dark about how they choose to use the authority and abuse the trust that the public places in them. This cowardly move comes after the crown stayed charges against senior OPP officials for their role in targeting activist Gary McHale to be arrested.

Note: For high res viewing, this video may require time to buffer.

It couldn’t be more obvious at this point that the supposedly unbiased crown has an extreme bias when a case involves the OPP or CANACE. It’s equally clear that they are growing fearful of public opinion and don’t have a strategy to spin this behaviour.

Hide & Seek is a fun game to be sure, but those who are highly paid by our tax dollars should not be playing it on the job.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Dan Perrins says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been following what has been happening to your poor city for quite some time now. Everything that has happened makes me wonder what the hell is going on over there. The law says one thing the police do the exact opposite.
    My question is this are the political powers that be intentionally manipulating the situation to produce martial law in your poor city?
    If martial law is declared then what happens? Another Ipperwash or worse with numerous lives lost?
    If the protestors (and I am not saying that the native’s protest is not without merit after all we were not here first and there has been talk of treaties) are allowed and in fact, through acts of omission of equal application of law, encouraged to become more vocal and more “violent” the end result is an Ipperwash situation and that is the scariest thing I as a Canadian citizen can possibly think of!
    What does that say about those whom we elected?
    Do the people we elect serve us or big business?
    Are our politicians actively engaging in the continued dismantling of peace and order to produce a situation that would make military occupation of the disputed and surrounding lands palatable to the general public at large?
    To me just a common sense man it certainly appears that way for if it becomes a military situation then all rights can be ignored and or abrogated. Lives will be destroyed and buildings will be built money will go into politicians pockets and it will then be swept under the rug to be forgotten about.

    Are these the actions we as Canadians want to be known for?
    Is this the reason why we are sending our sons and daughters to other countries to fight and possibly give their all for?
    I for one will not and cannot sit idly by and accept this and more that is ongoing in our Ontario government.

    To the protestors I say don’t be violent observe the law and keep the protest going.
    To the people of Caledonia I say it is not the natives who are in the wrong it is your own elected government who is in the wrong and that was made blatantly clear in the settlement of Dave Brown and Dana Chatwell.
    If the protest ends in violence then we all loose the government gets to send in the troops and our blessed charter becomes merely a piece of paper the politician’s use when it is to their advantage and wipe their arses with when it is not.

    Dan Perrins

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