June 18, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

Two “red power” protests are being planned for June 24th 2010 that will (hopefully) finally test the patience of the Canadian government who talks tough but does nothing to stop Native protests which at times have escalated to terrorism.

According to a wide variety of media sources including Native media, a group calling itself red power united intends to blockade highway 403, or highway 400 next week as well as the Trans Canada Highway because they don’t approve of the G20. This same group disapproved of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and ultimately their “peaceful” protest turned into a group of anarchists destroying property, and attacking police in the downtown core.

The 403 runs from Woodstock, Ont., to Mississauga, Ont., just west of Toronto, and Highway 400 runs north between Toronto and Barrie, Ont. A blockade of either would tie up thousands of people for no reason at all and since it is apparently designed to force a political agenda, would amount to terrorism.

Why they don’t want world leaders coming to Canada is a concept I simply fail to understand. I’ve read their propaganda about “stolen land” and it still fails to make even basic sense, but common sense is not a strong suit for extremists.

The government has apparently warned that this will not be tolerated, but a warning from CSIS only fuelled the desire of these rabble rousers to misbehave. We’ve heard tough talk before from Canada before and during the “day of action” in 2007 that saw Shawn Brant shut down the CN rail line and the 401 while the OPP stood by watching with a token warrant for his arrest in hand, but this may be different.

With CSIS involved and a billion of your tax dollars already being spent to ensure security, Canada may finally be forced to begin addressing these attacks on our Country by a group of attention starved, overgrown weaponized toddlers who are not content with the billions of dollars handed to First Nations each year.

They want your money, your land, and your attention and there is apparently no limit to how far they will go to get it.

The website for the Red Power United group includes video promoting armed resistance to “the corporate circus” (Olympics) where they proudly show images of masked cowards doing their best to intimidate the public, a notice of “gathering of warrior societies” (terrorist organizations) a list of propaganda about Oka, and Ipperwash, far too long to subject you to, links to extremists across the country, and music that will make your ears bleed if you unsuspectingly have the volume too high when you visit.

Threats against the G20 prompted Ottawa and Ontario to announce this week that Natives will be exempt from the HST, but that move of cowardice by Canada seems to have only fuelled their desire to wreak havoc on innocent citizens.

Further proof that what we’ve been saying for 4 years is true. You can not negotiate with a gun to your head. Enforcement of the law is the only way to bring about an end to lawlessness. Why this is such a difficult concept for a country that prides itself on being tough on crime is beyond my imagination.

Stay tuned to this site, Caledoniawakeupcall.com and voiceofcanada for more coverage of what may prove to be a vital turning point in this battle. With international media flocking to the G20, it will be very difficult for Canada to baby these extremists without looking like foolish cowards in the eyes of the world.


Links (will be updated as more stories come in)

Red Power United coming events

Red Power guide to sabotaging corporations (see pages 11 & 31)

CTV story on the topic

Canada exempts Natives from HST amid threats

Redwire Magazine’s blueprint for terror & sabotage by native ‘revolutionaries’ paid for by federal funds?

Highway 403 reopened after protest – Hamilton Spectator

Arrests made in bank firebombing – Ottawa Sun

  1. Ted Turnbil says:

    your an idiot

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    And oh so broken hearted that someone who can’t figure out how to use a simple grammatical contraction such as “you’re” calls me an idiot.

    How sad it must be for you to know that I have an international audience for my educated opinions while you have some venom that you can’t even articulate in a proper manner Mr. Turnbil

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