Natives block rail line over HST

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June 21, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

According to Native media,and the Sault Star,members of the Batchewana First Nation in Sault Ste Marie Ontario have blocked the rail line that runs from Sault Ste Marie to Sudbury in protest of the HST today.

Attacking infrastructure like this is something Natives have been threatening to do over the HST for awhile, but the Canadian government caved to their threats last week and announced that they will be exempted beginning September 1st 2010.

Being given what they want is apparently not good enough for those who are clearly bent on wreaking havoc so they blocked the Northern Ontario line anyway.

According to the Turtle Island News “Batchewana Chief Dean Sayers says there’s no reason the exemption can’t take effect July 1.” Cry us a river over having to pay your share for 2 months you big baby.

The sweetheart deal that Ontario natives got by making threats over the hst is already having a ripple effect as natives in BC are now crying that they want the same deal. Currently only Ontario exempts natives from the pst on off reserve purchases, but since Ontario caved to threats and asked Ottawa to exempt natives here, the idea is spreading to other provinces.

This news comes in the shadow of a “red power” group announcing their intention to shut down the 400 or 403, and the Trans Canada Highway on Thursday June 24 2010 to protest world leaders meeting in Canada for the G20 summit, and just one day after Natives were allowed by the OPP to close down highway 403 at the Lincoln Alexander Parkway in Hamilton to “march peacefully” for 4 hours.

UPDATE: June 23 2010, The blockade has been removed for the time being, so there’s another pathetic attention grabbing stunt in the can. For much more on this story, and lots more whining from Natives about having to very briefly pay the same share as the rest of us, see a Sault Star article here

Also see this CBC story on BC Natives demanding an exemption.

  1. Justice4all says:

    And yet at least the Ontario government leads the pack on inequality. To allow Canadian citizens to be segregated by race and anyone who is not Aboriginal to be treated like second class citizens. I will assume you know we are called white people and settlers among other names on Aboriginal boards. Even public boards such as contain disturbing writings. I compare these writings to what can be found on stormfront.

    Such activity as this has been ongoing since at least the early 70’s. I remember an article where a Aboriginal representing a group told a press conference they were stocking weapons for the day they would take back their land. Weapons are not used just for intimidation but for taking lives. The Canadian government has known this and yet they allow the terrorizing of it’s citizens to continue.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    If you can find a link to that story from the 70’s I’d love to have it.

    We’re no doubt leading the country in cowardice and inequality, but now natives from other provinces are catching on to the fact that terrorism works against Canada and that our government won’t allow them to be prosecuted for it.

    I know all about the things we’re called on the native boards, and anywhere else they’re allowed to spew their venom, but I try not to give them any promotion by posting links here.

    If an average citizen were to spend a few hours trolling the internet for info on the native point of view, they would be absolutely outraged at the rampant and blatant racism displayed by their militants and so called leaders against joe blow Canadian.

    They ramble on without end about genocide and how we’re trying to make them extinct while we bend over backwards to give them things that most of us could never dream of, and it seems that there’s nothing we could ever do as a society that would quell their hatred of us because we happen to have a different skin color than they do.

    In the midst of all that, they continue to believe that we are the racist ones because we dare to ask for equality.


  3. Wayne B says:

    Great article!

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