June 23, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

Attacks on Ontario infrastructure are escalating quickly this month, and from the sounds of things it’s going to get much worse before it gets any better. We bowed down quickly to threats of blockades if Natives were not made exempt from the HST that will increase the cost of living for the rest of us by 8% on July 1st, but giving in to them seems to have fuelled the desire of some to wreak havoc on innocent people.

A group of Natives decided to shut down highway 403 last weekend where it meets the Lincoln Alexander Parkway in Hamilton, so the OPP and Hamilton Police shut down the highway so that this little group of malcontents could “march peacefully” on a major highway. Never mind the impact on countless thousands of people trying to go about their business on the fathers day weekend, some Natives wanted to walk on the freeway, so the cops helped them do it.

They don’t tend to pull these pathetic stunts in the Caledonia area anymore because they know it’s almost guaranteed that CANACE will show up to document their crimes, and then have them charged via private prosecution, but everywhere else is apparently fair game.

Today the madness continued as a group of Natives continued to blockade the rail line that runs from Sault Ste Marie to Sarnia because they’re dissatisfied with being exempted from the HST in September and want it to happen immediately. The sense of entitlement is astounding, but is clearly fuelled and encouraged by the Ontario Government’s hands off policy.

The "honorable" Dalton McGuinty

It should be noted that BC premier Gordon Campbell isn’t giving in to similar demands from natives in BC, and those groups are considering their legal options to try to gain an exemption. No that wasn’t a typo, without the province empowering them to commit crimes, the natives in BC who want the same exemption being handed over by McPimpy are threatening to use lawful means to fulfill their desires.

On Thursday June 24, Ontario highways will come under attack by racist, “red power” extremists who oppose the G20 summit, and being warned by CSIS not to interfere with foreign security services apparently strengthened their resolve to commit serious crimes.

Based on previous attacks, we can be sure that the OPP will not lay more than a token charge against someone (if that) and that the extremists will be emboldened to go further until mainstream media coverage and public outrage reach a level where the Government has to act to save face. Then a few arrests will be made to satiate the public, and the charges may or may not ever see the inside of a court room where the criminals will at most be given a slap on the wrist.

If efforts are made to lay charges by anyone in CANACE, the Crown will stand up and babble about abuse of the courts and argue in favour of letting these overgrown cry babies go free to continue their attacks on the rest of us, and a protracted legal battle will be necessary for us to keep the Crown from simply staying all charges that McGuinty doesn’t want laid.

In the meantime, Canada will continue to talk about how tough on crime we are so long as that’s the politically correct climate, and those who are not directly affected by the “protests” will go about their lives with the usual Canadian level of apathy because doing something about it may after all require a few less minutes spent on the sofa drinking beer and watching sports.

I’m all for having a beer and watching the game, but let’s not let that distract us from doing what is right before doing what is easy.

Those of us who continue to stand up for your rights will no doubt be called racist by the anarchists and their few supporters, and McGuinty will say that he’s doing everything he can while ordering the OPP to do nothing. The opposition may raise the issue during question period which most people will never see, and the Liberals will dance around the answers with all of the grace and class of a trash compactor because they know that most people don’t care.

This would seem to be what we as Canadians have to look forward to in the summer of 2010, and make no mistake about it, this has nothing to do with the G20 Summit, aboriginal rights, stolen land, so called genocide, historic wrongs (both real and imagined) or even the HST. It’s all about using the little guy to send a message to the government that certain groups of organized criminals can put their feet on our throats any time they want.

It’s a head game that has been played for decades (or perhaps generations) by Native extremists who want the world handed to them on a platter for no reason other than because they were born. Now that they have a government so willing to lay at their feet and obey, there’s no telling how far they will go.

There is a possible upside to all of this however. The level of strange tolerance that Canadians have for this nonsense is likely to seriously decrease when they are stuck sitting in deadlocked traffic for hours because the police didn’t want to risk offending criminals by enforcing the law, and the media seems less likely now to report all of this with kid gloves.

There is also the real possibility that these thugs will push too far when protesting the G20 summit under the nose of CSIS and foreign security services over whom McGuinty has no control. One Native “activist” that we know of has already been arrested by the Integrated Security Unit in Toronto this week who don’t appear likely to fool around with politics and racial profiling.


  1. Kevin says:

    In mentioning the G 20 I was rather surprised to hear after four years a police chief in Toronto state his job was to up hold law and order and the protection of private property. This was a shock to me as we are used to hearing Fantino says that the OPP’s job is to keep the peace.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    The G 20 is a good example of what police do when there’s not a politician giving them orders through a hand picked commissioner to stand down and allow lawlessness based on race.

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