Get ready to pay more

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Liberals, McGuinty

June 30, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

With the HST cash grab coming into effect tomorrow, many people still don’t know exactly what they’ll be paying 8% more for after midnight. As part of the 74% of taxpayers opposed to having McGuinty put his greedy hands in our wallets, I decided to check into it and the results are interesting.

A few very minor concessions have been made to make it seem as though Dalton is not trying to bankrupt families, but ultimately the guy who got elected on a platform of not raising taxes is about to hit your bank account hard.

Coffee which costs $1.52 will not see an increase, but a $60 tank of gas will now cost you $64.80, so if you burn a tank a week that’s $249.60 more out of your pocket each year.

An $0.80 donut will not cost you more, but a carton of cigarettes will (because we’re not already paying enough exorbitant taxes when we choose to not buy illegal smokes)

A $1 can of soda will not cost you more, but a $400,000 home will now cost you $32000 more.

Other things you’re about to get gouged for include Internet access, legal services, lawn care, snow removal, dry cleaning, hair cuts, massages, personal trainers, gym memberships, home service calls, hotel rooms, taxis, domestic air, rail and bus travel, campsites, hunting and fishing licenses, magazine subscriptions, theatre tickets, ski lift fees, rental fees for hockey rinks and banquet halls and lessons for everything from ballet to soccer.

Let’s not forget downloaded music and movies, nicotine gum, patches etc, vanity plates, used cars, your utilities such as gas, hydro, and water, and funerals. You’re not allowed to die without forking over more money to the McGuinty government.

Of course none of the above applies if you’re a Native because they threatened to attack infrastructure if they weren’t exempted from the HST, so they don’t have to pay it.

While some people may try to go underground paying cash for things, the vast majority of us will be forced to reduce spending. How is this supposed to be good for business again?

The Liberals are of course heralding this as a great thing for Ontario, and Dalton has a commercial running on TV where he smiles like a baby with gas as he explains that this is “tough medicine” for consumers, but that it’s necessary to provide for future generations.  Ultimately we all know what it is. It’s another in a long line of cash grabs by the most money hungry Government in my lifetime if not ever.

  1. Aaron says:

    I predict that all prices across the board will skyrocket, as gas and real estate prices are two huge price drivers in Canadian economy.

    Is anyone so delusional that they think businessmen will not raise prices while still having to account for increase costs of their house mortgages?

    Or does anybody think that the transport will not pass increased costs onto the consumers?

    However you slice and dice it, living in the province becomes 8% more expensive in the recession.

    On the other hand I still expect the masses to vote liberals into the office in the coming elections. Nothing seems to sway Ontario from voting liberal no matter what. Specially now that federal conservatives are going out of their way to demonstrate they are not really an alternative and are dragging provincial conservatives down by association.

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