Will Lewis be Fantino 2.0?

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Chris Lewis, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Liberals, McGuinty, Natives, OPP

July 7, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

For some time now, we’ve known that Julian Fantino was a lame duck commissioner. Sure he can still talk to the few who would want to listen, or rabble about how he is the commissioner, but we all know he’s on his way out, and nobody is crying the blues about it.

What we’ve not known until today is who would be hand picked by Dalton McGuinty to replace him. Would he find a genuine law and order police officer, or another lap dog to take Julian’s place? Speculation gave way today as McGuinty announced that deputy commissioner Chris Lewis will take the reigns when Julian steps down on August 1st.

I don’t think I’ve ever met Mr. Lewis, but after nearly 4 years of steady involvement in Caledonia, I do know a few things about him.

He was charged with Obstruction of Justice earlier this year for his role in targeting activist Gary McHale for a criminal charge despite a complete lack of evidence in December 2007. Justice Walsh reviewed the evidence and ordered Lewis to stand charged with a serious criminal offence while serving as deputy commissioner.

That the Ontario crown stayed the charge against Lewis and Supt. Gentle was no surprise to anyone as there is a clear bias in the Crowns office when a case involving CANACE comes forward. They do what McGuinty who signs their cheques wants done regardless of the cost to the image of the crown, or to justice itself. No evidence that could clear Lewis was ever offered.

He’s been working closely with Julian Fantino to make crucial decisions that have oppressed the rights of non Natives in Caledonia.

He was the architect of the ART team (now known as the provincial liaison team) who were responsible for pandering to the whims of Natives while turning a blind eye to criminal behaviour. It’s hard to imagine such a stupid idea as a “response” team within a police force that’s dedicated to one race of people, but that’s what happened under the leadership of the soon to be commissioner.

He appears to be well liked by Dalton McGuinty which should give any reasonable person cause for alarm.

McGuinty is unquestionably the puppeteer pulling the strings of race based justice, and his endorsement of Lewis leaves no doubt that law & order will continue to suffer long after Fantino bows out as the Liberal lapdog.

Lewis shows absolutely no remorse for the unreasonable manner in which he helped persecute an innocent man. When asked by the Globe & Mail if he had any regrets in the way that McHale was pursued, he said “none, absolutely none”.

What was to be a beautiful moment when Fantino lost all of his power is now shaping up to be a simple changing of the guard from one purely political commissioner to the next. As frustrating as that could be for people like us, it must be doubly so for the officers who have been waiting to be allowed to act like actual cops on the front line these last 4 years.

While millions of appeasement dollars that come straight from your taxes have helped to keep up the appearance of peace on the ground, the issues appear destined to remain unresolved while the law remains unenforced at the hands of Fantino 2.0


  1. Good piece Jeff. I’ve updated my main Lewis post with some of your comments:


    Your readers may also find this article of interest. It seems that Haldimand’s chair of the Police Services Board is OK with Fantino, Lewis, and racial policing:



  2. Kevin says:

    Mr. Lewis is just another puppet that McGuinty will use.
    It is obvious to me with Lewis’s opening remarks about keeping the peace and not solving land claims that this is nothing new but is the same rhetoric used by his boss.

    Sadly the OPP brass seem to think bull shit baffles brains and we are just peons to order and follow. To bad after four years plus neither the Ontario Government of the OPP understand it’s LAW AND ORDER that champion lawless criminals instead of more and more appeasement. McGuinty has made a mess of our legal system and this province.

    Send the OPP brass over to Afghanistan to keep the peace if that is their new mantra.

    One Law for All no excuses!

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I too read the fascinating news that Mr. Boyko thinks Lewis is fine, liked Fantino, and apparently has no problem with race based justice being forced down his constituents throats. Good story on it Mark.

    Kevin we’re in agreement here. The brass have been the heart of this problem from day 1. McGuinty can flap his gums all he wants about “peacekeeping” but it’s ultimately not his call.

    I’ve met plenty of officers over the past few years (and had a couple charged with crimes) and it’s very clear to me that for the most part, these guys want to do their job. They trained to enforce the law, paid their way through school to learn to enforce the law, and took these jobs to enforce the law.

    The brass however seem to have lost these qualities over the years and just do what’s necessary to collect a paycheck.

    Mr. Lewis has seen himself charged with a crime already for his involement in this debacle and it’s not at all far fetched to imagine one of us doing it again if the need arises.


  4. James says:

    Have you heard the rumours getting air in the media today?
    Apparently the Federal conservatives are courting Fantino to run in the next federal election. On a “law and order platform….”
    I can feel the bile rising up onside me.

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    If that proves to be true, it would certainly prove beyond any doubt that politicians are universally ignorant scum.

    That someone somewhere still considers Julian to be a cop is a concept that could make a dog throw up


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