Video: Fantino blows off voters

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November 24, 2010 

By Jeff Parkinson 

Conservatives Against Fantino had the pleasure of attending the only public all candidates debate in Vaughan last night to hear what Julian Fantino & his opponents had to say to the voters with only 5 days left until the by election in which Fantino hopes to unseat the Liberals. 

Unfortunately for the voters and for all who believe in Democracy, Mr. Fantino blew off the event. Organizers made every effort to accommodate Julian including rescheduling this event to suit his schedule, but he was unwilling to engage his opponents in a public debate.

With a healthy contingent of Conservatives Against Fantino in attendance, Mr. Fantino who has become inaccessible to the public and the media since we began campaigning against him had a chance to address his potential constituents, the media, and his detractors all at the same time, but he chose not to attend.

As Kim Champion – Editor of the Vaughan Citizen newspaper explains, every effort was made to ensure Julian would be able to attend, but he blew them off with a long winded last minute explanation about having a previous engagement.


Unlike Fantino, Tony Genco, the Liberal candidate for Vaughan excused himself from a family commitment to attend.

We could speculate at length about why Julian didn’t show up, but personally I believe it’s a simple combination of cowardice and desperation. Fantino is terrified of CANACE because we wield a truth against which he has no defense, and the Conservative Party of Canada is desperate to keep their hot headed candidate from saying anything that will further damage their image.

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  1. Bob Devine says:

    I have voted nothing but conservative since I turned 21 in Fort William Ont in 1960. If I lived in that riding it would be the first time ever that i voted Liberal or did not vote. I would not vote for that system manipulating scum Fantino. Thank God I live in Alberta now where politicians like him do not last long as Stelmack will find out in the next Alberta election.

  2. Jeff Parkinson says:

    Thanks for the comment Bob,

    as a life long conservative who has spent significant time volunteering for the party in the past, I too would in a heart beat be voting Liberal were this taking place in my riding.

    I had a chance to meet Tony Genco last night (the Liberal candidate) and I have absolutely no doubt that if the people of Vaughan give him a chance, he will serve them well.


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