Featured video – CUPE 3903 supports illegal shack selling cigarettes to children

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Caledonia, CANACE HD YouTube Channel, CUPE 3903, Featured Video, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, Tobacco Kings, Tom Keefer, Video, YouTube

When Caledonia resident Doug Fleming held an anti illegal smoke shack protest on April 11 2010, the only people who showed up to support the shack were some students from CUPE 3903 lead by political commentator Tom Keefer, and a couple of small children waving propaganda signs.

A stark contrast to December 1st 2007 when Native supporters of the same shack violently attacked residents and activists resulting in Jeff Parkinson and Gary McHale being hospitalized which is a topic and a video for another day.

  1. Jon says:

    Keep up your good work. I thought you might be interested in an occurance here in Cayuga on Thursday Feb. 4th/2011.

    Midget Hockey game between Six Nations and Cayuga Rep teams, 2 seperate line brawls occured leading to fights in the stands between fans from Six Nations and Cayuga. Police were called in to restore order and our local OPP requested Six Nations police to attend to arrest fans from Six Nations!!! GREAT POLICING, WHAT ARE WE PAYING THEM FOR !!!

    Please do not use my name as I have relatives who are Native and I am afraid of reprisals against them if my name gets out.


    Jon (Name changed at the request of the commenter)

    • Jeff Parkinson says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      I’ve heard quite a few stories of similarly strange situations where the OPP either called Six Nations Police to sites outside of Six Nations jurisdiction or did nothing at all when faced with a Native suspect in Haldimand County.

      It’s odd to say the least, but certainly preferable to their DCE strategy of lining up against residents to protect Native suspects.


  2. Sick of Being Muzzled says:

    I know what “Jon” is talking about when it comes to fear of reprisal from aboriginals. I also have to use an alias because I have had so much trouble with intimidation from some aboriginals. I know quite a few people at Six Nations, as well as natives from many other parts of the country. Have had to cut off contact with most of them because I got tired of being used as a pawn.

    However, there are a growing number of aboriginals who are speaking out against various injustices going on in their communities, particularly on the Prairies and in B.C. Let’s hope this trend continues and takes up roots at Six Nations and in other Ontario aboriginal communities. Annie, the courageous Mohawk from the Deseronto area, posted many insightful comments to Jeff’s site during the unrest in her area a few years ago. I suspect she would like to see more aboriginals speaking out. I know I would. It is absolutely essential for groups such as CANACE and Caledonia Wake Up Call to continue to fight for justice. But resolution of these problems will really take off if more aboriginals say enough is enough.

    I wonder why only some students from CUPE 3903, Tom Keefer, and a couple of small children showed up to support the illegal smoke shacks on April 11, 2010. Hmm…

    Sick of Being Muzzled

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