Featured video: Gary McHale & Jan Longboat – CANACE truth & reconciliation rally

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Caledonia, CANACE, CANACE HD YouTube Channel, CUPE 3903, Featured Video, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jan Longboat, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, Truth & Reconciliation, Video, YouTube

March 4, 2011

By Jeff Parkinson

During the CANACE truth & reconciliation rally on Sunday February 27, Gary McHale had a long, respectful conversation with Six Nations Elder Jan Longboat. Unfortunately the two leaders were surrounded by radicals who insisted on interrupting repeatedly, but ultimately the respectful dialogue continued until the two came to an agreement to separate the 2 sides.

The plan was simple. McHale would take the CANACE crew and residents South down Argyle Street, and Longboat would lead her people north to DCE.

Unfortunately, the radicals had no respect for Longboat and chose instead to follow and harass the CANACE crowd.

Nonetheless, a precedent was set this day for peaceful and respectful dialogue between the 2 sides.

This 13 minute video is best viewed full screen at 720p which may take some time to buffer.

For more exclusive footage from this, and many other events visit CanaceHD.


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