December 8, 2011

By Jeff Parkinson

On December 7 2011, I learned of an OPP raid on one of the illegal smoke shacks around Caledonia that was about to take place, and decided to check it out.

At first it appeared that the OPP were going to get the job done. They brought plenty of officers, a moving van to clear out the house the squatter built behind the shack, enough trucks and vans to take away anyone who interfered, and presumably some kind of orders to get the job done.

Instead, they used the element of surprise to stand around and wait for supporters of the shack to rally around them, then left. Was this the result their orders commanded, or did Six Nations Police simply fail to show up to back them up? We may never know.

Faced with the task of making 45 minutes of footage short, & watchable, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to take a look at for years. As a fan of the silent film genre, I decided to make something that I find surprisingly addictive.

So here is my first crack at a silent film. CanaceHD presents – Failed OPP Smoke Shack Raid – A Caledonia Story.

Many thanks to the more than 500 who have subscribed, & stay tuned for tons of fun stuff on CanaceHD in December.

  1. Paul Gatfield says:

    Excellent work

  2. I laughed. I cried. Very well done, Jeff. Mark

  3. William Jensen says:

    Our tax dollars well spent? OPP corruption at it’s best.

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