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Governments will pay/do anything to appease Natives because of the Terrorist Threat announced for June 29th.

Today’s Headlines are proof that Ottawa is willing to start slicing up Canada and giving it to Terrorists like cake to appease their demands. With over 800 land claims, what will be left of our Country when our “Leaders” are done?

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Six Nations Confederacy negotiators dismissed Canada’s offer of $125 million for four land and money issues last week and volleyed back their demand for a return of land. Land is what we need. Land is what we’re after and land is what we’re going to get,” said Cayuga Sub-Chief Leroy Hill.

On May 30, Canada presented a $125 million offer at the Haldimand Tract lands table meeting. Members of Six Nations found the financial offer insulting and insufficient.

“Canada has taken the position they don’t have land. What are they living on and it’s our land,” said Chief MacNaughton. “We need to get through this stage of denial and start talking about it.”

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Turtle Island News
June 6, 2007

This rather complex document covers the following:

Block 5 Moulton Township, Flooding by The Welland Canal. Burtch Tract, Ratification, Grand River Navigation Company Investment, On Going Activities.

A sample of their demands on “On Going Activities”:

1. Payment for the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road
2. An accounting for the purported land sales of the Tier of Lots along the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road (all without prejudice to the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations position that no valid surrender exists)
3. The Nathan Gage Lands in the Townplot of Brantford
4. Outstanding Lands from Nichol Township to the Source of The Grand River.

(Edit: If I may sum up what I see in this long list. “Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme”)

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Six Nations chiefs are frowning on a $125 million offer from Ottawa to end the 15-month occupation of a former housing project because it does not include land in long standing claims other than a small piece of property in Brant County.

Mohawk Chief Allen MacNaughton, a Six Nations negotiator, also says a condition to end the occupation of Douglas Creek Estates is immaterial as far as he’s concerned.

“The Douglas Creek lands have been repatriated,” MacNaughton told reporters at the end of a meeting yesterday with negotiators from Ottawa and Queen’s Park. “That’s all I can say about that.”

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Ottawa is offering Six Nations $125 million to settle three land claims in exchange for ending the 15-month occupation of a former housing development in Caledonia.

The offer was presented to Six Nations representatives yesterday and was conveyed to Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer last night by federal negotiator and former Mulroney cabinet minister Barbara McDougall.

The mayor also said Six Nations would be permitted to keep the former Burtch Correctional facility in Brant County, near Mount Pleasant. In exchange, Ottawa wants natives who took over the Douglas Creek Estates 15 months ago to leave and it also wants assurances there will be no more occupations.

While the mayor was hopeful, some natives at the table have consistently said in recent months they are only interested in the land and not a cash settlement.

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Thousands of acres in Moulton Township were the focus of interest for Six Nations Confederacy chiefs and community members at a May 23 public meeting in Ohsweken.

The block is one of six areas that Joseph Brant leased in the late 1700s to raise ongoing revenue for Six Nations. After two mortgagees failed to make payments, Six Nations chiefs asked the government of Upper Canada to return the land. It was not reverted.

On May 31, Canadian negotiators are expected to table offers on Moulton, the 25-acre Port Maitland claim and the Indian agent Samuel Jarvis claim which is about his misappropriation of Six Nations funds. The Burtch tract in Brant County and lands flooded for the Welland Canal may also be the subject of an offer this week.The negotiating table is also looking at the 250,000 acre Nichol Block at the northern tip of the Haldimand Tract. Canada will never have enough money to pay back Six Nations, said Monture.

Monture said the reclamation of land in Caledonia has put pressure on the government to take a more serious look at Six Nations claims. “Stay on DCE until all our land issues are resolved. “Remind the government we own the river,” said Cheyenne Williams. “If we take the bridges, closing off the reserve means nothing to us.

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In a suprising interview, Dalton McGuinty allowed himself to actually be asked about the upcoming day of Terrorism June 29th 2007. As the premier of Ontario, we should be able to look to him now for leadership during what we know are going to be increasingly tough times.

Sadly he has made it even more evident that we can not and should not trust him, because he has no idea what’s going on, and is only now addressing this because his opponent John Tory is running on a campaign that involves actual law and order.

Those who enjoyed  “Interview with Julian Fantino regarding Caledonia & 2 Tiered Justice” are likely to enjoy this. I’ll quote him verbatim and save my commentary for later.  

 Disclaimer: The interview you are about to read is 100% real. This is not a parody on my part. Mistakes in spelling reflect precisely the way Mr. McGuinty spoke the word, and mistakes in Grammar are his statements transcribed verbatim. 

When asked on CTV Question period point blank “what are you going to do about this” (the threat of a summer of railway shutdowns and promise of chaos at the hands of Mohawk warriors) McGuinty had this to say:


The former Burtch Correctional Centre likely won’t be handed over to six families asserting they are the property’s rightful owners without documentation proving the claim, said Brant MPP Dave Levac.

The six families say they were promised the land would eventually be returned to them when it was expropriated by the federal government for use as an air field in 1941. The provincial government, which currently owns the land, is now considering handing over the 385-acre property to Six Nations as part of negotiations to resolve the current native land occupation in Caledonia. (Edit by Jeff: Was given to them as a bribe to take down their illegal blockades)

If Six Nations eventually decided it didn’t want the Burtch lands, Levac said he would work with the six families to “rectify” their situation.

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