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June 18, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

Two “red power” protests are being planned for June 24th 2010 that will (hopefully) finally test the patience of the Canadian government who talks tough but does nothing to stop Native protests which at times have escalated to terrorism.

According to a wide variety of media sources including Native media, a group calling itself red power united intends to blockade highway 403, or highway 400 next week as well as the Trans Canada Highway because they don’t approve of the G20. This same group disapproved of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and ultimately their “peaceful” protest turned into a group of anarchists destroying property, and attacking police in the downtown core.

The 403 runs from Woodstock, Ont., to Mississauga, Ont., just west of Toronto, and Highway 400 runs north between Toronto and Barrie, Ont. A blockade of either would tie up thousands of people for no reason at all and since it is apparently designed to force a political agenda, would amount to terrorism.


July 19, 2008

Now that documents have been released detailing the testimony of Julian Fantino at an August 29 2007 court hearing for Shawn Brant, and transcripts of recorded phone calls between Fantino and Brant from the June 29, 2007 “day of action”, we are able to gain a rare glimpse into the mind of Ontario’s “top cop”.

We know that Julian is a bully when there’s a camera or microphone around to show off for, and we know that when dealing with anything remotely associated with CANACE, he is prone to making bizarre statements about violence and agenda’s that exist only in his head, but what’s he like when he’s dealing with a Native and thinks nobody is listening?


An interesting take on the situation Canada is facing at the hands of Native Terrorists by Western Standard touching on such people as Jim Prentice, Phil Fontaine, Terry Nelson,  Angus Toulouse, Mike Harris, Dalton McGuinty, John Tory, and even Gary McHale (sort of). 

Also such Terrorists attacks as Oka where Mohawks shot and killed a cop, Ipperwash where they made Dudley George a martyr for being killed during battle with the OPP (yes they said during battle.. kudo’s Western Standard), the pathetic Ipperwhitewash Inquiry,  and Caledonia.

This one is definitely worth a read. Click here or on their interpretive art of how peace for June 29th was negotiated for the full story.

Blockade shows double standard

Lorne Gunter, National Post

Published: Saturday, April 21, 2007

If my neighbour and I have a dispute over a piece of land we both claim to own, and he currently lives on the parcel in question, but I drive my truck onto it and stand there with a shotgun refusing to let him or anyone else come on, how long before you think police are going to arrest me?

Now say my neighbour and his family have farmed that land for 100 years — or 200 — and they have the title to it, and all I have is a story my mother used to tell about how my great-great-great- grandfather once roamed this same property, but I get out my Hibachi and my homemade flag for the Republic of Lorne, and pitch my tent across the entrance to settle in for a lengthy camp-out.

Sure, police negotiators are going to try for a few hours to talk me off the land, but the minute I nod off — or threaten violence — a SWAT team is going to swoop in and cart me off.

But everything changes if I’m native. The laws by which all other Canadians must abide and normal police procedures no longer apply. Even if my neighbour wins an injunction ordering me off, police are going to be told to sit by, day after day, month after month, while I grill up burgers and insist my ancestor never meant to give up the property.

One government or another might even step up and buy out my neighbour, just so the politicians can avoid having to tell me I’m wrong. And all because, for politicians, the rule of law is trumped by political correctness and the cult of victimhood.

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The Regional

To gain some credibility back, Canada needs to either 1, start upholding the laws of the country or 2, start solving native issues with real, constructive solutions. Preferably both.

Take effect for what you will, but when all was said and done last weekend, two things were evident.

First, natives want Canadians to realize their plight and the only way they feel they can do it is by restricting freedoms. They want Canadians to react to their needs such as poverty, poor drinking water and land claims. And help them. But many aboriginals don’t want to abide by Canadian laws.

By the same token, most Canadians want to be free, wherever they go within our great nation. They don’t want to be blocked in, threatened, tormented, or taken advantage of for things they didn’t do, and have no power to help make better.

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NAPANEE, Ont. — Shawn Brant has turned himself in to the Ontario Provincial Police a week after he led Tyendinaga Mohawk demonstrators to blockade railways and roads in eastern Ontario for the National Day of Action.

The lanky 43-year-old arrived at the Napanee OPP station at 10 a.m. on Thursday, as he had promised to do on the weekend. He told waiting media that he was a man of honour, from a people of honour. (Edit: a people of honor perhaps, but a man of honor? please)

Half an hour earlier, a line of cars ferrying Mr. Brant, his lawyer, his wife and supporters, left the quarry that Mohawk protesters have been occupying since March.

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The man who led last week’s aboriginal blockades of Highway 2 and the CN rail line says he’ll turn himself in to authorities tomorrow and is frustrated that police approached him earlier than that.On Friday, Shawn Brant and a group of Mohawks organized the blockades in defiance of many native leaders’ admonitions. That same morning, the OPP issued an arrest warrant for him on a charge of mischief and breach of prior bail conditions.

During the weekend, Brant’s lawyer, Peter Rosenthal, entered negotiations with the Napanee detachment of the OPP for Brant’s surrender. Rosenthal has represented Brant in the past and will be his lawyer in the coming proceedings.

Brant said that despite his promise to appear for a bail hearing tomorrow, local OPP officers tried to arrest him yesterday morning. “The OPP had blocked the road and, I believe, were attempting to try and do an intervention,” he said, adding that he maintained a full force of men.“They were telling me that I should get in the car and go with them and there was a warrant for me,” Brant said.

“I told them that that was not the arrangement and I thought they should wait.”

He said the officers abandoned their attempt, but that he was left frustrated with the situation.

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Canadian National says it is examining its legal options after a local aboriginal protest prompted it to halt traffic last week.The company is “reviewing our legal options and determining what’s available to us,” said spokesman Frank Binder of the rail line blockade on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory during Friday’s national aboriginal day of action. The threat of a blockade stopped an estimated $103 million worth of freight and about 5,000 passenger trips.

“There have been attempts to find Mr. Brant and execute the warrant,” she said. Tyendinaga Mohawk police officers “have been looking for him.” (Edit: YEAH RIGHT! The media can find him anytime they want to, and he lives in a school bus in the illegally occupied quarry in Deseronto but they can’t find him?)

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Peterborough Examiner

While we spend millions of dollars having our military clean up the bloody nose the U.S.A. created in Afghanistan, citizens of Ontario are subject to what appears to be home grown terrorism by the self-declared Mohawk State.

Phil Fontaine, in appearance an articulate, thoughtful representative of the native cause, shows us in video the deplorable conditions on some of the native reserves. This is effective. Nothing gets Canadians to dig into their pockets more than guilt, pity and the sense of concern and decency.Shutting down major economic and transportation routes is economic terrorism. Most people are sympathetic to the cause but these actions have and will continue to damage the good work done by men like Mr. Fontaine.

Instead of spending money to clean up Afghanistan and help its government gain control of that country, our army should be at home helping the inept Harper government gain control here. If some citizens of Havelock decided to blockade Highway 7 because of an unfair provincial or federal policy, the OPP riot squad would be called out, the citizens would be gassed, pepper sprayed and bludgeoned into submission, arrested and ultimately prosecuted. Where does this relate to fairness for one and all?

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As reported on the morning of June 29th, the OPP issued a warrant for the arrest of Terrorist Shawn Brant while he was blockading roads and railways.

I wrote that morning that it was a token warrant which they were failing to enforce. It has been 4 days now, and (suprise) The OPP have not arrested Shawn Brant. I predicted the warrant was issued so the OPP could say they were doing something (besides shutting down the 401) and now they are proving it.

On June 29th, Brant said he was going to turn himself in at midnight. The OPP failed to arrest him despite knowing exactly where he was all day and instead watched as he maintained illegal blockades. At midnight they clearly let him walk away and if asked they would either refuse to comment or say something about not wanting to “escalate the situation” or ” to avoid confrontation “.


DESERONTO, Ont. (Jun 30, 2007)Police were hunting last night for the man who shut down traffic in eastern Ontario and parked $100 million of cargo during the national day of action.

Mohawk Shawn Brant and about 40 supporters shut down Hwy. 401 for about 11 hours, blocked Hwy. 2 and prompted railways to stop trains along the Toronto-Montreal and Ottawa-Montreal corridors.

The blockades captured most of the attention on what was otherwise a peaceful day of protest by natives drawing attention to living conditions on Canada’s reserves. CN Rail’s decision to halt traffic on its busiest Toronto-Montreal line meant a daily average of 25 freight trains and 22 Via Rail trains were blocked.

Brant was unrepentant, saying he’ll do it again.

“This is the first time ever we’ve shut down the 401, and I don’t believe it’s going to be the last,” said a defiant Brant. And he said he won’t surrender to police until sometime next week.

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A few short kilometres from each other on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, two distinct approaches to the national aboriginal day of action unfolded.On Wyman’s Road, a rickety school bus blocked the CN Rail tracks, part of a protest from a group of Mohawks led by Shawn Brant that saw Highway 401 closed for 12 hours and a portion of Highway 2 closed for the entire day Friday.

At York Road and Highway 2 in Shannonville, meanwhile, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) band councillor Trevor Lewis handed out information pamphlets.

“If you’re headed east, we’re told Highway 2 is blocked,” Lewis told an agitated Quebec driver. “You can take York Road to Highway 49.”

“The 401’s blocked too,” the driver said. “Why is it blocked?”

“I don’t know,” Lewis said. “We’re not part of that.”

On a day of wildly conflicting approaches to educating the public on First Nations issues, that was putting it lightly. After days of talk in the media, Brant’s group headed to Highway 401 late Thursday evening to block it. But the OPP, anticipating safety issues, shut it down instead between Belleville and Marysville around 11:30 p.m., said Sgt. Kristine Rae. Commissioner Julian Fantino and other officers spoke with Brant throughout the night, “trying to resolve it,” she said.

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The aboriginal day of action has come and gone in Canada and the country is largely better for it. Across the land, native communities expressed their hopes and fears in actions that were, with a few notable exceptions, entirely lawful. Good for them.

But in eastern Ontario, the action taken was not legal but, instead, a violation of the law of the land and the rights of the general public. A small group of native protesters blockaded Highway 401 as well as Highway 2 and the main Canadian National Railway line between Montreal and Toronto. The leader of the natives, Shawn Brant, warned that they were armed with guns and ready to respond violently if provoked. This action, in marked contrast to the other demonstrations, was totally unacceptable. If not checked, it will threaten the civil peace and order of the nation.

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