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July 12, 2009

After 31 months, 4 arrests, and almost $1 Million spent trying to stop a Canadian flag from being raised on a Canadian hydro pole, the OPP finally relented today and allowed Non Natives to have the same rights as Natives in Caledonia, if only for a brief time. Why they did it is questionable, but I would submit that our intention to come back once each month until they stopped interfering had a lot to do with their decision.

In any case, Caledonia resident Doug Flemming was able to climb a ladder and attach a Canadian flag to a hydro pole across from DCE without interference from the OPP, or the Native occupiers, and the flag raising events in Caledonia have come to an end. The timing couldn’t be better as we have an abundance of other issues to focus on such as illegal smoke shacks and using private prosecution to hold senior officials accountable for their actions over the past few years.


January 27, 2009

As some may recall, one of the first stories posted at was about the attempted murder of an OPP officer by Native criminals. In broad daylight Natives walked up to an OPP van and assaulted the officers inside which included US Border Guard and ATF agents. They then stole the van, used it to try to run over an OPP officer, smeared it with human feces on the Douglas Creek Estates, and returned the van minus a number of classified intelligence reports that had been inside.

The OPP stood by and watched as one of their own was nearly killed and when one of the Natives approached officers demanding to be arrested they refused. He then turned to stunned Caledonia residents and proclaimed that he could “get you any time I want to” before retreating into the home free zone known as the DCE. This incident was largely responsible for Gary McHale becoming involved in Caledonia.


October 21, 2008

In May of 2007, Caledonia Wakeup Call & Voice of Canada were the only sites to report to the public that a man armed with an AK 47 had threatened to kill someone at DCE just a few yards from the Notre Dame school yard, and then gone to the illegal smoke shack known as “the Hawk Shop” outside of town and filled it with bullets. The mainstream media has just now caught up by publishing that he was carrying a “military assault rifle”

The OPP watched Donald VanEvery, a convicted gun smuggler under court order not to possess firearms point a prohibited firearm at a woman holding a child while threatening to kill her and refused to intervene presumably because the armed maniac wasn’t “counselling mischief not committed”.


September 02, 2008

Contrary to the fluff piece garbage that’s been published today by much of the mainstream media, residents of Caledonia took a significant step toward reclaiming their town by refusing for at least this one day to be afraid of the Terrorist Natives who continue to use the town as a pawn in their political game, nor the OPP who so diligently protect their tormentors.

Using the long overdue arrest of Steve Powless for breaching the injunction in Brantford as an excuse to cause trouble, the Natives dragged their ever present stolen hydro tower across Argyle Street and started a land protector tire fire on the Highway 6 bypass to choke off access to the town on Labor Day.


Note: This story required some amount of editing to remove excessive political correctness so my comments will be bracketed and in bold throughout.

April 29, 2008

Canadian Press – Original Title: Blockades and escalating protests won’t derail talks in Caledonia: Premier

TORONTO – Blockades that cut off highways and vital rail lines won’t stop the province from negotiating with aboriginal protesters (Terrorists) to resolve outstanding land claims and end a two-year (Criminal) occupation, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday.


April 29, 2008
The Hamilton Spectator

A Six Nations spokesman warns that supportive protest actions on a “grander scale” are coming, as a committed Iroquois Confederacy continues to stand together.

The comments come as Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer says some residents are talking about taking the law into their own hands. Six Nations protesters are still blocking the Highway 6 bypass they closed Friday afternoon in support of protesters occupying a quarry near Deseronto, Ont.

They want the Ontario Provincial Police, who have blocked both entrances to the Caledonia bypass, to stand down in eastern Ontario before they remove the blockades.

“This shouldn’t be allowed,” Trainer said. “Enough is enough. Something has to happen. This nonsense can’t continue.”


1pm – From residents of Caledonia we’ve received the following update:

The Terrorists blocking the highway have torn up and are using sections of the railway in their blockade in addition to a hydro tower and hydro poles, and the Natives have used a Backhoe to dig up the road. 

The number of “protestors” is increasing at this point and Haldimand Council has called an emergency meeting for 2pm. Much as in 2006, the Natives have used a Backhoe to dig up the road.

April 27, 2008
The Hamilton Spectator

Six Nations protesters say they have no immediate plans to open the Highway 6 bypass.

For a while this afternoon it looked as if the barricades might come down. But when protesters found out the OPP had not backed down at another protest near Deseronto, Ont. the decision was made to continue to stand firm.

The protesters are continuing to block the Highway 6 bypass today after police backed off an attempt to clear the road last night.


For all the latest on the arrest of Shawn Brant, and the terrorist backlash going on in both Deseronto and Caledonia, stay tuned to

For discussion of the ongoing terrorist acts such as the 3 huge fires raging under 3 Caledonia overpasses, and the Natives roaring around on ATV’s in the middle of the night while the OPP refuse to protect the town from these maniacs, visit

April 21, 2008

Since the first March for Freedom event was announced for October 2006, people have been asking the question “why do you have to be so confrontational? Why don’t you go to queens park to protest?” and the answer has always been that nobody would care if we did.

Yesterday however we decided to test that theory by loading up a bus and taking the residents of Caledonia to protest at Queens Park. By all accounts it was a successful event which saw us peacefully deliver our message about the continuing lack of basic law and order in front of the Ontario Legislature.


April 13, 2008

On November 26 2007, Michael J. Bryant the Minister of Aboriginal Appeasement was seen at the Caledonia Community Center (dial up) promising to meet with residents to address their concerns about the fallout of allowing terrorists to run rampant in Caledonia.

We know he is a man of his word because he is a Liberal after all and no Liberal would make a promise they didn’t intend to keep, but 5 months later not one of those residents has heard from Mr. Bryant.

Therefore with a heavy heart, I must report that Michael J. Bryant is missing from Caledonia and ask for help from the public in locating him.


The Brantford Expositor 

It’s time Ottawa chipped in more cash to cover the ballooning expense of a southern Ontario aboriginal occupation that’s cost provincial taxpayers $50 million and counting, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday.

Although the federal government gave Ontario $26 million a year ago for costs associated with the Caledonia occupation, the province has since paid out $50 million on top of that contribution – the bulk of it for round-the-clock policing. (Edit: The Spectator told us just weeks ago that the total cost of the occupation so far is $54 Million.. Now we’re up to $76 Million. Do I hear $150 Million?)


The Hamilton Spectator – with commentary added by Jeff Parkinson

A plan is being promoted to have the Ontario Provincial Police and Six Nations police do joint patrols of a rural concession caught in the middle of the Caledonia land claims dispute. (Edit: A road which Six Nations has no jurisdiction over nor any right to)

The OPP have not been welcomed by aboriginals (Edit: Criminals Who have no more right to dictate to the OPP than you or I do) on the Sixth Line, which runs south of Douglas Creek Estates, since the OPP raided the site two years ago in an effort to end the aboriginal occupation.


January 25, 2008

The National Post has run some excellent editorials about the Native terrorism in Caledonia in the past week and in doing so they have begun to take the blinders off of the mainstream media.

Thanks to the National Post, more and more jounalists are going to start questioning the  leadership of the OPP and the McGuinty government in an effort to find out why the OPP are refusing to act as a police force and why their tax dollars are supporting this criminal occupation instead of putting an end to it. If you have not done so yet, I strongly suggest reading these.

The Coward at Queens Park.  Q&A with Calvin Helin.  Living off the Band Land.  Send in the troops.  Caledonia Redux.  Rule of law missing in Caledonia Dispute.  Natives demand royalties for land and The disgrace of native lawlessness in Ontario

The biggest battle that those of us who fight for equality have endured has not been with the Mohawk warriors, the OPP, or the McGuinty government, but with the mainstream media who have turned a blind eye to the bleak reality of life in Caledonia for almost 2 years now out of fear of offending someone.


November 18, 2007

Having presumably filled his quota for harassing drivers in Toronto this month, Julian Fantino granted an interview to the Hamilton Spectator regarding Caledonia, and his relationship with the criminals at DCE.

“He says he frequently meets with native leaders, eats meals with them and works on establishing a personal relationship.

Developing that trust, that dialogue, that face-to-face relationship with people … that’s why I’m spending the kind of personal time that I am. Because I want to know these people and I want them to know me, personally. I want to know them by first name. I want to be able to call them on their cell phone number as they’re able to call me. I want to be on the front end of any potential flare-up and that’s worked very, very well for us.

Fantino says his relationship with the Six Nations community is so strong, they’ve allowed him on occupied land no other white person has tread upon since the conflict began at Douglas Creek Estates some 21 months ago.”