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For discussion of the ongoing terrorist acts such as the 3 huge fires raging under 3 Caledonia overpasses, and the Natives roaring around on ATV’s in the middle of the night while the OPP refuse to protect the town from these maniacs, visit

Kingston Whig Standard
April 23, 2008

Road blockades that are a headache for police, create anxiety and threaten people’s safety are no way to resolve long-standing aboriginal land disputes, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday as a Mohawk barricade was dismantled in eastern Ontario. (Edit: The same McGuinty who claimed in 2006 he wasn’t going to negotiate with the DCE terrorists and then resumed negotiations within 48 hours)


Belleville Intelligencer
April 23, 2008

Two extreme examples of how a native blockade affected residents here played out early Tuesday.

The first occurred on the corner of Dundas and Second streets – just a stone’s throw from the protest site – within moments of the Mohawk barricade being taken down on Old Highway 2.

A 20-year-old Deseronto man, who declined to give his name, parked his vehicle along the side of Second Street, walked over to a telephone pole along Old Highway 2 and stapled a white piece of Bristol board reading ‘White Land’ to the post.

When approached, the man said he and fellow town residents “were fed up” with the actions of native protesters.

“I’m tired of them stopping me from going to work … and I don’t see anybody else doing anything,” he said.


Belleville Intelligencer

Homeowners here have grown tired of blockades and protests and were once again expressing frustration as Mohawk protesters erected a blockade along Old Highway 2 at the town’s eastern limit.

Images of last year’s Day of Action – which closed Highway 401 and rail lines in the area – are still fresh in the minds of many who live here. For sale signs mark the town like pieces on a Monopoly board and residents who spoke with The Intelligencer said they would sell but the land value has dropped because of native protests and land claims.

“This is not going to be good for real estate value,” said a Thomas Street resident, his home only a block away from the barricade. “I just moved here in February and I wouldn’t have bought it had I known all about this.”


The Kingston Whig Standard

Native protesters (Edit: Criminals) who seized a major portion of this small Hastings County town pledged yesterday to maintain the disruption for a week to send a message to any would-be developers of disputed native lands.

“Not another shovel in the ground,” said protest (Edit: Criminal) spokesman Dan Doreen, standing outside a roadway blockade of Old Highway 2 on the eastern fringe of town.

“That mandate was set in 2006 and it still stands – we’re here to protect our land and that’s it,” promised Doreen, who was clad in camouflage with a red bandana tied around his left arm. (Edit: HAHA Mandate!)


April 21, 2008

Belleville Intelligencer

DESERONTO – Roads leading into Deseronto are closed this morning after native protesters set up blockades on the east side of the town in protest of a proposed land development.  (Edit: Ahhh yes the same Deseronto who last year said they had no need for “outsiders” like us because they have no problems up there)

Demonstrators (Edit: Demonstrators? Please.. Criminals, Terrorists, Militants, Thugs, take your pick) set up blockades overnight on County Road 2 and the intersection of Bridge Street West and and Deseronto Road.


The Intelligencer

The Town of Deseronto went public with its frustration over the Culbertson Tract land claim Friday, issuing a sharply-worded press release.

The municipality is questioning Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Chief R. Donald Maracle’s leadership in the wake of two recent protests staged on contested town land.


CANACE presents our first report: The Cost of Native Occupations.

Updated October 11, 2007 – As we all know by now, the worst Premier in Ontario history has been elected to a second reign of horror. This is not good news for Caledonia or anyone who cares about law and order in Ontario, but it’s not the end of the battle. The things worth having in this life are not only worth fighting for but usually require fighting for and that is what we will continue to do. 

October 10, 2007

Today is the single biggest chance we have to change the landscape of what’s happening in Caledonia, and all you have to do to make a difference is take a few minutes to put a check mark in a box.

For anyone considering not voting today I ask you the following:

How would you feel if your vote could have been the one that knocks McGuinty out of power but you didn’t bother to do it? Remember the election that saw Bush elected was decided by a handful of votes.

Is the suffering of the children of the Sixth Line not worth taking a few minutes to vote against? Remember some of those who need McGuinty defeated the most are too young to vote, but you can cast yours on their behalf.

If you’re not sure that John Tory will keep his word and end the lawlessness, ask yourself what will Dalton McGuinty do if re elected?

Is that few minutes spent doing something else today worth 4 more years of being grossly overtaxed and knowing that your money is paying to keep illegal occupations, extortion and the oppression on your rights going?

How do you feel about the fact that every tax dollar you pay for the next 4 years will not begin to cover the cost of the OPP sitting in their cars refusing to help as someone is beaten nearly to death?

How does it feel knowing that every time McGuinty smiles for the camera, it’s because his hand is in your pocket?

How effectively can the billions of dollars from the McGuinty imposed health care tax have been spent when Sam Gualtieri was refused a CAT scan at almost every hospital his doctor had to call to beg to give him one?

If the current polls showing McGuinty way ahead are discouraging you, remember those are phone polls and half of those people won’t bother to vote today.

I’m going to spend the time it would take me to write a few more of these questions going out and casting my vote. I sincerely hope that you will all do the same!

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

September 23, 2007

Remember this date ladies and gentlemen as today is the day that the Government silence and inaction on the lawless Native terrorism and extortion in Ontario died.

Conservative leader John Tory visited Caledonia today and made clear the position his PC government will take once in office on the curse that McGuinty has placed on Caledonia, and allowed to spread throughout the Province.

The following is from the official story as sent out by the PC party:

“Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory today returned to Caledonia, the site of the ongoing land-occupation, where he called for new leadership to resolve the current standoff and prevent other illegal occupations in the future.“For over a year and a half Dalton McGuinty has permitted an illegal occupation to paralyze this entire community,” Mr. Tory said, “He has failed the people of Ontario.

To date, Dalton McGuinty has refused to insist on the rule of law when it comes to illegal occupations. The Caledonia occupation alone has cost Ontario taxpayers $55 million so far. Similar disputes have since threatened communities ranging from Desoronto, Brantford, Hagarsville, the Village of York, and Dunnville.

Tory announced today that he would move to protect Ontario communities from illegal occupations by strengthening existing laws.

“I am announcing today that a PC government will amend provincial statutes, including the Trespass to Property Act to address the breakdown in law that results from an illegal occupation,” said Tory. This new act would respect the valid interests of each side, protect innocent bystanders, and set a policy framework for police.”

He also outlined the new ground rules that a Progressive Conservative government would enforce when confronted with an illegal occupation:

  • No negotiation with anyone engaging in an illegal occupation;
  • Oppose any group using an illegal occupation to extort concessions or payments
  • Insist that the authority of the courts, including court injunctions, are respected and enforced; and,

• Use the justice system to pursue civil action against those who participate in, direct, or financially support illegal occupations.

“I will stand up and stand beside the people of this province to ensure they are protected,” Tory concluded. “For a safe and strong Ontario, leadership matters.”


August 31, 2007 

Yesterday provided some interesting insight into the logic used in the application of 2 tiered justice in Ontario. There is none.

3 protestors from Greenpeace were arrested yesterday for using civil disobedience to spread their message about coal fired hydro stations, and although their methods were over the line and they did deserve to be arrested, at the same time Terrorist Shawn Brant was freed on bail pending trial on 9 criminal charges.

The same Shawn Brant who voiced his intentions loudly and proudly this summer to target the infrastructure of Canada and the economy as a means to further his political agenda. “ I don’t give a rats ass if I create victims “ and “ Only when every home has suffered as we have suffered will I stop “ are among his many quotes.

Greenpeace delayed the delivery of a shipment of coal to the Nanticoke plant for part of a day, Shawn Brant shut down Canada’s largest railroad and highway, and made it clear he intended to do it again as many times as it takes for him to feel satisfied.


The racist political policing (or extreme lack of) known as 2 Tiered Justice was first referred to regarding Caledonia & DCE, but it is far from contained to one small town.

When Native Criminals took over the building site of what was to be a retirement home in Hagersville, the OPP not only stood and watched but assisted them in erecting a barricade to keep the legal owner of the property off of his land.

On June 29, 2007 the OPP closed the busiest highway in the Country the 401 because a small group of Native thugs said they might do it. No attempt was made to stop any of the blockades led by Terrorist Shawn Brant. Instead the Police we pay to protect us assisted him by blockading the road themselves.

When they laid a claim to the future site of a Wal-Mart in Dunville, nothing was done to stop them and the latest rumors are that Wal-Mart is canceling the building because of it.

When the Criminals showed up at a housing development in Brantford and demanded the construction of 200 new homes come to a halt, the OPP did nothing and the developer stopped.


What does the Canadian Taxpayers Federation who represent your rights as taxpayers think about this “occupation” and our Government offering your money to Terrorists?

Here’s one brief quote from a recent statement

The federal government has made an offer of $125 million to Ontario’s Six Nations to resolve four outstanding land claims. This offer sends a message to natives everywhere in Canada that the rule of law will not be enforced and that occupations will end with a cash offer. ”

 – 100+ links to statements from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

An interesting take on the situation Canada is facing at the hands of Native Terrorists by Western Standard touching on such people as Jim Prentice, Phil Fontaine, Terry Nelson,  Angus Toulouse, Mike Harris, Dalton McGuinty, John Tory, and even Gary McHale (sort of). 

Also such Terrorists attacks as Oka where Mohawks shot and killed a cop, Ipperwash where they made Dudley George a martyr for being killed during battle with the OPP (yes they said during battle.. kudo’s Western Standard), the pathetic Ipperwhitewash Inquiry,  and Caledonia.

This one is definitely worth a read. Click here or on their interpretive art of how peace for June 29th was negotiated for the full story.

By Derek Nelson, Inside Queen’s Park, as published in Law Times

June 18, 2007

The gaping hole at the policy heart of the Ipperwash inquiry is commissioner Sidney Linden’s refusal to explain how an ordinary Ontarian protects his or her private land against aboriginal seizure.

The province failed to do it for Henco Industries at Caledonia. And for a proposed seniors’ complex in Hagersville. Or a quarry in Deseronto.

Just 12 per cent of Ontario’s land is privately owned, yet an increasing number of aboriginal protests are aimed at seizing such land. Much of the Haldimand Tract, of which the Caledonia and Hagersville lands are part, is privately owned.

The Ontario Provincial Police, the provincial government, and Linden’s report make quite clear that force is not an option in aboriginal land claim disputes.

It is all about “peacekeeping,” about consultation, negotiation, understanding, restraint, respect, and son on. The police are “neutral.”

As Linden said, the “avoidance of violence” is the aim.

Premier Dalton McGuinty, quoted by Linden, put it another way: “We are determined to resolve this in a way that results … in no incident and no compromise in public safety.”

Decoded, what he is really saying is that the government will do anything necessary to avoid a repeat of Ipperwash; that is, the killing of an aboriginal who is breaking the law in pursuit of, to use Linden’s phrase, “aboriginal and treaty rights.”

In the process, the theft of private land, major economic dislocation, and even violence committed by radical aboriginals will be ignored or tolerated. “No incident” acquired strange meanings.

Read the full story here