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  Canada at The Crossroads – a retrospective leading into June 29th

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TORONTO (CP) – Canadian aboriginals are understandably disappointed and frustrated with past injustices but Friday’s day of action should be peaceful and reflective, Canada’s premiers and territorial leaders said in a joint statement hours before the national day of action was set to begin.

“Together with other Canadians, we respect the right of Canada’s First Nations leadership to organize a national day of action,” said the statement, signed by every premier and territorial leader with the exception of British Columbia and Nunavut.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he’s spoken to Ontario aboriginal leaders and everyone agrees the day should go ahead.

“I remain hopeful that this national day of action will proceed in a peaceful and respectful way,” said McGuinty, adding it will be up to provincial police to deal with any blockades or illegal activity. (Edit: Which he knows for a fact they won’t do because he ordered them not to via his sock puppet Fantino)

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TORONTO — Staging illegal activities on tomorrow’s National Aboriginal Day of action would do nothing but “tarnish” the efforts of peaceful protesters hoping to further the case for improving the lives of aboriginal Canadians, former prime minister Paul Martin said yesterday.

Martin, who was speaking at a public forum on aboriginal rights, said illegal actions would only divert the attention of the Canadian public from the issues at hand.

“I think the case for fairness, equality of opportunity, education and health care are just simply too important to be diverted by such acts.”

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ORILLIA, ON, June 27 /CNW/ – On Friday, June 29, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has called for a day of peaceful demonstrations and rallies to raise public awareness about aboriginal issues in Canada. Numerous legitimate protests and information and educational events are expected across Ontario, including activities that may interrupt normal travel and traffic flow.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is actively working with many involved communities and organizations to support peaceful events and legitimate forms of protest. With a responsibility to preserve public safety and maintain order, the OPP is calling on those involved not to jeopardize public peace or endanger anyone.

“I am assured by the First Nations leadership that the National Day of Action is a call for peaceful activity,” said Commissioner Julian Fantino. “The OPP fully supports people’s right to freedom of expression and lawful protest. At the same time, we have a duty to preserve the peace.


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OTTAWA, June 27 – I am aware of public statements in recent days about intentions to disrupt traffic during the National Day of Action in support of First Nations on June 29.

While these comments have been widely reported they are isolated comments and do not reflect the position of the Assembly of First Nations, or the many First Nations across the country, who have organized peaceful and positive events that are inclusive of all Canadians.

We respectfully urge Canadians not to criminalize First Nations people with respect to the actions they plan to take on June 29 and beyond.

(edit: Phil asks that you don’t fight back against Terrorism.. The same Phil Fontaine who Shawn Brant says told him to do this)

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Expect ‘fallout’ if violence is used at a planned blockade.

Native warriors across the country plan to keep a close eye on tomorrow’s events near Deseronto in case police attempt forceful tactics to stop Mohawk blockade plans.

The political manoeuvring of Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine and other band chiefs to distance themselves from blockades has left the Tyendinaga Mohawks seemingly alone in the runup to the proclaimed native day of action.

“They are not alone,” said one well-connected source outside Tyendinaga. “Warriors from across the country are keeping an eye on it.”

“If violence is used against the people at Tyendinaga or anywhere there is going to be fallout,” he said. “We would not think too highly of (police use of force),” said Rarahkwisere of the Akwesasne Warrior Society, adding it is up to the clan mothers to decide on a reaction. “In the event someone gets hurt, the politics of the AFN go out the window and the grassroots people come together,”

(EDIT: So if we don’t tolerate their terrorism, they will react with more terrorism, but if we do tolerate it, they will of course be emboldened even more and react with more terrorism)

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Staging illegal activities on Friday’s national aboriginal day of action would do nothing but “tarnish” the efforts of peaceful protesters hoping to further the case for improving the lives of aboriginal Canadians, former prime minister Paul Martin said Wednesday.

“I think it’s so important that this day not be marred by illegal activities and blockades,” he said. While most national and regional chiefs have called for peaceful demonstrations on Friday, there are concerns some communities may resort to illegal measures such as highway or railway blockades – acts that could spark confrontations with law enforcement.

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5 Locations – reported continously starting June 29th.

CNN – Caledonia News Network

Live reports from Caledonia, DCE, Dunnville, Deseronto, & Port Dover will be continuously updated throughout the day. Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest as it happens

Dunnville Chronicle

The Six Nations band council has planned to distribute information on land claims at the Brantford casino on June 29.A convoy of vehicles will roll into the Brantford casino at 10 a.m. For two hours, people will conduct “a peaceful, respectful and educational event,” said Six Nations band council Chief Dave General. “But we need to share with our neighbours what our issues are.”

Six months ago, First Nations chiefs voted in favour of protests on June 29 to draw attention to First Nations land and human rights issues, poverty and racism.General said the day will involve a whole spectrum of direct action from those who will erect blockades to those who want to press their point with education.

Haldimand County OPP Inspector Dave McLean said “Let the day come and go,” “There are so many good people in both communities. Everyone is waiting for resolution so they can get back to their lives.” (EDIT: Read between the lines and that statement is “Just let yourselves be terrorized because the OPP won’t do anything to help you “)

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By Donna Pitcher – Haldimands Unheard Voice

Well Friday June the 29th is just a few days away, and there are “rumors” and “threats” that “all bridges” that cross the “Grand River in Haldimand County” will be blockaded.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people that have the “financial resources” to miss a day’s pay if they can’t cross the River! I don’t mean to “trivialize” aboriginal issues by attaching a dollar figure, but to most people they “need ever dollar” they can get!

What would justify “any” individual or group of “individuals” to take there fight with the Government out on the “average” Canadian?

As I live just outside Dunnville, I can tell you that I believe that the “average” Canadian will not take kindly if they can’t get to work on Friday. “Most don’t have the luxury”!

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Aboriginals gearing up for the June 29 national day of action should know they aren’t above the law and should be threatened with hefty fines or lawsuits if they set up illegal blockades, Ontario’s Opposition leader told an audience of provincial police chiefs Tuesday.Amid threats from at least one aboriginal protester that a key provincial highway and rail line in eastern Ontario may be targeted, Conservative Leader John Tory said the province should send a strong message that such behaviour is unacceptable, regardless of how legitimate the grievance may be.

“People have to understand that if they take the law into their own hands, there are going to be consequences for that,” Tory said following his speech to the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police in Waterloo, Ont. “We cannot allow a precedent to be established for anybody.”

“We have to send a message that says, the law is the law. We are all subject to the law. There aren’t exceptions to that.”

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There are 2 important things to take special note of in this video.

The first is that Dunville residents (and trust me they are not the only ones) are saying loudly they will not allow Native Terrorists to take over their town, and the Second is the clear message that the OPP have already told residents they will NOT act to stop illegal blockades of bridges on June 29th.

Video courtesy of Dial up version also available

In my last editorial I talked about how I came to be a part of Caledonia Wakeup Call. With the threat to our Country growing each day and the government making no effort to stop this Terrorism, it’s going to be up to us the citizens of Canada to take back control by sending a loud clear message to those who are supposed to represent us that we will NOT stand for this.

The closer we get to June 29th, the more people are taking an interest in what’s happening as this isn’t about a little town in Haldimand County anymore. The truth is that it never was for the criminals who are behind this, and as more towns become victims, more residents will want to get involved. If you’re a Canadian you should want to be involved because this is a direct attack on your way of life!

Not everyone is able to dedicate the majority of their time to this fight, and understandably many don’t want the risks that some of us have taken, so I’m going to tell you right now how you can personally make a real difference in this fight with just a little time and effort. If you have any of the following you have the power to help us change the system.

  1. A camcorder and if possible the ability to upload video to your computer.
  2. A simple camera digital or otherwise
  3. A pair of eyes, and ears.


A thorough archaeological investigation did not turn up any First Nations artifacts on the 17-acre Dunnville Shopping Centres property.“This is just confirming the original report findings,” said Scott Dutchak, development vice-president of Calloway Real Estate Investment Fund.

He told The Chronicle he was confident about the findings in the first archaeological study completed on the property two years ago. Two flakes of Albany chert, which is used for arrowheads, were found. The Ministry of Culture signed off on the site, approving it for development.

“We’ve been talking to Six Nations quite extensively about our development and we felt it was appropriate to do (a study) again,” said Dutchak.

In the background behind Dutchak, two smaller flags on a stick and several smaller flags were stuck in a mound of topsoil near the corner of Taylor Road and North Shore Drive. Dutchak said he did not know who put the flags up but did not have a problem with them. He had not heard that any Six Nations flags had been erected on the site.

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Governments will pay/do anything to appease Natives because of the Terrorist Threat announced for June 29th.

Today’s Headlines are proof that Ottawa is willing to start slicing up Canada and giving it to Terrorists like cake to appease their demands. With over 800 land claims, what will be left of our Country when our “Leaders” are done?

Stay tuned to for all the latest breaking news.