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May 18, 2009

During the testimony that Julian Fantino gave a Hamilton Court last month about his involvement in the witch hunt to charge Gary McHale with “Counselling mischief not committed”, Julian was forced to reveal on the stand that he sent an email on December 3, 2007 to deputy commission Chris Lewis in which he stated “I feel like doing what LA Police Chief Darrel Gates go out and arrest the goof myself”.

Just who is this Darrel Gates that Julian idolizes? McHale’s efforts to clarify were quickly interrupted by Mitch Hoffman in order to prevent Fantino from being held accountable for his words. So since we’re not allowed to hear it from the horse’s mouth, I decided to have a look for myself (and all of you) at who Gates is and why Julian so admires him and it quickly became obvious that there are similarities.


April 29, 2009

One of two things happened in a Hamilton court room this week. Either Julian Fantino lied through his teeth under oath, or he proved that he has the worst memory of anyone I have ever known.

When pressed for details of his extensive involvement in targeting Gary McHale for arrest despite “legal nuances” such as his innocence, Fantino repeatedly answered “I don’t recall”.

A clearly hostile Fantino did however seem to remember Caledonia residents protesting at his home although he couldn’t seem to manage to talk about even that without tossing in some totally false information such as people yelling things as his wife and children.


January 28, 2009

In February of 2007, Julian Fantino whined like a child to the Hamilton Police that one of their officers was exercising his right to freedom of speech as a Canadian citizen by criticizing the way the OPP were failing to protect himself, his family, his neighbours, and his community in Caledonia from the ongoing lawlessness at the Douglas Creek Estates which is just a few doors from his home.

That officer was Dave Hartless and as most know, he was cleared of any wrong doing after an investigation into his charter rights revealed that Fantino doesn’t have the authority to muzzle people at will who happen to disagree with his race based policies. A lawsuit to that effect filed by Hartless and a blitz by the future members of CANACE that gathered hundreds of signatures in support of Mr. Hartless may also have had something to do with the eventual outcome.

Some 2 years later, Fantino who as has been documented here has the obvious mentality of a school yard bully with a badge decided to take another frivolous run at Mr. Hartless for signing the petition for a formal inquiry into the actions of Fantino and the OPP in Caledonia. Apparently in FantinoLand, only king Julian is allowed freedom of speech.


January 25, 2009

In an interesting tale of 2 stories that were posted at Caledonia Wakeup Call today, a Six Nations resident is trying to deflect the blame that belongs squarely on the head of Julian Fantino toward Diane Finley for joining some 5000 residents in signing the petition calling for an inquiry. The January 20 editorial by Tracy Bomberry in the Toronto Star states in part:

The convoluted petition currently being circulated by disgruntled Caledonia residents calling for an inquiry into the handling of the Caledonia land claim dispute by OPP commissioner Julian Fantino is a direct result of the federal government’s reluctance to resolve the land claim issues not only on Six Nations but across the country.”

Ms Bomberry (forgive me if that should be Mrs but I’ll err on the side of caution) appears to feel that if the Federal government would just make an offer to settle land claim issues, everything would be magically resolved and everyone could presumably start singing Kumbaya. It’s not to be however because the government just won’t make an effort.


January 7, 2009

As those who are on the Caledonia Wakeup Call mailing list already know, 2009 has seen a new release of some kind every day, and they’ve all been heavy hits directed at Julian Fantino. For those who have had the misfortune of being out of the loop, here’s a recap of some of the CWUC releases we’ve seen so far with just one week of 2009 behind us. Please note that none of the attachments referred to are included here.

January 1:

“OPP Officers are sick of Fantino”

Over the past year we have seen real cracks in the wall of silence in the OPP – we have now received donations directly from line officers. We were incorporated directly because a very Senior OPP officer encouraged it and helped pay for it.

But the best example of how average OPP officers have had enough of Fantino and the Race Based Policies in Caledonia has come in the past few weeks.


December 18, 2008

CWUC has it on very reliable sources that Native criminals are getting ready to move in on and occupy a development called Voortmans Townhouses in Hagersville. The OPP are of course standing by to watch while people have their livelihood stolen from them by criminals and they’ll call it “keeping the peace”.

It’s truly remarkable how little things have changed in almost 3 years. One must wonder if Clyde Powless who was recently given a character reference from Julian Fantino and a subsequent discharge for his cowardly attack from behind on Gary McHale will be on site to help ensure the law is not enforced.

How comforting it is to know as a Canadian that these criminals can announce their plans to commit crimes to the police ahead of time so that they can stand by at the site to ensure nobody interferes, or tries to do anything rash like keep building houses on property that they have the title deed to.


It seems that the occupation as such has yet to take place. Either those who intended to pull this stunt weren’t thrilled with the publicity, or someone cut a deal of some sort with them to hold off for today.

More on this story as it happens IF it happens at

November 28, 2008

Having attended the mammoth trial of epic proportions this week to testify, I had the interesting fortune of appearing immediately before Julian Fantino. As I have not yet finished giving evidence, I was not able to sit in on the rest of the day’s proceedings, but I did have my first face to face encounter with Julian Fantino in the hall on my way out.

The first thing to become evident from looking at Julian was that he has absolutely no regard for anyone’s hard earned tax dollars and appears to live in a bubble world of his own from which he tries to dictate to the rest of us.

First there was the special reserved secure underground parking that was reportedly provided for him as the streets of Hamilton are not good enough for Mr. Fantino to park or walk on. Then there was the elevator that was locked down for his use. Maybe the man feels compelled to press all of the buttons at the same time and they had to lock up an elevator so that it could be remotely directed to its destination?


November 21, 2009

The McHale trial for “counselling mischief not committed” ground to a halt today due to one of those legal nuances that Fantino hates being bogged down by. It seems that since those responsible for this bogus charge were acting under Julian’s orders to ignore the fact that Gary didn’t actually do anything wrong, nobody realized until today that if found guilty of making a suggestion not taken, Gary could spend 5 years in jail.

Throughout the proceedings that have taken place over the last year, many people in the judicial system have stated that they had never heard of counselling mischief not committed, and the crown has stated from the beginning that they (as ordered by Fantino) were only seeking travel restrictions on McHale even if he were to be found guilty at trial.


Mark November 20, 2008 on your calendar ladies and gentlemen as today is a day that your children and their children’s children will be learning about in history classes for generations to come.

In fact it’s such a monumental event of gargantuan, humungous, mind blowing, future altering, awe inspiring, unthinkably behemoth proportions that I feel before we can even discuss what’s going to happen this day, we must first observe the history of November 20 of years gone by before they’re dwarfed by what is to come.

On November 20, 1194 Palermo is conquered by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI. 1789 New Jersey becomes the first State to ratify the Bill of Rights (how fitting), 1910 the Mexican Revolution begins, 1945 Trials against 24 Nazi war criminals begin at Nuremburg, 1962 the Cuban missile crisis ends, and in 2008 the trial of the century is about to begin.

Today the trial that will settle what some may call the most serious charge in Canadian history will commence. Today Gary McHale goes on trial for Counselling mischief not committed.


November 11, 2008

“I don’t want us to get bogged down with legal nuances” (the law) said Julian Fantino in an email to investigating officers on December 2 2007, “surely experienced investigators don’t have to go running to a Crown to know when they have RPG to arrest/charge someone!”

Perhaps someone needs to point out to the “top cop” in Ontario that legal Nuances are the only thing standing between us and a Police State.


An Ontario judge has accused Julian Fantino’s legal team of political interference and intimidation, and refused to step down from a police disciplinary case, in a surprising development that will likely delay the OPP commissioner’s testimony for months.

As the police disciplinary hearing for two officers resumed Monday in Orillia, provincial Judge Leonard Montgomery responded to accusations of bias brought against him by the OPP commissioner’s legal counsel last week.

Supt. Ken MacDonald and Insp. Allison Jevons are accused of neglect of duty and deceit in a case that has pitted Fantino against the the two former officers assigned to internal OPP investigations.


August 28, 2008

In a press release issued today regarding the intimidation by Fantino that was reported here earlier this week, Toby Barrett revealed that Natives gave him an eviction notice at his home.

The Natives have been telling us for over 2 years that they have no interest in anything but new development, and now we learn that they’ve tried to evict our MPP from his home! How much more arrogant and obscene can you get?

This of course raises serious questions.


August 26, 2008 – Updated August 29, 2008 with comments from Toby Barrett.

When Julian Fantino was caught making threats to Haldimand council in 2007, there was hope that his reign as commissioner would be brought to an end. Mayor Trainer went on TV and radio to help expose the story, and even mainstream media started wondering if Julian should be fired.

Unfortunately Councilor Grice who had been specifically targeted by Fantino for daring to speak freely decided to do what he felt was right for his political career instead of what was right for his constituents by refusing to sign a police service complaint, and the story faded away before Fantino could be held accountable.


July 19, 2008

Now that documents have been released detailing the testimony of Julian Fantino at an August 29 2007 court hearing for Shawn Brant, and transcripts of recorded phone calls between Fantino and Brant from the June 29, 2007 “day of action”, we are able to gain a rare glimpse into the mind of Ontario’s “top cop”.

We know that Julian is a bully when there’s a camera or microphone around to show off for, and we know that when dealing with anything remotely associated with CANACE, he is prone to making bizarre statements about violence and agenda’s that exist only in his head, but what’s he like when he’s dealing with a Native and thinks nobody is listening?


May 25, 2008

As reported by the Brantford Expositor yesterday, OPP commissioner Julian Fantino paid a visit to a longhouse meeting to chat with Confederacy chiefs on Friday.

That alone is not earth shattering news as Fantino has stated in the past that he visits the area to dine with Native leaders and visit his friends on DCE, but this time he didn’t come for dinner and he was not bearing a bottle of wine.

What’s ground breaking about this story is that Julian allegedly told the Natives that the Ontario Provincial Police might enforce the law and arrest criminals regardless of their skin color!