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October 4, 2008

For the second time in as many debates, Diane Finley decided not to show up today to an all candidates meeting held by the Hamilton Spectator and televised throughout Haldimand Norfolk to her constituents. I must say that as a constituent I’m beginning to question her dedication to this job.

I touched recently on the impression I received from Dr. Hoskins that he’s not someone who would be able to lower himself to the level of the common constituent, and should point out that having spoken with and volunteered for Diane Finley in the last election, I know her to be incapable of it. That’s not coming from an impression or a theory, it’s personal experience with her.


October 3, 2008

Last night during the all candidates meeting in Dunnville, Liberal candidate for Haldimand Norfolk Dr. Hoskins was given the unfortunate task of trying to follow an excellent and passionate closing speech by Gary McHale.

Perhaps he was rattled by the ovation that McHale had just received, perhaps he was missing Diane Finley who didn’t bother to show up, or perhaps he simply didn’t know how to handle a riding in which the Liberals are not dominant, but in any case he made a startling statement during his closing remarks.

“Listen, you know to be honest for a moment, Gary again I think he’s just you’ve provided these people with a very good argument of why they shouldn’t send you to Ottawa, (groaning from the audience) that that you uh have a very good understanding of a specific issue, and and um it’s a big riding, and politics is tough”


Sept 17, 2008

It’s been only 7 days since Gary McHale became a certified Independent candidate in Haldimand Norfolk, but Diane Finley has already made it clear she sees him as a major threat to her ambitions of being re-elected.

After Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer told the Simcoe Reformer that “McHale’s candidacy guarantees that the rest of the field would have to talk about Haldimand’s ongoing problems related to native land claims”, Finley confronted her in what I as a voter would interpret as an effort to silence one of very few legitimately objective voices.

It’s understandable that Finley was riled by the mayor’s comment however as she likely realized at that point that McHale will force her to answer for her complete failure as an MP to the people of Haldimand Norfolk. Indeed if I were Diane Finley I too would be terrified of Gary McHale as his platform of accountability will make her policy of lying to the people and then hiding from them quite difficult to maintain during an election.


September 12, 2008

After 10 months in exile at the hands of a trumped up “counseling mischief not committed” charge by the OPP, Gary McHale returned to Caledonia today after a hearing with Judge Marshall and the crown, but while the absurd bail condition that he could not enter Caledonia was lifted, a new tougher set of conditions designed to obstruct his charter rights are now in place.

The hearing in which the conditions were hashed out took place in an in camera meeting (closed to the public), but before that happened, the crown stood up in open court and stated “Gary speaking to a group of people about a smoke shack is the same as Gary protesting at a smoke shack in terms of risk to public safety”

While most of us understand actions to speak louder than words, Mitch Hoffman apparently believes the opposite to be true when the words are coming from Gary McHale as most of his new restrictions revolve around the number of people he can speak with at any given time in Caledonia.


September 06, 2008

Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer had some interesting thoughts for the Brantford Expositor and the Simcoe Reformer when asked this week about Gary McHale running for MP of Haldimand Norfolk in the upcoming federal election. (story)

“With McHale in the race, Trainer says Haldimand’s quest for peace, law and order, stability and justice will feature prominently in the coming campaign. She says McHale will force the other candidates to state their position on the issue of two-tiered justice.”

She’s very clearly implying that without Gary McHale, the other candidates would simply ignore the critical issues facing Haldimand County, and this is coming from a Mayor who has had plenty of dealings with Diane Finley over the past 2 ½ years, so she has some insight into the thought process of the PC candidate that the rest of us do not as nobody has been able to meet or speak with her about Caledonia.


August 23, 2008

Please note that this is not a CANACE release, and is the result of a decision made solely by the author (Jeff Parkinson) to share information that I believe the public should have.

This week I was at the Cayuga Courthouse when the Crown withdrew the criminal charges of Extortion, mischief and intimidation filed by Gary McHale against Floyd and Ruby Montour. Immediately the Crown then told the court the OPP were laying criminal charges against Floyd and Ruby for mischief.

Maybe Fantino wants to increase his stats on the number of natives charged by the OPP to back up his weak claims that race based policing doesn’t exist in Haldimand County. The OPP had a full year to lay these charges while Floyd and Ruby have been actively committing serious crimes in Hagersville, Caledonia, Cayuga and Brantford. However, the OPP was unable to lay the charges until after Gary McHale filed his – is anyone surprised?


August 21, 2008

2 years ago Gary McHale started spreading a message of equality and rule of law to communities in and around Haldimand County, and one city he chose to visit was Brantford Ontario. When he rented the Lions hall, a group of supporters of Native terrorism gathered together to badger the mayor who caved and cancelled the hall rental, rented signs to tell people that McHale wasn’t coming to town, and gave interviews claiming that Brantford had no need for people like Gary because they didn’t have a problem with their Native neighbors.

Gary had told people he would be in Brantford to speak to them about law and order so he went to Brantford as scheduled and spoke outside on the lawn while being heckled by a group of Native extremists. Brantford was obviously a city whose government lacked the spine necessary to listen to some whining from the pro Native side and really didn’t care about the torment their neighbors in Caledonia were enduring at the hands of thugs.


August 20, 2008

On December 7, 2007 two people were charged with crimes related to a pickup truck sitting briefly on a street in Caledonia. Doug Flemming was charged with mischief as it was his truck, and Gary McHale was charged with “counseling mischief not committed” for allegedly suggesting to Mr. Flemming that more people should join his protest.

One of those charges has now been resolved with the person having been let off the hook, and the other is being relentlessly pursued by the crown attorney who wants serious restrictions to their freedoms left in place as “punishment” with the person having gone to court 22 times thus far in an attempt to prove his innocence. Can you guess which one is which?


August 12, 2008

I found this on the Caledonia Wakeup Call chat board and thought it to be of enough interest to republish here with permission from the author. For those who don’t know, there exists a network of discussion boards on which people with an interest in Caledonia post messages to one another. Various sites have come and gone over the past 2 years but one thing has remained constant until recently.

These people who gather behind secret screen names to hide their identities and claim to be authorities on the issues loved to bash and defame Gary McHale. When Gary tracked down several of these people and filed lawsuits against them, their tough guy attitudes vanished and you won’t see his name mentioned on any of these forums aside from our own now because saying the forbidden name (Gary McHale.. OOPS I said it) will get you banished forever from their sites out of fear and paranoia.


July 9, 2008

After an obscene run of wreaking havoc on development across 2 counties, the theatrics that have been called “the Floyd and Ruby show” have finally been brought to an end.

Not by the Ontario Provincial Police who have watched as they halted development in Haldimand County, nor by the Brantford Police who watched as they set to work on destroying the development industry in Brantford, but by a small group of average people who said no more.


As published in the Hamilton Spectator April 29, 2008

I cannot count the number of times I have heard how native protesters just want peace and that they are not targeting the people of Caledonia.

In 2006, when I first heard such words, you could see the dark black smoke rising from behind the native spokesperson in Caledonia.

Although I have primarily focused on the Ontario Provincial Police and their failures in Caledonia, I would like to ask the good people of Six Nations a few blunt questions.


April 21, 2008

Since the first March for Freedom event was announced for October 2006, people have been asking the question “why do you have to be so confrontational? Why don’t you go to queens park to protest?” and the answer has always been that nobody would care if we did.

Yesterday however we decided to test that theory by loading up a bus and taking the residents of Caledonia to protest at Queens Park. By all accounts it was a successful event which saw us peacefully deliver our message about the continuing lack of basic law and order in front of the Ontario Legislature.


The Hamilton Spectator
Feb 13, 2008)

A Dec. 4 letter to the editor described Gary McHale in a way that was not accurate. The Hamilton Spectator withdraws any suggestion that Mr. McHale has perpetrated violence in his activities at Caledonia. The Hamilton Spectator apologizes for the error.

As first posted on here is Gary McHale’s response to David Crombie telling residents of Caledonia that no progress will be made on their behalf for years to come.

Feb 08, 2007 

Mr David Crombie
Federal Liason for Caledonia

Dear Mr. Crombie:


November 18, 2007

A report coming soon to from the OCCPS investigation into the arrest and imprisonment of Gary McHale on December 16, 2006 has determined (big surprise) that the officer who violated Mr. McHale’s rights was not in violation of the OPP standards of professional conduct. It also reveals that the OPP went to great expense to use Gary McHale as a guinea pig for experimenting in how far they can push the limits of “breach of the peace”.