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In what CTV is calling a “flashpoint”, dozens of Native terrorists and OPP officers are facing off in Deseronto right now with the Natives refusing to budge and the OPP standing their ground (for once).

It’s reported that the latest confrontation was sparked by the Mohawks refusing to leave a spike belt placed on the road by the OPP while they are filling in the section of road the Natives tore apart this weekend.

More as it comes in

1pm – From residents of Caledonia we’ve received the following update:

The Terrorists blocking the highway have torn up and are using sections of the railway in their blockade in addition to a hydro tower and hydro poles, and the Natives have used a Backhoe to dig up the road. 

The number of “protestors” is increasing at this point and Haldimand Council has called an emergency meeting for 2pm. Much as in 2006, the Natives have used a Backhoe to dig up the road.

April 27, 2008
The Hamilton Spectator

Six Nations protesters say they have no immediate plans to open the Highway 6 bypass.

For a while this afternoon it looked as if the barricades might come down. But when protesters found out the OPP had not backed down at another protest near Deseronto, Ont. the decision was made to continue to stand firm.

The protesters are continuing to block the Highway 6 bypass today after police backed off an attempt to clear the road last night.


April 26, 2008
Toronto Sun

Tensions were mounting last night as native protesters and members of the OPP tactical squad were in a standoff at a protest site in Deseronto.

This came just hours after about 10 people were arrested and two police officers were taken to hospital.

As of late last night the conflict had not been resolved at a scene which included lit fires in fields and vitriolic threats.

Among those arrested was Shawn Brant, who organized the blockade of the Montreal-Toronto CN rail corridor last April and June. Brant, who was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday afternoon, faces assault, weapons and drug charges, police said.


The Intelligencer

Several Mohawk protesters were arrested here Friday following a wild skirmish that ended in a tense, armed standoff.

Dozens of heavily-armed Ontario Provincial Police officers clashed with Mohawk protesters just north of the Thurlow Aggregates quarry, which Mohawks have been occupying for more than one year. The standoff began peacefully with officers and Mohawks talking quietly after the arrest earlier in the afternoon of Mohawk protest leader Shawn Brant on charges unrelated to Friday’s melee.


For all the latest on the arrest of Shawn Brant, and the terrorist backlash going on in both Deseronto and Caledonia, stay tuned to

For discussion of the ongoing terrorist acts such as the 3 huge fires raging under 3 Caledonia overpasses, and the Natives roaring around on ATV’s in the middle of the night while the OPP refuse to protect the town from these maniacs, visit

Kingston Whig Standard
April 23, 2008

Road blockades that are a headache for police, create anxiety and threaten people’s safety are no way to resolve long-standing aboriginal land disputes, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday as a Mohawk barricade was dismantled in eastern Ontario. (Edit: The same McGuinty who claimed in 2006 he wasn’t going to negotiate with the DCE terrorists and then resumed negotiations within 48 hours)


Belleville Intelligencer
April 23, 2008

Two extreme examples of how a native blockade affected residents here played out early Tuesday.

The first occurred on the corner of Dundas and Second streets – just a stone’s throw from the protest site – within moments of the Mohawk barricade being taken down on Old Highway 2.

A 20-year-old Deseronto man, who declined to give his name, parked his vehicle along the side of Second Street, walked over to a telephone pole along Old Highway 2 and stapled a white piece of Bristol board reading ‘White Land’ to the post.

When approached, the man said he and fellow town residents “were fed up” with the actions of native protesters.

“I’m tired of them stopping me from going to work … and I don’t see anybody else doing anything,” he said.


April 21, 2008

Belleville Intelligencer

DESERONTO – Roads leading into Deseronto are closed this morning after native protesters set up blockades on the east side of the town in protest of a proposed land development.  (Edit: Ahhh yes the same Deseronto who last year said they had no need for “outsiders” like us because they have no problems up there)

Demonstrators (Edit: Demonstrators? Please.. Criminals, Terrorists, Militants, Thugs, take your pick) set up blockades overnight on County Road 2 and the intersection of Bridge Street West and and Deseronto Road.


Another article on Terrorist Shawn Brant’s plans to attack Canadian infrastructure on May 29.

The Kingston Whig Standard

The Mohawk protester who helped shut down a stretch of Ontario’s busiest highway last June says Canadians can expect more disruption on May 29.


On the same day Brant is found not guilty of uttering threats against Canadian Soldiers, he’s announcing another “day of protest”, and if you read his comments in the following article from the Canadian Press, he’s clearly saying he wants and expects others to join him this year in using more aggressive terror tactics against Canadian citizens to further his political agenda.


CALEDONIA — If Sam Gualtieri had died when he was attacked by a pack of goons last year, would Premier Dalton McGuinty have come down for his funeral?

That was the main question people here asked yesterday.

If he ever decides to check out one of the province’s most embarrassing messes, the first place he ought to stop is the home of Gualtieri, a 53-year-old former homebuilder who believes he was one blow away from being murdered.

Instead, after being viciously attacked by native protesters who were squatting in a home he owned, he spent a week in intensive care with numerous broken bones and severe brain trauma.

“He has been through so much,” wife Sandy said. “We are just glad we have him.”

This May he will walk his daughter Michelle down the aisle for her wedding. He was attacked in a home, in a neighbouring development to the occupied Douglas Creek estates, he was building for her. “I just went there to check it out and was jumped when I walked in the door,” he said.

Read the full story here

Much more on the Human Cost of Illegal Occupations here

Nov. 29, 2007
Brantford Expositor

A Brantford builder remains in a standoff with Six Nations protesters over the future of his duplex development on Grand River Avenue.

Mike Quattrociocchi, a former city councillor and owner of Mayberry Homes, went in front of officials at the Haudenoshaunee Development Institute to plead for understanding on Tuesday evening, hours after Confederacy members Floyd and Ruby Montour and a handful of supporters took over the site of his four-duplex development.

But he left the meeting empty-handed.

The shutdown was the second such action since the Montours stood in front of construction vehicles in September.

The Montours said the occupation was prompted by the fact that, despite months of talking, Quattroociocchi had not yet paid assessed development fees to the HDI, nor had he signed a protocol document recognizing that organization’s jurisdiction.

(Edit: Maybe that’s because the “fee’s” are extortion, and the HDI has no jurisdiction over anything anywhere nor will they ever)

Read the full story here

Nov 28, 2007
Brantford Expositor

Feeling ignored and “laughed at,” Six Nations protesters again shut down the building Tuesday of four duplexes on Grand River Avenue. (Edit: Is that the new excuse? How about a little truth Floyd? “we figured our wallets were getting a bit light so we decided to try again to extort this developer”)

Bricklayers at Mike Quattrociocchi’s project left the site after Floyd and Ruby Montour and a handful of supporters arrived at about noon.

The former councillor, owner of Mayberry Homes, was in Hamilton at the time the native group stepped onto the land.

The Montours also stopped work at the same site in September after which Quattrociocchi said he wouldn’t pay a $50,000 fee requested by the newly launched Haudenosaunee Development Institute and compared the request to Mafia extortion.

Read the full story here

Brantford Expositor, November 27, 2007

Native protesters again have shut down a building site on Grand River Avenue.

Ruby and Floyd Montour and a handful of supporters arrived at about noon at the housing project being developed by former city councillor Mike Quattrociocchi.

(Edit: because someone has allowed them to do it yet again. They’ll keep huffing and puffing until someone stands up to them and says get lost. Someone has to take a hard stand against the extortion institute or they’re overinflated ego is going to keep growing in leaps and bounds. If the Brantford police don’t have the guts to remove them, someone needs to exercise their right as a property owner to use reasonable force to remove these tresspassers from their land, and defend themselves. The sympathy from the public to allow another DCE style occupation is simply no longer there and it’s time for someone to call their bluff)