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A scathing inquiry report has found an impatient Mike Harris government, Ottawa’s neglect of aboriginal land claims and the cultural insensitivity of police all contributed to the death of a native protester who has become a symbol for aboriginal demands for justice in Canada ever since.

Justice Sidney Linden faulted then Ontario premier Mike Harris for giving police 24 hours to remove aboriginal protesters from Ipperwash park, just days after they occupied it.

(Edit: It’s now “Insensitive” to enforce the law and end illegal occupations)

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The healing began with a 10-minute phone call from Premier Dalton McGuinty to the brother of slain protester Dudley George.

“On behalf of the people of Ontario, we apologize for the events that led to the loss of life,” McGuinty told Sam George at 12:40 p.m., less than three hours after Justice Sidney Linden’s four-volume report was released.

“This report … speaks to something profound – even historic. This day, let us resolve to be strong by moving forward together. Let us heal the wounds of the past and build a brighter future.”

(Edit: Profound and historic would be if McGuinty would demand that the law be enforced instead of trying to start a giant sing along of Kumbaya)

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Premier Dalton McGuinty formally apologized on behalf of all Ontarians yesterday for the shooting of native protester Dudley George.

“Nothing can change the events that took place 12 summers ago or fully erase the scar that has been left on the history of aboriginal relationships for all who live here,” McGuinty said in the legislature. “On behalf of the people of Ontario, we apologize for the events that led to the loss of life. We deeply regret the death of Dudley George.”

NDP Leader Howard Hampton said McGuinty’s “rhe-toric” ignored conflicts with First Nations communities that continue under his watch.

(Edit: McGuinty will apologize to the family of a Terrorist without hesitation, but still no apology to the residents of Caledonia whom he has made a point of allowing to suffer endlessly for over 15 months now)

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Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris misled the provincial legislature when he denied telling a high-level meeting of police and government officials that “I want the fucking Indians out of the park” hours before the massive confrontation late at night on Sept. 6, 1995, when Native activist Anthony (Dudley) George was shot dead by an OPP sniper, a provincial inquiry has found.

But Harris did not interfere or give inappropriate directions to the police during the massive police operation, Mr. Justice Sidney Linden ruled in his report.

He praised the OPP for improving communications with First Nations people since 1995, but also slammed the force for never correcting the false press releases it issued on Ipperwash that (Edit: ALLEGEDLY) incorrectly stated that Natives fired at police.

Among other recommendations;

– “The ministry of community safety and correctional services should issue a directive to all police services in Ontario, including the OPP, requiring police officers to report incidents of racism or other culturally insensitive behaviour by other officers to their superiors.”

– “The provincial government should establish a permanent, independent, and impartial agency to facilitate and oversee the settling of land and treaty claims in

– “The provincial government should work with First Nations and Aboriginal organizations to develop policies that acknowledge the uniqueness of Aboriginal burial and heritage sites, ensure that First Nations are aware of decisions affecting Aboriginal burial and heritage sites, and promote First Nations participation in decision-making.”

(Edit: Let’s quit sugar coating this nonsnese and call it what it is. The recommendation goes as follows: APPEASEMENT APPEASEMENT APPEASEMENT APPEASEMENT)

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The federal government’s unwillingness to settle aboriginal land claims, the impatience of the Conservative Ontario government and the cultural insensitivity of the provincial police all contributed to the shooting death of  aboriginal protester Dudley George in Ipperwash Provincial Park 12 years ago, an exhaustive public inquiry concluded Thursday.

“The federal government, the provincial government, and the OPP must all assume some responsibility for decisions or failures that increased the risk of violence and make a tragic confrontation more likely.”

“After carefully assessing the evidence, it is my view that Michael Harris made the statement ‘I want the fucking Indians out of the park’,”
Linden wrote. “I agree with Premier Harris’s characterization of the statement … as racist.”

(Edit: That statement had NOTHING to do with the facts, and was ruled by even this slanted pre determined whitewash report to have had no impact on the events at Ipperwash)

Harris’s lawyer Peter Downard said the most important finding from Thursday’s report is that Harris did not interfere in the police response at Ipperwash.

“It’s easy to try to stretch things, to make it look as bad as possible for (Harris),” said Downard.“ But there is no evidence to suggest that the premier had any responsibility for Mr. George’s death.”

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After years of examining the 1995 death of native protester Dudley George at an Ontario provincial park, commissioner Sidney Linden laid blame on Thursday for the fatal shooting on the police and governments.

(Edit: All blame was kept squarely away from the Terrorists who seized the base, terrorized the town, and were seizing a Provincial Park when George was shot)

And, as Ontario’s aboriginal affairs minister offered apologies, the commissioner in charge of the Ipperwash Inquiry said: “the most urgent priority is for the federal government to return” the land to local native bands “immediately.”

In Ottawa federal Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice pledged to fulfill
Linden’s recommendation.

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OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino should apologize – in person – to Kettle and Stony Point band member Cecil Bernard George, 12 years after he was brutally beaten by police during the Ipperwash dispute, the head of the Ipperwash inquiry says.

This was one of dozens of recommendations Justice Sidney Linden directed toward the police force in his report on the occupation at Ipperwash Provincial Park. The report found several instances of racist behaviour in the OPP during the operation…

(Edit: Fantino had nothing to do with Ipperwash, or this alleged beating, and has never been told to apologize for the slanderous statements made against members of Caledonia Wakeup Call and Voice of Canada)

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 When I first heard of the concept of Political Correctness as a child, I was perplexed. I was told at the time however “when you’re an adult you’ll understand”. At the age of 26, I now understand that it is leading my Country into a living Hell, but I still do not understand why.

To simply fight against 2 tiered justice and terrorism is not enough for me. I want to learn how and why this is happening in what is supposed to be one of the most civilized Countries in the world. Let’s have a look at what Political Correctness is and how it has brought us here.

“Political Correctness is a term used to describe language or behavior which is intended, or said to be intended, to provide a minimum of offense, particularly to racial, cultural, or other identity groups. A text that conforms to the ideals of political correctness is said to be politically correct. The often quoted earliest cited usage of the term (in the form “not politically correct”) comes from the U.S. Supreme Court decision Chisholm v. Georgia (1793), where it clearly means that the statement it refers to is not literally correct, owing to the political status of the United States as it was understood at that time.”  Thank you Wilkipedia for the definition.

So now we have established that Political Correctness is by definition NOT correct. It’s a slanted version of the truth designed to avoid offending anyone, and particularly to pander to minorities. Now let’s see how it brought us to where we are today as it relates to Natives. (more…)

Tomorrow, the Ipperwash Inquiry will release its report on the death of Dudley George in Ipperwash back in September 1995. Here are 12 suggested questions for journalists who want to know what really happened in Ipperwash. They will explain why the Ipperwash Inquiry can never provide an credible recommendations with respect to preventing future land claim violence against innocent residents: 

  1. Out of 139 witnesses who testified at the Ipperwash Inquiry, why was not a single one of them a full time resident?
  2. Why did the Inquiry, which took 3 years to complete, give the residents at total of only 90 minutes to speak to the Commissioner, and why did the Inquiry feel the need to sanitize the minutes of that meeting?

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In a suprising interview, Dalton McGuinty allowed himself to actually be asked about the upcoming day of Terrorism June 29th 2007. As the premier of Ontario, we should be able to look to him now for leadership during what we know are going to be increasingly tough times.

Sadly he has made it even more evident that we can not and should not trust him, because he has no idea what’s going on, and is only now addressing this because his opponent John Tory is running on a campaign that involves actual law and order.

Those who enjoyed  “Interview with Julian Fantino regarding Caledonia & 2 Tiered Justice” are likely to enjoy this. I’ll quote him verbatim and save my commentary for later.  

 Disclaimer: The interview you are about to read is 100% real. This is not a parody on my part. Mistakes in spelling reflect precisely the way Mr. McGuinty spoke the word, and mistakes in Grammar are his statements transcribed verbatim. 

When asked on CTV Question period point blank “what are you going to do about this” (the threat of a summer of railway shutdowns and promise of chaos at the hands of Mohawk warriors) McGuinty had this to say:


Almost 12 years in the making, the human toll so far is this: There have been two untimely deaths. In bald numbers, there have been 139 witnesses and more than 23 months of testimony at a cost of more than $20 million. At one point, it was costing taxpayers more than half a million dollars a month — mostly in lawyers’ fees for all the disparate groups that had standing.

Finally, on Thursday, Justice Sidney Linden will release his long-anticipated report of the judicial inquiry into the 1995 death of native protester Dudley George at Ipperwash Provincial Park.

George was shot by OPP sniper Ken Deane Sept. 6, 1995, after a protest by a group of activists from the nearby Chippewa First Nation boiled over into violence at the Lake Huron park.

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Learn about what REALLY happened at Ipperwash HERE

The Hamilton Spectator

May 26, 2007:

I am getting tired of the OPP not doing their job in Caledonia, and with Julian Fantino making up excuses. The reason the OPP will not enforce the law in Caledonia is because of the tragedy at Ipperwash.

And it was a tragedy; now the OPP are afraid to confront any native people, even those who break the law right in front of their places. It was a tragedy that Dudley George was killed and it should not have happened, but the OPP are now an ineffectual police force as far as it comes to native disputes.

I say get the OPP out of Caledonia for that reason and bring in the RCMP. The natives themselves have stated that the only police force they recognize is the RCMP, so replacing the OPP with the RCMP would ensure the law is upheld on both sides of the dispute.

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By Gary McHale 

This week marks the death of Two Tier Justice in Ontario, but Fantino, McGuinty and Native Protesters are too blind to read the death certificate.

We have seen for the past year how a small group of Native people took it upon themselves to attack the very foundation of any democratic society and that is the “Rule of Law”. They were emboldened by the complete failure of the OPP in Ipperwash to enforce any Law & Order and the 15+ years of appeasement only lead to Caledonia, Grassy Narrows, Deseronto and Hagersville.

The untold thousands of victims created by this small band of Native Protesters would have gone unnoticed by the people of Ontario because Main Stream Media would have avoided covering the stories. This is why CaledoniaWakeUpCall was created.

For the Media, it didn’t want to be labeled as racist. We see this week how Mark on CHTV Live was called a racist because he believes that when crimes are committed people (any people) should go to jail.

Why did Fantino fail in his attempt to slander me? Why did Fantino fail to control the media and create endless B.S. propaganda about what was happening? The reasons are quite simple.

First, I present the Truth and therefore Fantino, McGuinty, Tory, etc., etc. were fighting to present lies to the public.

Second, I relied on human nature to take its course.

Fantino and the Politicians were putting their trust in the very people who were committing the crimes. They were hoping and maybe even praying that these people would show some degree of self-control, some degree of understanding that they cannot awaken the Canadian Public to the truth which is that they are out of control.

All we had to do was to wait until these occupations self-exploded into what we now see. The Native Occupiers were creating a movement across Canada that was based on criminal behaviour, violence and on the victimization of innocent residents. Such a movement could only end one way and that is in the complete lawlessness we now see.

In Turtle Island News last week we read that the Clan Mothers and Chiefs do not go onto DCE in Caledonia because they are afraid – welcome to the world of the residents.

It appeared okay by many Native leaders that the victims of these violent Land Claims were non-Native, but now that they are also afraid of them it appears to be a different story.

I personally cannot understand why Fantino would believe that any politician would be steadfast on anything. But it appears that he has hooked his future to McGuinty’s propaganda machine in an attempt to get McGuinty re-elected.

Does he really think with an election coming that McGuinty will fall on his own sword to save him? The writing is on the wall and Fantino has failed to enforce the law, failed to end Two Tier Justice and failed to close down CaledoniaWakeUpCall.

It wasn’t for the lack of trying – numerous press releases and statements in the media by Fantino to slander me, secret understandings with Haldimand County to get people not to listen to us, and even a lawsuit…

Sorry Fantino, you failed. You backed the criminals instead of the law abiding citizens of this province. You used slander and intimidation instead of Truth and Justice.

Fantino somehow believed that his rants, his character assassinations, his slander, his bullying, his strong arm tactics would have an affect on me.  It was down right funny to watch him call in the London Riot Team on Jan. 20th to stop peaceful people from keeping themselves warm by a fire on Chris’ property. It was quite amazing to witness him hide out at Unity Road and peek around the corner of the window to see us outside confronting the Ontario Chief Bully.

Fantino was reduced to a joke which only caused him to self-explode when he sent out his email rant. Since then he is no where to be found.

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OTTAWA — Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice is contemplating fundamental changes to the way aboriginal land claims are settled and suggests the federal government will hand the job to an independent body.

Aboriginal groups have been threatening a summer of protest to highlight the slow process of settling land disputes.

“I take the entire situation very seriously,” he said. “Blockades are not in anyone’s interest. They harm innocent people and they do damage to aboriginal people … The worst thing, I think, is that they erode the goodwill that exists toward aboriginal people and the resolution of claims.”

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In light of today’s shooting incident in Caledonia which – contrary to the impression given by the official OPP news release – began on the Douglas Creek Estates, it is time the public knew how dangerous the native occupiers are, and how the OPP has been keeping that knowledge from the public.

If the commissioner of the OPP is to be believed, all is well in Caledonia. Unfortunately, the commissioner cannot be believed because he and his subordinates have known or ought to have known all along that the criminals on the Douglas Creek Estates present a very real danger to the public. How much of a danger?

Natives plan to kill OPP officers and residents 

shotgun_barrel.jpgWe have received recent audio recordings of OPP and DCE radio traffic that show just how dangerous and demented some of the occupiers are:

  • Natives authorize the killing of OPP officers.
  • Natives talk of killing residents.
  • Natives interfere with a police chase.
  • Natives interfere with ambulance routing.
  • Natives give orders to OPP re routing, and OPP obey those orders.
  • Natives swarm OPP officers trying to conduct an investigation.

Not only did the OPP fail to warn the public of the dangers posed by the maniacs on the Douglas Creek Estates, they compounded their negligence when they launched malicious attacks on ‘outsiders’ in an attempt to divert attention and criticism away from their racially driven policing practices.

This one is a MUST Read: Full story here 

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