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The president of the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) spoke out against First Nations peoples who breach the peace at protest sites last week.

Karl Walsh, president of the 8,100-member OPPA called on all native leaders and the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, to take responsibility for the actions of aboriginal people at protest sites and instruct them on what constitutes a peaceful demonstration.

The OPPA president said the matter needs to be raised because it was conspicuously absent in Commissioner Sidney Linden’s report on the Ipperwash Inquiry released May 31. In it, the commissioner outlined suggestions for police and governments in handling protests.

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It’s All About Money – YOUR Money

$2.5 Billion over 10 years

Mississauga New Credit Chief states that is not Enough to cover just one of their Claims – What about the other 800 claims?

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced plans for a decisive new approach that will fundamentally change the way specific claims are handled in Canada.

The Specific Claims Action Plan addresses the huge backlog of unresolved treaty claims that has been the source of division and conflict in communities across the country. “Instead of letting disputes over land and compensation drag on forever, fuelling frustration and uncertainty, they will be solved once and for all by impartial judges on a new Specific Claims Tribunal,” Prime Minister Harper said.

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CanWest News Service
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will try to calm agitation for aboriginal protests this summer by announcing today the creation of an independent tribunal to speed the settlement of native land claims.

Today’s announcement is timed to defuse threats of illegal and possibly violent demonstrations on some reserves. The Assembly of First Nations is also calling for a “day of action,” including protest, on June 29.

Yesterday, Chief Terrence Nelson applauded Harper for agreeing to reform the land-claims system, but said he could not call off his blockade because of “the simple promise of another white man.”

Instead, Nelson sent a letter to Canadian National, offering a five-year “truce” with the company in return for CN’s agreement to voluntarily halt trains along the disputed tracks the night of June 29, as well as a CN promise to pressure Ottawa on land claims.

We’re certainly not stepping down our protest,” Nelson said. “What we’re trying to do is sit down properly and negotiate, before things get out of control.”

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People are disappointed with the recommendations coming out of the Ipperwash Inquiry, but they shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The same old reactionary approach to dealing with native occupations should have been expected last week. The McGuinty Liberals never intended to get to the root of such standoffs, but rather wanted to see former Premier Mike Harris crash and burn.

Justice Sidney Linden was given a mandate to 1. lead an independent public inquiry into the events surrounding the death of Dudley George in 1995 and 2. “to make recommendation to help avoid violence in similar circumstances.”

The mandate says nothing about upholding laws and justice, or deciphering right from wrong. His task was essentially: How to react when a bunch of natives come and claim land? The report could be called Damage control in the face of accepted native terrorism.

How pointless was this report, $25 million later?

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In recent weeks, Canadians have had occasion to reflect on the historic relationship between Canada and its First Nations. Canada’s aboriginal leadership has announced that June 29 will be a “National Day of Action.” The recent report of Justice Sidney Linden, Commissioner of the Ipperwash Inquiry, has highlighted once again that remedying historic injustices is crucial to improving the relationship between aboriginal Canadians and their governments. (Edit: It’s a day of Terrorism and Jim knows it, the Ipperwhitewash report was a bird cage liner written to appease violent thugs)

I wish to be very clear about the approach of the Government of Canada to dealing with the concerns of aboriginal Canadians across the country. (Edit: I’ll do it for you Jim. Appeasement, Appeasement, Appeasement)

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CBC News

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce plans Tuesday to speed land claims, as native groups prepare for a national day of action on June 29. The Assembly of First Nations has called for a national day of action on June 29 to draw attention to outstanding land claims..

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Happy Canada Day!

Admittedly this is a bit premature, but that’s because I want to celebrate the birth of our Country while it’s still in tact. Let us now remember all of the great Canada Day celebrations we have had.

Regardless of what your preference is, be it a family BBQ, a trip up North to cottage Country, a weekend at any of Canada’s many beautiful beaches, or simply relaxing at home and enjoying life in this great Country we all share, I suggest you do it early this year because Canada Day 2007 is likely to be unlike anything we have ever seen.

How are you planning to get to your destination to celebrate this year? By train? Don’t count on it. Roads? Perhaps if you’re lucky. When you arrive do you intend to use any electricity? It may not be there. But if the power goes out we can always count on firing up the gas stove and using the phone to keep in touch with our loved ones right? Should a gas or phone line run through land these omnipotent, government endorsed, overgrown, weaponized cry babies decide belongs to them, they too may be shut down.


The late American composer Oscar Levant once cynically quipped that a politician is someone who will “double-cross that bridge when he comes to it.” Which brings us, of course, to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and his shameless reaction to the final report of the Ipperwash Inquiry by commissioner Sidney Linden, a retired judge.

Even Linden hardly covers himself in glory with his blatant advocacy of the view that the Native protesters who occupied a provincial park in 1995 carry no shared responsibility whatsoever for the tragic events leading to the death of protester Dudley George at the hands of an OPP sniper.

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Video Proof and complete coverage

Who is Shawn Brant?

 23 Minute MUST SEE Video Proof of Terrorist Threat to Canada

Courtesy of Dial Up version also available

This is not an article I ever wanted to write, but Friday’s (May 31/07) release of the “shameful coverup” by the Ipperwash Inquiry, the announcement that the federal government wants to reward the Douglas Creek Estates criminals with a $125,000,000 payment to Six Nations, and today’s release of a frightening video [dial-up] of Mohawk Warrior terrorist Shawn Brant threatening Canada leaves me no choice.

Our country is at a very dangerous crossroads. One road leads to a nation ruled by laws where all citizens are equal; the other leads to a black hole where law-abiding citizens realize that the police and government will not protect them from native criminals, and are forced to take the law into their own hands in order to defend themselves.

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By Donna Pitcher, Haldimand’s Unheard Voice

I am a law-abiding citizen and find it absolutely “Criminal” that our Government and the OPP are condoning violence. I am sure that they would boldly disagree with my personal opinion, but their recent actions have proven me correct.

I find today that I feel helpless and dispirited for the road we are going down. When I started my blog in May of this year, it was because I had issues with our local council here in Haldimand County, I now find myself involved in much bigger issues that no level of government can get right. It seemed simple to me at the time when I got involved; all we needed to do was to ensure that there is “One Law for All“.

Well that is easier said then done! Now that the Ipperwash Report is final, all “Hell” seems to be breaking loose, just read the papers! We are “ALL” being Threatened! I am not a person that enjoys being negative, but how can one not help but see that we are in “serious trouble” here!

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If there is a hero to be found in the Ipperwash story, it is a remarkable woman by the name of Mary-Lou LaPratte. She lived through it all: crime and intimidation from natives over an invalid land claim against her home and those of her fellow residents; an eventual Supreme Court victory; threats; a home invasion; an assault; ongoing OPP refusal to enforce the law; DND failure to enforce the law; abandonment by the OPP when they fled Ipperwash to save themselves after the death of Dudley George, and psychological trauma so acute during the events of September 1995 that her hair fell out in chunks.

Despite the unbelievable stress and intimidation that caused most Ipperwash residents to suffer unbearable outrages in silence, Mary-Lou refused to be bullied. She spoke out, again and again, on behalf of her fellow citizens who were too afraid to speak for themselves.

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The late American composer Oscar Levant once cynically quipped that a politician is someone who will “double-cross that bridge when he comes to it.”Which brings us, of course, to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and his shameless reaction to the final report of the Ipperwash Inquiry by commissioner Sidney Linden, a retired judge.

Moments after Linden’s overwritten and overwrought report was released, McGuinty telephoned the George family to apologize on behalf of Ontario and then stood in the legislature to repeat his apology on behalf of the province.What McGuinty failed to say, of course, was that the real reason he set up the inquiry to begin with in November 2003, was to embarrass former Tory premier Mike Harris and use the tragedy to enhance his own electoral fortunes.

No doubt that given all these sorry events, the natives undoubtedly are now convinced that the laws which apply to the rest of us don’t apply equally (if at all) to them, we can count on more of the same when they hold their national day of protest later this month.

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Letter to Editor – London Free Press: June 4, 2007

I have another recommendation for the Ipperwash report. “Don’t break the law.”

That is exactly what Dudley George and others decided to do. Dudley George’s actions and moral choices got him to where he is now.

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