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January 25, 2009

In an interesting tale of 2 stories that were posted at Caledonia Wakeup Call today, a Six Nations resident is trying to deflect the blame that belongs squarely on the head of Julian Fantino toward Diane Finley for joining some 5000 residents in signing the petition calling for an inquiry. The January 20 editorial by Tracy Bomberry in the Toronto Star states in part:

The convoluted petition currently being circulated by disgruntled Caledonia residents calling for an inquiry into the handling of the Caledonia land claim dispute by OPP commissioner Julian Fantino is a direct result of the federal government’s reluctance to resolve the land claim issues not only on Six Nations but across the country.”

Ms Bomberry (forgive me if that should be Mrs but I’ll err on the side of caution) appears to feel that if the Federal government would just make an offer to settle land claim issues, everything would be magically resolved and everyone could presumably start singing Kumbaya. It’s not to be however because the government just won’t make an effort.