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Six Nations farmers say they’ll plant a crop at the former Burtch Correctional Centre this year, despite six area families arguing they are the property’s rightful owners. (Edit by Jeff: Isn’t this a land claim? Should the families set up blockades around the area now?)

Six Nations was given permission last year to use the land for agricultural purposes as a goodwill gesture by former Ontario premier David Peterson during negotiations to resolve the continuing native land occupation in Caledonia. (Edit by Jeff: Given to them as a bribe to take down the illegal blockades)

“One of the touchy subjects the farmers are trying to stay away from is whose name the land is in,” Hill said Tuesday.”It’s still in limbo, as I understand it.

The six families fighting for the return of Burtch would like the property turned into a natural area for public use, with Carolinian forest, wildlife ponds and an interpretive centre. The facility could be operated as a trust by members of the six families

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