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The Hamilton Spectator
Apr 21, 2008

Mayor Fred Eisenberger says he can’t say whether Hamilton police would remove native protesters from disputed private property, even if land owners requested the intervention.

“We need to be informed by our police and our staff as to what our jurisdiction is and what our rights are in terms of what we could or could not do,” Eisenberger said.

“And I don’t want to speculate on a hypothetical here.”


The Hamilton Spectator

The Haudenosaunee Development Institute says a 300-year-old treaty gives it the right to charge fees for development in Hamilton.

This week’s demand for a fee from the Ancaster Agricultural Society appears to be the first time the HDI has ventured into the city.


The Brantford Expositor

Six Nations activists say they will continue to block construction for a new hotel in the city’s northwest until its owners comply with all Confederacy demands.

“They’re trying to come on the site but we can’t let them do it until they comply with all requirements,” native activist Floyd Montour said in an interview at noon Monday.


Nov. 29, 2007
Brantford Expositor

A Brantford builder remains in a standoff with Six Nations protesters over the future of his duplex development on Grand River Avenue.

Mike Quattrociocchi, a former city councillor and owner of Mayberry Homes, went in front of officials at the Haudenoshaunee Development Institute to plead for understanding on Tuesday evening, hours after Confederacy members Floyd and Ruby Montour and a handful of supporters took over the site of his four-duplex development.

But he left the meeting empty-handed.

The shutdown was the second such action since the Montours stood in front of construction vehicles in September.

The Montours said the occupation was prompted by the fact that, despite months of talking, Quattroociocchi had not yet paid assessed development fees to the HDI, nor had he signed a protocol document recognizing that organization’s jurisdiction.

(Edit: Maybe that’s because the “fee’s” are extortion, and the HDI has no jurisdiction over anything anywhere nor will they ever)

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Nov 28, 2007
Brantford Expositor

Feeling ignored and “laughed at,” Six Nations protesters again shut down the building Tuesday of four duplexes on Grand River Avenue. (Edit: Is that the new excuse? How about a little truth Floyd? “we figured our wallets were getting a bit light so we decided to try again to extort this developer”)

Bricklayers at Mike Quattrociocchi’s project left the site after Floyd and Ruby Montour and a handful of supporters arrived at about noon.

The former councillor, owner of Mayberry Homes, was in Hamilton at the time the native group stepped onto the land.

The Montours also stopped work at the same site in September after which Quattrociocchi said he wouldn’t pay a $50,000 fee requested by the newly launched Haudenosaunee Development Institute and compared the request to Mafia extortion.

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Brantford Expositor, November 27, 2007

Native protesters again have shut down a building site on Grand River Avenue.

Ruby and Floyd Montour and a handful of supporters arrived at about noon at the housing project being developed by former city councillor Mike Quattrociocchi.

(Edit: because someone has allowed them to do it yet again. They’ll keep huffing and puffing until someone stands up to them and says get lost. Someone has to take a hard stand against the extortion institute or they’re overinflated ego is going to keep growing in leaps and bounds. If the Brantford police don’t have the guts to remove them, someone needs to exercise their right as a property owner to use reasonable force to remove these tresspassers from their land, and defend themselves. The sympathy from the public to allow another DCE style occupation is simply no longer there and it’s time for someone to call their bluff)


Originally published by the Brantford Expositor.

As one who initially helped conceive the Six Nations’ land development protocol, I would like to speak to its merits and the thoughts behind the idea in the light of recent criticism from developers, mostly, about the protocol and the fees proposed. (Edit: Extortion)

The idea came as we saw the enormous cost, (Edit: Potential for Extortion) for all concerned, of reclaiming (Edit: Illegally occupying) a relatively small piece of land in Caledonia. Not only the financial cost but also hours of lost time with our families, (Edit: Go home and stop illegally occupying DCE then) lost hours of employment income, fines, jail time and criminal records and loss of personal and friendly relations with the Caledonia folk and the animosity now ingrained. (Edit: Terrorizing the citizens of the town may have something to do with the loss of friendly relations with them)

So why not devise a way to circumvent future conflict by creating a permit process whereby the Six Nations Confederacy would have an opportunity to (Edit: Extort money from developers) comment on development of land (Edit: Issue threats) whose true ownership has yet to be resolved in a fair and equitable resolution process?

This permit process would serve many useful purposes. Developers would be made fully aware of (Edit: Things that are not their concern and that they have no legal duty to consult on) the nature of the history of the land in question and whether Six Nations, not being completely against development, has any concerns regarding archeological, environmental or culturally significant concerns. (Edit: Wants money)

The permit fee, just as a fee to any municipality, (Edit: Which are governments unlike the group of organized criminals extorting builders) would be an administrative fee to conduct the required research of the concerns mentioned above. Now Six Nations can act in a proactive manner rather than reacting with all its potential for misunderstanding and conflict. (Edit: Make even more money on their illegal occupation of DCE by threatening to attack developments that don’t pay up)

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September 23, 2007

Remember this date ladies and gentlemen as today is the day that the Government silence and inaction on the lawless Native terrorism and extortion in Ontario died.

Conservative leader John Tory visited Caledonia today and made clear the position his PC government will take once in office on the curse that McGuinty has placed on Caledonia, and allowed to spread throughout the Province.

The following is from the official story as sent out by the PC party:

“Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory today returned to Caledonia, the site of the ongoing land-occupation, where he called for new leadership to resolve the current standoff and prevent other illegal occupations in the future.“For over a year and a half Dalton McGuinty has permitted an illegal occupation to paralyze this entire community,” Mr. Tory said, “He has failed the people of Ontario.

To date, Dalton McGuinty has refused to insist on the rule of law when it comes to illegal occupations. The Caledonia occupation alone has cost Ontario taxpayers $55 million so far. Similar disputes have since threatened communities ranging from Desoronto, Brantford, Hagarsville, the Village of York, and Dunnville.

Tory announced today that he would move to protect Ontario communities from illegal occupations by strengthening existing laws.

“I am announcing today that a PC government will amend provincial statutes, including the Trespass to Property Act to address the breakdown in law that results from an illegal occupation,” said Tory. This new act would respect the valid interests of each side, protect innocent bystanders, and set a policy framework for police.”

He also outlined the new ground rules that a Progressive Conservative government would enforce when confronted with an illegal occupation:

  • No negotiation with anyone engaging in an illegal occupation;
  • Oppose any group using an illegal occupation to extort concessions or payments
  • Insist that the authority of the courts, including court injunctions, are respected and enforced; and,

• Use the justice system to pursue civil action against those who participate in, direct, or financially support illegal occupations.

“I will stand up and stand beside the people of this province to ensure they are protected,” Tory concluded. “For a safe and strong Ontario, leadership matters.”


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This and much more at

Stay tuned for continuing coverage as events unfold.

The Hamilton Spectator
(Sep 15, 2007)

Police say they were caught off-guard by a confrontation that seriously injured a homebuilder Thursday afternoon at a disputed Caledonia subdivision.

“Had we seen something taking place, we would have definitely stepped in,” said OPP Sergeant Dave Rektor.

The assault took place at the “exact opposite end” of a construction site where a protest, watched by police, was taking place, he said.

“We had no visual on this house at all, nor was there any reason to believe we needed to,” he said. “We don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t predict where fights are going to break out.” (Edit: They were too busy protecting the criminals from residents to protect Sam Gualtieri from attempted murder)

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Sept 15, 2007
BrantFord Expositor

Having watched the escalation of native protests in Ontario for several years, I have a few personal observations to share.

Think an ancestor sold the farm too cheap? Organize an illegal family reunion there and refuse to leave. Not only will you be allowed to stay, but you will receive money and an apology from the government and current owner. An added advantage to this is the ability to repeat the process every couple generations to ensure a continuing cash flow for your ever-increasing number of descendents. Land title in Ontario is only valid until a group of people decides to take your property because you won’t pay them protection money. Don’t expect help from Dalton, he got your land transfer tax already and doesn’t know you anymore.

The Lost Tribe of the Confederacy has been found. It’s called the OPP and its chief is Julian Fantino.

Alan Haines


Sep 14, 2007

CALEDONIA – A building contractor is undergoing tests in hospital to determine if he has brain damage after he was clubbed on the head by a Six Nations protester yesterday, the man’s brother says.

“I believe that my brother was one strike away from being killed,” an emotional Joe Gualtieri said today near the building site where his brother Sam was beaten unconscious yesterday.

Indians continued their protest at the southern Ontario housing development today under the watchful eye of police.

Gualtieri, 52, of Caledonia was found unconscious yesterday after he entered a partially constructed home — which he was building for his daughter — and clashed with several Indian youths.

His injured brother is drifting in and out of consciousness and is at times unaware he is in the hospital, Joe Gualtieri said, adding that he wants those responsible for the attack charged with attempted murder.

He said his nephews were with his brother at the house when a group of Indians went inside and confronted them. Sam Gualtieri was then beaten with what may have been an oak railing.

“When the one nephew found him unconscious, the individual had just finished striking him again . . . beating him over the head, when he was already unconscious,” Joe Gualtieri said.

“When he’s unconscious, do you still have to prove a point? To prove a point that you have a problem with the government?”

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September 14, 2007

Today was a truly extraordinary day and night for me as we had our first protest at the building site in Brantford and an exceptional night in Caledonia on Stirling Street.

We spent some quality time in Brantford protesting on behalf of the rule of law being upheld and against the violence and extortion currently being used by Native Criminals in an attempt to demonstrate supremacy and control over Non Native Canadians.