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UPDATE July 15 2007: Friday the 13th was a great success as usual for Dover and there are no accounts of any Mohawks trying to disrupt the festivities.  

Enough people have been asking me and coming here via searches related to Port Dover and Friday the 13th that I think it’s time to update what we know right now officially.

I’ve spent enough time in the town to know that the gossip mill is running wild with rumors of a Terrorist blockade of the 13th. All over Norfolk County people are talking about it and want to know the facts, but the truth is that at this point we don’t yet have any facts to substantiate a claim that they will blockade Port Dover.

If any official news or credible information comes our way, Caledonia Wakeup Call will report on it as we near the date.

It’s easy to panic and decide to steer clear of the town in case something should happen but it’s very important to keep a level head about this and think of the logistics. There were rumors strong enough to make front page news of the Simcoe Reformer that Natives may try to blockade the Marina on June 29th and it did not happen. The statistics are that an average of 100,000 people descend on Port Dover for Friday the 13th and guesstimates are putting that number as high as 250,000 for this one because it’s in July.

If you have plans to travel to Dover for the 13th to celebrate, don’t cancel them. Expect the usual delays getting into town with that kind of traffic flowing but it’s logistically unlikely that a group of Native Thugs are going to honestly believe they can prevent up to a quarter of a million people from entering the town by standing on a road and claiming they own it for a day.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we will update you with any breaking news, and should anything actually happen, Caledonia Wakeup Call will provide extensive coverage.

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TORONTO (CP) – Canadian aboriginals are understandably disappointed and frustrated with past injustices but Friday’s day of action should be peaceful and reflective, Canada’s premiers and territorial leaders said in a joint statement hours before the national day of action was set to begin.

“Together with other Canadians, we respect the right of Canada’s First Nations leadership to organize a national day of action,” said the statement, signed by every premier and territorial leader with the exception of British Columbia and Nunavut.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he’s spoken to Ontario aboriginal leaders and everyone agrees the day should go ahead.

“I remain hopeful that this national day of action will proceed in a peaceful and respectful way,” said McGuinty, adding it will be up to provincial police to deal with any blockades or illegal activity. (Edit: Which he knows for a fact they won’t do because he ordered them not to via his sock puppet Fantino)

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ORILLIA, ON, June 27 /CNW/ – On Friday, June 29, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has called for a day of peaceful demonstrations and rallies to raise public awareness about aboriginal issues in Canada. Numerous legitimate protests and information and educational events are expected across Ontario, including activities that may interrupt normal travel and traffic flow.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is actively working with many involved communities and organizations to support peaceful events and legitimate forms of protest. With a responsibility to preserve public safety and maintain order, the OPP is calling on those involved not to jeopardize public peace or endanger anyone.

“I am assured by the First Nations leadership that the National Day of Action is a call for peaceful activity,” said Commissioner Julian Fantino. “The OPP fully supports people’s right to freedom of expression and lawful protest. At the same time, we have a duty to preserve the peace.


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Expect ‘fallout’ if violence is used at a planned blockade.

Native warriors across the country plan to keep a close eye on tomorrow’s events near Deseronto in case police attempt forceful tactics to stop Mohawk blockade plans.

The political manoeuvring of Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine and other band chiefs to distance themselves from blockades has left the Tyendinaga Mohawks seemingly alone in the runup to the proclaimed native day of action.

“They are not alone,” said one well-connected source outside Tyendinaga. “Warriors from across the country are keeping an eye on it.”

“If violence is used against the people at Tyendinaga or anywhere there is going to be fallout,” he said. “We would not think too highly of (police use of force),” said Rarahkwisere of the Akwesasne Warrior Society, adding it is up to the clan mothers to decide on a reaction. “In the event someone gets hurt, the politics of the AFN go out the window and the grassroots people come together,”

(EDIT: So if we don’t tolerate their terrorism, they will react with more terrorism, but if we do tolerate it, they will of course be emboldened even more and react with more terrorism)

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5 Locations – reported continously starting June 29th.

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Live reports from Caledonia, DCE, Dunnville, Deseronto, & Port Dover will be continuously updated throughout the day. Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest as it happens

As a resident of Norfolk County who certainly spends his share of time in Port Dover, I was saddened but not surprised to learn that the same Native Terrorists who took over DCE and who are threatening Canada with a summer of Terrorism are planning to come to Port Dover.

For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Port Dover is a small town on the shore of Lake Erie in which most businesses are seasonal and the economy is built on tourism. It also happens to have a road known as Highway 6 running through it which is about to turn this little town upside down.


I would have called them what they are which is Terrorists not activists but here’s the official story coutesy of Monte Sonnenberg, – The Simcoe Reformer.

Uncertainty has been a defining characteristic of Friday the 13th motorcycle rallies in Port Dover since the beginning. No one knows if the weather will co-operate, how many people might attend or whether the festivities might break down into disorderly conduct.
Added to the list for the event in July is the question of whether native activists might try to block access to town.

Keith Swarts of Port Dover, chair of the PD13 organizing committee, and the Norfolk OPP have both been warned that activists from Six Nations might try to deny access to Port Dover the day of the rally. “That would be a major, major mistake,” Swarts said. “For them to try to shut down Port Dover on Friday the 13th? Whoa.” Calls to native spokespeople connected to the claims protest in Caledonia were not returned.