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April 2, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

One of the biggest challenges for us the past four years has been dealing with and educating the media. This is not news to anyone who has been following our struggle, but fortunately the tide has been turning in 2010. Outlets like the Globe & Mail, National Post, and CBC have begun to catch on to what’s really been going on, and their stories reflect that beautifully.

One might think that by now the only holdout would be the Native media itself, but they too have learned through court actions that painting us as white supremacists is defamation and not acceptable journalism. The evidence to the contrary is in everything we’ve ever done or written.

While most have made remarkable progress, the Hamilton Spectator continues to fail to learn from past mistakes as was very evident in a letter they published yesterday.


Bear with me on this one folks as it’s an MNN release which means it’s incredibly long, and full of rhetoric you have to read around to get the story. In fact to cut to the chase for those who don’t have the stomach for this stuff, Six Nations claims to own Toronto.

Mohawk Nation News
June 1, 2008


MNN.  Sept. 20, 2007.  Message from Rotiskeneketeh, “We will be walking peacefully on the CPR tracks from the “border” of Kahnawake at St. Constant off Highway 132 at the intersection of Highway 30.  From there we will walk to the Train Bridge over the tunnel in the village of Kahnawake.” 

“We are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Six Nations who have just been kidnapped by the foreigners forces of the Ontario Provincial Police, Hamilton City Police and the RCMP.   Ontario and Canada have walked away from the “talks”.  This has always been an international matter of colonial Canada invading the Indigenous sovereign people of Six Nations.”

“Our people have been victimized by attacks from colonial government agencies.  This use of force must stop.  They must obey international law.  We are standing together in support of all of our Six Nations Territories.” 

“Defending our land is not criminal.”

Contact:  Janie at 519-732-9828 and B.L.T. 514-816-9533.

This propaganda by Janie Jamieson who initiated the criminal occupation of DCE and clearly can’t grasp the concept of “law” brought to you by Caledonia Wakeup Call

It appears that not only does our Government support Two Tier Policing we now find out that the Government supports Two Tier Health Care.

Just how many years has Health Canada been telling people that smoking is bad for you? Suddenly Health Canada has decided that Native Tobacco is a HEALER of diseases.

The Ad complain tells us that Commerical Tobacco is a KILLER and causes Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease, Emphysema, Impotence, Infertility and Death.

Traditional Native Tobacco is a HEALER and it brings about Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth. [see Poster]

Health Canada provides funding for this Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy, but if you click on the photo you will see that Health Canada added the following disclaimer to the bottom of the poster:

“The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.”

Surprise, Surprise.

We pay money to promote smoking by Aboriginal Youth while Aboriginal Health Problems related to smoking are the highest of any group in Canada.

Health Canada is not the only one to suddenly support smoking.

Read the full astonishing story here and hear the radio ads paid for by your tax dollars promoting smoking to children.

Here’s some more of the propaganda posted last year by Terrorists. In this installment they pat themselves on the back for a well carried out attack on an innocent town and remind us how violent they can be if subjected to the laws of the Country in which we all live. I will of course provide commentary where needed. What is in bold and bracketed has been added by me and was not part of the original release.

Indian Country Today
April 27, 2006

The heated confrontation at Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada, widened and deepened in the past week while at the same time showing sign of progress toward resolution. (By Six Ntions Reserve they mean Douglas Creek Estates which is in fact NOT part of the Six Nations Reserve and is being illegally occupied by thugs) The deeply rooted Native sentiment on the land and against any type of physical aggression against their own people has stiffened the resolve of Six Nations clan mothers, chiefs and warriors after a bungling assault by police forces fanciful that they could arrest the ”trouble-makers” and lay low the protesters’ encampment. (Enforce the law as is their job)

It was not to be, and within half a day Canada was reminded that the peoples of the old Haudenosaunee Confederacy unite under stress and self-defend in ways most ingenious, straightforward and stark. (Such as digging up public highways, illegally baricading said public highway, assaulting citizens, assaulting police officers, attempting to murder a police officer..  ingenious? sounds criminal to me) By day’s end, roads around the encampment site were blockaded, bridges were temporarily shut down (I guess this person forgot to mention the bridge they burned to the ground. Is that one temporarily out of service too?) and across southern Ontario rail lines were immediately threatened so that important train runs between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal were suspended.

Canadian authorities know, but still do forget, that when they deal with Six Nations people – particularly if the populous Mohawks are engaged – police assaults can trigger an intense, decentralized response among warrior societies. (Terrorist Attack is the term) Just the protest at the railroad lines by Tyendinega Mohawks 350 kilometers (217.4 miles) away ”delayed service for thousands of passengers yesterday, and shipment of goods worth tens of millions of dollars,” according to the Toronto Star newspaper. The railways protest ended April 22 after only a day’s paralysis; but as this edition goes to press, the Kahnawake Mohawk warrior society is holding the Mercier Bridge in Montreal at bay, while Akwesasne residents leaflet motorists on the international bridge at Cornwall. (littering is a crime) Both of these bridges have been shut down by Mohawks before.

The warrior response is not always pretty or romantic. Often it bubbles with anger nearly impossible to contain. But it is a real and organic action/reaction based on a long historical memory. (it’s crime being commited by out of control overgrown, weaponized cry babies who can’t take no for an answer) While one local paper described them as ”the so-called clan mothers,” the circle of elder women who hold wampum and select chiefs and other officials for Six Nations longhouses can still cause great movement among their peoples.

The original story can be found here

The Hamilton Spectator

Ron Curley is a caring, gentle man whose strong spirit is running low these days. He’s in a tough spot — trying to draw customers to his new restaurant in Ohsweken — a place many associate with protesters since disputes about aboriginal land claims over a former Caledonia subdivision escalated last summer.

Tourism has plummeted — about 65 per cent from two years ago, says Janelle Sandy, assistant manager of Six Nations Tourism. “We’ve been hit hard,” she says, adding that higher gas prices and the Canadian dollar are also keeping Canadian and American tourists away. Last year, there were eight or nine tour buses booked for Six Nations attractions from one tourism partner. This year there’s none from that operator, she says.

It’s disheartening, says his assistant manager and niece, Andrea Curley, about the trouble in Caledonia. Racism came out so fast, she says.

Edit: Please.. Here we go with the racism again. Tourism is down for Natives because of problems Natives created so this makes the tourists racist?

Read the full story here

Originally posted April 20th, 2006.

Edit: This is the propaganda that was being spread around by the Terrorists who had  unleashed HELL on Caledonia and surrounding area this same day and seized DCE after the OPP made their one and only attempt to enforce the law by carrying out the court order and removing illegal squatters from DCE at dawn. At the time no mainstream media had the fortitude to report the truth, but it can be revisited now with the appropriate changes made 

Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake – (Onerahtóhkha/April 20, 2006)

With talks abruptly ending in this manner, it became apparent that the Government of Canada was not interested in seeking a peaceful resolve to this issue and have elected a violent imposition of their will. (Enforcement of the law during an illegal occupation)


Brantford Expositor

The recent national day of protest passed without very much disruption of our comfortable lives here in Canada.The blockage of a few highways and a CN Rail line could have been repeated dozens of times, all across the country. We aboriginals of this land have certainly suffered enough injustice. The history books are full of examples, for those who will open them.

The reason so many of the protests were fairly peaceful may be because of Six Nations’ example in Caledonia.

When Janie Jamieson and Dawn Smith led their young group of Six Nations people to reclaim the former Douglas Creek Estates site in February 2006, they did not take weapons. They only took their knowledge of Six Nations history and the Haldimand Proclamation – and a whole lot of courage.

(Edit: What the??? What news has this guy been watching for the last 18 months? This story REEKS of appeasement minded journalism.. “look at me I’m aborignial friendly!!”)

Read the full story here

Haldimand County has finally decided to take a stand on the terrorist occupation which has had them in it’s grip since February 2006.

Unfortunately they have chosen to stand beside the terrorists, the corrupt McGuinty government who worked very hard to ensure the death of law and order in Haldimand by purchasing the land in question at our expense to take jurisdiction over it out of the hands of the courts, and the Feds, and the OPP who have long abandoned the concept of being police officers and now stand as bodyguards for the thugs who occupy DCE.

It is the assertion of Haldimand Council today that none of those responsible for the situation they now find themselves in are to blame for it. Somehow it all falls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The answer according to todays press release is to appease the Terrorists by putting pressure on the Federal Government to expedite land claims specifically in Haldimand County. Let’s throw on some of those special glasses that Council must be wearing and look at what today’s press release says.


The man who led last week’s aboriginal blockades of Highway 2 and the CN rail line says he’ll turn himself in to authorities tomorrow and is frustrated that police approached him earlier than that.On Friday, Shawn Brant and a group of Mohawks organized the blockades in defiance of many native leaders’ admonitions. That same morning, the OPP issued an arrest warrant for him on a charge of mischief and breach of prior bail conditions.

During the weekend, Brant’s lawyer, Peter Rosenthal, entered negotiations with the Napanee detachment of the OPP for Brant’s surrender. Rosenthal has represented Brant in the past and will be his lawyer in the coming proceedings.

Brant said that despite his promise to appear for a bail hearing tomorrow, local OPP officers tried to arrest him yesterday morning. “The OPP had blocked the road and, I believe, were attempting to try and do an intervention,” he said, adding that he maintained a full force of men.“They were telling me that I should get in the car and go with them and there was a warrant for me,” Brant said.

“I told them that that was not the arrangement and I thought they should wait.”

He said the officers abandoned their attempt, but that he was left frustrated with the situation.

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Canadian National says it is examining its legal options after a local aboriginal protest prompted it to halt traffic last week.The company is “reviewing our legal options and determining what’s available to us,” said spokesman Frank Binder of the rail line blockade on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory during Friday’s national aboriginal day of action. The threat of a blockade stopped an estimated $103 million worth of freight and about 5,000 passenger trips.

“There have been attempts to find Mr. Brant and execute the warrant,” she said. Tyendinaga Mohawk police officers “have been looking for him.” (Edit: YEAH RIGHT! The media can find him anytime they want to, and he lives in a school bus in the illegally occupied quarry in Deseronto but they can’t find him?)

Read the full story here

TORONTO (CP) – Canadian aboriginals are understandably disappointed and frustrated with past injustices but Friday’s day of action should be peaceful and reflective, Canada’s premiers and territorial leaders said in a joint statement hours before the national day of action was set to begin.

“Together with other Canadians, we respect the right of Canada’s First Nations leadership to organize a national day of action,” said the statement, signed by every premier and territorial leader with the exception of British Columbia and Nunavut.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he’s spoken to Ontario aboriginal leaders and everyone agrees the day should go ahead.

“I remain hopeful that this national day of action will proceed in a peaceful and respectful way,” said McGuinty, adding it will be up to provincial police to deal with any blockades or illegal activity. (Edit: Which he knows for a fact they won’t do because he ordered them not to via his sock puppet Fantino)

Read the full story here

ORILLIA, ON, June 27 /CNW/ – On Friday, June 29, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has called for a day of peaceful demonstrations and rallies to raise public awareness about aboriginal issues in Canada. Numerous legitimate protests and information and educational events are expected across Ontario, including activities that may interrupt normal travel and traffic flow.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is actively working with many involved communities and organizations to support peaceful events and legitimate forms of protest. With a responsibility to preserve public safety and maintain order, the OPP is calling on those involved not to jeopardize public peace or endanger anyone.

“I am assured by the First Nations leadership that the National Day of Action is a call for peaceful activity,” said Commissioner Julian Fantino. “The OPP fully supports people’s right to freedom of expression and lawful protest. At the same time, we have a duty to preserve the peace.


Read the full story here

OTTAWA, June 27 – I am aware of public statements in recent days about intentions to disrupt traffic during the National Day of Action in support of First Nations on June 29.

While these comments have been widely reported they are isolated comments and do not reflect the position of the Assembly of First Nations, or the many First Nations across the country, who have organized peaceful and positive events that are inclusive of all Canadians.

We respectfully urge Canadians not to criminalize First Nations people with respect to the actions they plan to take on June 29 and beyond.

(edit: Phil asks that you don’t fight back against Terrorism.. The same Phil Fontaine who Shawn Brant says told him to do this)

Read the full story here

Expect ‘fallout’ if violence is used at a planned blockade.

Native warriors across the country plan to keep a close eye on tomorrow’s events near Deseronto in case police attempt forceful tactics to stop Mohawk blockade plans.

The political manoeuvring of Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine and other band chiefs to distance themselves from blockades has left the Tyendinaga Mohawks seemingly alone in the runup to the proclaimed native day of action.

“They are not alone,” said one well-connected source outside Tyendinaga. “Warriors from across the country are keeping an eye on it.”

“If violence is used against the people at Tyendinaga or anywhere there is going to be fallout,” he said. “We would not think too highly of (police use of force),” said Rarahkwisere of the Akwesasne Warrior Society, adding it is up to the clan mothers to decide on a reaction. “In the event someone gets hurt, the politics of the AFN go out the window and the grassroots people come together,”

(EDIT: So if we don’t tolerate their terrorism, they will react with more terrorism, but if we do tolerate it, they will of course be emboldened even more and react with more terrorism)

Read the full story here