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DESERONTO, Ont. (Jun 30, 2007)Police were hunting last night for the man who shut down traffic in eastern Ontario and parked $100 million of cargo during the national day of action.

Mohawk Shawn Brant and about 40 supporters shut down Hwy. 401 for about 11 hours, blocked Hwy. 2 and prompted railways to stop trains along the Toronto-Montreal and Ottawa-Montreal corridors.

The blockades captured most of the attention on what was otherwise a peaceful day of protest by natives drawing attention to living conditions on Canada’s reserves. CN Rail’s decision to halt traffic on its busiest Toronto-Montreal line meant a daily average of 25 freight trains and 22 Via Rail trains were blocked.

Brant was unrepentant, saying he’ll do it again.

“This is the first time ever we’ve shut down the 401, and I don’t believe it’s going to be the last,” said a defiant Brant. And he said he won’t surrender to police until sometime next week.

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A few short kilometres from each other on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, two distinct approaches to the national aboriginal day of action unfolded.On Wyman’s Road, a rickety school bus blocked the CN Rail tracks, part of a protest from a group of Mohawks led by Shawn Brant that saw Highway 401 closed for 12 hours and a portion of Highway 2 closed for the entire day Friday.

At York Road and Highway 2 in Shannonville, meanwhile, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) band councillor Trevor Lewis handed out information pamphlets.

“If you’re headed east, we’re told Highway 2 is blocked,” Lewis told an agitated Quebec driver. “You can take York Road to Highway 49.”

“The 401’s blocked too,” the driver said. “Why is it blocked?”

“I don’t know,” Lewis said. “We’re not part of that.”

On a day of wildly conflicting approaches to educating the public on First Nations issues, that was putting it lightly. After days of talk in the media, Brant’s group headed to Highway 401 late Thursday evening to block it. But the OPP, anticipating safety issues, shut it down instead between Belleville and Marysville around 11:30 p.m., said Sgt. Kristine Rae. Commissioner Julian Fantino and other officers spoke with Brant throughout the night, “trying to resolve it,” she said.

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The aboriginal day of action has come and gone in Canada and the country is largely better for it. Across the land, native communities expressed their hopes and fears in actions that were, with a few notable exceptions, entirely lawful. Good for them.

But in eastern Ontario, the action taken was not legal but, instead, a violation of the law of the land and the rights of the general public. A small group of native protesters blockaded Highway 401 as well as Highway 2 and the main Canadian National Railway line between Montreal and Toronto. The leader of the natives, Shawn Brant, warned that they were armed with guns and ready to respond violently if provoked. This action, in marked contrast to the other demonstrations, was totally unacceptable. If not checked, it will threaten the civil peace and order of the nation.

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An aboriginal barricade that paralyzed the country’s busiest highway was to come down Friday morning after a deal was reached between aboriginal police and the Ontario Provincial Police.

“We’ve been able to demonstrate the courage, commitment and resolve of our community members,” said Brant. “We don’t want people to see this a stepping back, we don’t feel that it is.” He called the demonstration that closed Highway 401 for 11 hours and disrupted rail service a “good test run.”

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UPDATE: 9:30am – The OPP have negotiated an agreement with Brant to reopen the 401. This news is yet more proof that the OPP have direct contact with Brant and won’t arrest him.  

A Quote from an OPP press release posted on early this morning

“NAPANEE, ON, June 29 /CNW/ – On Thursday, June 28th, 2007, at approximately 9:15 p.m., a blockade was erected on County Road 2 at Wyman’s Road near Deseronto, in Tyendinaga Township.

A warrant of arrest has been issued for Shawn BRANT, 43 years of Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory for mischief and breach of recognizance contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada in relation to this blockade.”

That’s nice, but let’s look at the much bigger story here. It’s been approximately 12 hours since Terrorist Shawn Brant violated his parole by starting an illegal Terrorist blockade of highway 2 in Deseronto which includes the picture posted here last night of him standing over a large illegal fire, and Brant has not been arrested.

He is directly responsible for the appeasement minded voluntary closure by CN Rail today, and instead of arresting Brant as their warrant suggests, the OPP themselves are now blockading highway 401 in anticipation of his next actions.

So they’ve issued a warrant for the arrest of an armed and extremely dangerous Terrorist (now Fantino can say “Look we done some police work!!”) and are now blockading the largest highway in the Country on his behalf while continuing to let him roam free to organize more terrorist activities for the day.

If this is what law enforcement has come to in Ontario, we are in very serious trouble. Of course it shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone, as this is the kind of cowardly, racist OPP policy Caledonia Wakeup Call has been reporting for over a year now.

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Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

DESERONTO, Ont. (CP) — Mohawk protesters, who said they had guns and wouldn’t back down, have begun threatened protest blockades in eastern Ontario.

The protesters parked an old school bus and a pickup truck loaded with wooden pallets late Thursday across secondary Highway 2 near Deseronto and turned back traffic in both directions.

The Mohawks had said they would begin with a “soft” target before moving to blockade the main CN line and a key highway near this town west of Kingston, despite widespread calls that an aboriginal day of action be peaceful.

Men, women and children in army-style fatigues, their hair braided back or shaved in traditional Mohawk style, began arriving at a makeshift camp outside Deseronto just after 5 p.m.

It was a call to action by protest leader Shawn Brant, a 43-year-old militant Mohawk who has done jail time for trashing the offices of politicians.

He wouldn’t disclose the actual sites, but confirmed that he and others were prepared to “meet force with force” if police got in their way.

“We’ve made no secret that we have guns within this camp,” he told The Canadian Press in an interview.

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By The Canadian Press
Thursday, June 28, 2007

DESERONTO, Ont. (CP) – Mohawk protester Shawn Brant says his supporters will be armed to defend themselves if police try to keep them from blocking Highway 401 and the CN rail line near Deseronto, in eastern Ontario. Both are targets for Friday’s aboriginal day of action, along with Highway 2.

Brant says commuters between Toronto and Montreal can expect major delays in both directions on the 401 over the 24 hours starting at midnight or earlier.

Provincial police have already gathered in the nearby city of Napanee.

Brant says the time has passed for marches to educate Canadians about native poverty and suicide.

He says militant Mohawks in his area and in other parts of the country will take a stronger stand to demand change now.

Today CN Rail announced that they will shut down service for countless Canadians tomorrow (June 29th) exactly as Native Terrorists have demanded they do. The official announcement says “Via said in a statement Thursday that the sudden cancellations were in anticipation of mass commuter chaos” but we all know that’s nothing more than a weak attempt to cover their asses.

The fact of the matter is that CN Rail has given in to the demands of Terrorist Shawn Brant who told them to shut down, or he and his band of thugs would shut down the rails by force. The same Shawn Brant who has publicly announced that he and his fellow Terrorists will be armed in case police try to do their jobs and stop these Criminals from illegally blockading railways and highway 401.


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Native leaders are calling for peaceful demonstrations tomorrow, fearing that whatever public support there is for aboriginals will dry up quickly if the day is marred with violence.

Their call follows threats from Mohawk hard-liner Shawn Brant, right, who has promised to block Highway 401 and the CN Rail line near Deseronto, Ont., in protest.

There are 134 native communities in Ontario and each one is expected to mark the day in its own way.

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DESERONTO, ONT. — Mohawk protester Shawn Brant has emerged as a lonesome voice of hard-line native militancy, plotting major economic disruption as his way of making Canada sit up and listen.

Whether Friday’s national aboriginal day of action will amount to peaceful marches or burning barricades isn’t clear. Regardless, Mr. Brant says it’s just the beginning.

“We’re going to have that expression of strength and solidarity across this country,” he said in an interview at the quarry he occupied on disputed land last March near Deseronto, west of Kingston.

“Then we’ll step back and say: ‘You absorb this.’ Because the next time we come out, it’s going to be harder, it’s going to be longer and it’s going to have an impact on this economy that Canada can’t imagine at this point.

He and a tight-knit group of supporters within the Bay of Quinte Mohawks are determined to wreak at least some economic havoc.

“June 29th is the day to start this campaign,” Mr. Brant said.

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It will be nearly Christmas before the criminal charges against Mohawk protester Shawn Brant are back before court here.Brant’s attorney, Toronto-based social justice lawyer Peter Rosenthal, appeared on Brant’s behalf Tuesday morning. A preliminary hearing was set for Dec. 20 and 21.

Brant, a well-known Terrorist from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and spokesman for a group that has inhabited a privately-owned Deseronto-area quarry since March, is charged with mischief, disobeying a court order and breach of recognizance. The charges stem from a 30-hour blockade of a Canadian National rail line, the main corridor between Toronto and Montreal, on April 20.

Brant said in an interview Tuesday that if he does break his bail conditions on June 29 not to incite, encourage, plan or participate in illegal protests, it will be a testament to the desperation of the cause and the poor conditions of First Nations communities.

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Tyendinaga Mohawks plan to target Highway 401, the town of Deseronto or the CN Rail Line – again – on Friday’s national aboriginal day of action, says a local Mohawk protester.Shawn Brant, the spokesman for a group that has occupied the Thurlow Aggregates quarry on Deseronto Road since March, said there will be activity, likely involving “one of the targets we identified back on April 22,” he said. Those targets are Highway 401, the railway and the town of Deseronto.

The day of action happens three days after a preliminary hearing date was set for Brant in Napanee court on charges of mischief, disobeying a court order and breach of recognizance in connection with the April CN blockade. Brant is out on bail on the condition he not participate in any unlawful protests or block any thoroughfares on or off Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.Brant said in an interview Tuesday that if he breaks his bail, “that has to speak to our commitment of the day.”

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