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Today CN Rail announced that they will shut down service for countless Canadians tomorrow (June 29th) exactly as Native Terrorists have demanded they do. The official announcement says “Via said in a statement Thursday that the sudden cancellations were in anticipation of mass commuter chaos” but we all know that’s nothing more than a weak attempt to cover their asses.

The fact of the matter is that CN Rail has given in to the demands of Terrorist Shawn Brant who told them to shut down, or he and his band of thugs would shut down the rails by force. The same Shawn Brant who has publicly announced that he and his fellow Terrorists will be armed in case police try to do their jobs and stop these Criminals from illegally blockading railways and highway 401.


In anticipation of a day of native protest that could target rail and highway lands, Via Rail is shutting down service Friday on its Toronto-Montreal and Toronto-Ottawa routes.

A news release issued Thursday afternoon says:

“Additionally, due to the uncertainty of the situation and anticipated location of a blockage, VIA’s late evening and early morning trains between Toronto and Kingston have also been affected as follows:

  • Train 650 – Toronto to Kingston departing June 28 at 10 p.m. – Replaced by bus
  • Train 651 – Kingston to Toronto departing June 29 at 05:25 a.m. – Cancelled.

As well, passengers arriving in Montreal on June 29th on board VIA train No.15 from Halifax with connections to Ontario (Cornwall, Brockville, Kingston, Belleville, Toronto) will be accommodated by chartered motor coach.”

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Courtesy of Stay tuned for more as this disgusting story of corwardice unfolds

A crucial highway and rail line that moves tens of thousands of people daily around Central Canada will be subject to a crippling blockade on Friday, a spokesman for the Tyendinaga Mohawk reserve in Eastern Ontario says.

The protesters are considering shutting down the CN Rail mainline that runs between Toronto and Montreal, as well as Highway 401, as part of the national day of action called by the Assembly of First Nations.

Other potential “targets” include Highway 2 and the road that leads to nearby Deseronto, which is midway between Kingston and Belleville.

“Certainly, it’ll be one, two, three or all of those targets,” Terrorist spokesman Shawn Brant said last night.

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Teepee at Legislature puts focus on logging, mineral exploration

Aided by environmental activists, two First Nations from northern Ontario pitched a huge teepee on the Legislature’s front lawn yesterday afternoon to protest logging and mineral exploration on aboriginal lands.

A member of the Rainforest Action Network suspended herself from the top of the teepee tripod, enduring stifling heat, in a bid to make it harder for security officials to take down the tent.

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TORONTO (CP) – Activists from two northern Ontario First Nations groups erected a nine-metre teepee on the front lawn of the Ontario legislature Monday, four days before a planned national aboriginal day of protest. The protesters did not say how long they planned to keep the teepee in front of the legislature in place.

Edit: Did they get a permit as anyone else would be required to do?

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In my last editorial I talked about how I came to be a part of Caledonia Wakeup Call. With the threat to our Country growing each day and the government making no effort to stop this Terrorism, it’s going to be up to us the citizens of Canada to take back control by sending a loud clear message to those who are supposed to represent us that we will NOT stand for this.

The closer we get to June 29th, the more people are taking an interest in what’s happening as this isn’t about a little town in Haldimand County anymore. The truth is that it never was for the criminals who are behind this, and as more towns become victims, more residents will want to get involved. If you’re a Canadian you should want to be involved because this is a direct attack on your way of life!

Not everyone is able to dedicate the majority of their time to this fight, and understandably many don’t want the risks that some of us have taken, so I’m going to tell you right now how you can personally make a real difference in this fight with just a little time and effort. If you have any of the following you have the power to help us change the system.

  1. A camcorder and if possible the ability to upload video to your computer.
  2. A simple camera digital or otherwise
  3. A pair of eyes, and ears.


TORONTO — Claire Eckert first noticed flames leaping out of the school roof in Pikangikum around 9 o’clock last Friday evening. It was windy that night, and the fire quickly engulfed the entire one-storey clapboard building, forcing her and many other residents of the remote Ojibwa community in Northwestern Ontario to flee their homes.

By the time residents had put out the fire – a feat that depleted the community’s entire water supply – there was nothing left but rubble, leaving children attending the reserve’s only school with nowhere to go. The community’s elders say the deplorable living conditions on the reserve make it a warehouse for social problems. Many of the young people sniff gasoline, a problem that school officials fear could worsen now that they have nowhere to go.

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By: Christine McHale

June 13, 2007

For sixteen months and counting, we’ve read about, seen with our very own eyes and heard with our very own ears from numerous sources that when it comes to policing an area that is under aboriginal occupation there is a system of Two Tier justice that is now well entrenched.

In Caledonia there have been many eye witnesses to this. The most recent example of Two Tier policing involved an aboriginal male waiving, in full view, a loaded AK47, a prohibited weapon in Canada, (we won’t even get into how this prohibited weapon got into Canada), on the DCE, yet not one single OPP officer tried to stop him from leaving the immediate area. 

Now, in case you need more proof that areas NOT experiencing aboriginal occupation get proper policing, take the new story of a massive raid in Toronto, in the Jane and Finch area, and other parts of the GTA.

At 5 a.m. people living in the area were awakened by loud banging noises which turned out to be police using battering rams to break down doors and get at suspected criminals…

Take an area with an aboriginal occupation and police walk around on eggshells. Take an area rife with crime but no aboriginal occupation and police act like police are supposed to act when dealing with crime.

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Six Nations Confederacy Council chiefs reminded the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), projects going on within the Haldimand Tract have not received Six Nations approval nor has Six Nations been compensated for them.

Onondaga bench warmer Ron Thomas warned Ontario they will have trouble crossing Six Nations lands with their unapproved projects.
“We didn’t support Ontario’s growth plan. You want to turn this place here into the city of Toronto with your new highways, bridges. You’re doubling the number of people you want to migrate here. Our message to Ontario, to your bosses is, we like it the way it is.”

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