Featured Video’s

Featured Video’s

Over the course of our nearly 5 year involvement in the Caledonia crisis, the founders of CANACE have seen some astounding things. Some were disturbing; others amusing, and often they were caught on tape. 

The process of making our video vault public began in October of 2010 when Director of Multimedia Production Jeff Parkinson started digitally remastering old videos that had been used primarily as evidence in our many Court battles, and placing them on the newly created CANACE Youtube channel. 

There are more than 95 videos (so far) spanning years of unique events, and while each tells a story, we have our favourites. 

A new video will be featured here on a regular basis, and in time we may extend this section to feature some of our favourite stories and pictures. In the meantime get out the popcorn and enjoy some footage you’ve probably never seen before. 

April 17 2007, Pam ‘Dancer’ Dudych at Queens Park

In early 2007, we first heard the heart wrenching story of a young lady named Pam Dudych who we called ‘Dancer’ at the time to protect her identity. When the OPP ran away from the Douglas Creek Estates on April 20 2006, they abandoned the residents of the Sixth Line road including young Pam.

At 14 years old she witnessed the worst of the terror in Caledonia as the Natives rampaged outside her front door. The OPP told her one day that if a Native broke into her home and attacked her, she would be the one charged if she defended herself. As a result she was forced to begin counselling and start taking medication.

Meanwhile the Natives decided to hang a skinned, beheaded deer on a hydro pole near her house where all the children on the school bus would see it. Protectors of mother earth indeed…

On April 17 2007, future CANACE founders took her to Queens Park to tell her story to the media who didn’t care. Not one journalist interviewed her afterward.

We shared her story with a shocked audience at the Caledonia No More Nightmares presentation in Ottawa on March 22 2011.

Feb 27 2011, Gary McHale & Jan Longboat at the CANACE Truth & Reconciliation rally

During the CANACE truth & reconciliation rally on Sunday February 27, Gary McHale had a long, respectful conversation with Six Nations Elder Jan Longboat. Unfortunately the two leaders were surrounded by radicals who insisted on interrupting repeatedly, but ultimately the respectful dialogue continued until the two came to an agreement to separate the 2 sides.

The plan was simple. McHale would take the CANACE crew and residents South down Argyle Street, and Longboat would lead her people north to DCE.

Unfortunately, the radicals had no respect for Longboat and chose instead to follow and harass the CANACE crowd.

Nonetheless, a precedent was set this day for peaceful and respectful dialogue between the 2 sides.

February 2nd 2011, CUPE 3903 supports illegal shack selling cigarettes to children

When Caledonia resident Doug Fleming held an anti illegal smoke shack protest on April 11 2010, the only people who showed up to support the shack were some students from CUPE 3903 lead by political commentator Tom Keefer, and a couple of small children waving propaganda signs.

A stark contrast to December 1st 2007 when Native supporters of the same shack violently attacked residents and activists resulting in Jeff Parkinson and Gary McHale being hospitalized which is a topic and a video for another day.

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January 24 2011, Christie Blatchford’s Helpless Tour 2010


When Christie Blatchford spoke to a packed house at the Chedoke Presbyterian Church in Hamilton Ontario on November 15 2010, CANACE founders were in attendance to bring you an exclusive preview of her Nationwide tour for Helpless – Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear & Anarchy & How the Law Failed All Of Us. 

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