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March 19, 2009

In what I believe will be a significant turning point in the battle against two tiered justice in Ontario, a nearly 2 year battle was won this week to have 2 OPP officers charged with Mischief for aiding Floyd Montour and Brian Skye in building a fence to keep the legal owner out of a construction site in Hagersville.

The event in question occurred on May 23, 2007 when 2 officers followed the instructions of illegal occupiers and assisted in the building of a barricade. I was at the scene and video taping at the time and have been attempting to see something done about it ever since.

I filed complaints with OCCPS in the summer of 2007 which were rejected on the grounds that I am not the owner of the property and as such had no right to complain. I appealed that decision without success, and in March of 2008 I began the process of laying criminal charges against them privately for Mischief.