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Posted: September 19, 2009 in Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Native Racist Hatred, Native Supremacy Movement, Natives

September 19, 2009

When I first got involved in the Caledonia crisis in 2006, I expected to see and hear some rather strange things, and that has certainly been the case, but none more so and none more consistent then the nearly unintelligible ranting of Kahentinetha Horn and the Mohawk Nation News. I try not to subject you good people to her mind numbing crap on any regular basis, but someone was kind enough to anonymously subscribe me to her mailing list for which I am truly grateful.

For those who may not remember her or have not had the pleasure of trying to choke down her special brand of logic, this is a woman who in the last few years has babbled about the “evil white man” at every possible turn but admitted to admiring Hitler, used the word Genocide so frequently and in such absurdly inappropriate context that I actually thought about turning her rants about it into a drinking game early on but refrained out of fear that most would get alcohol poisoning, claimed that the US was about to take over Canada in order to stop France from doing so, claimed that Canadian Border guards tried to kill her, claimed that the heavily armed Mohawks at Akwesasne have no guns which is why they over ran an international border crossing, claimed that the attempted murder of Sam Gualtieri was actually a group of Non Natives attacking Native children, created a bizarre (even by her standards) persona known as “the red X”, claimed Canada was secretly building weapons of mass destruction, and said a few silly things as well.

In the early days her rants came on what seemed like a daily basis, and I seriously wondered how long it would take her to punch herself out, but 3 years later she’s still going strong and for that I give her much credit. Even the best fiction writers tend to get mental blocks at times but apparently Horn is immune as her fiction just keeps coming like a smoke shack to highway 6, and she is a character that instantly brings to mind a Hollywood classic  Sure that film is One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest but still..

crazy_cat_ladyNo known pictures of her exist because she hides in the shadows far from the view of the evil imperialist colonial readers, but I’ve found what I suspect is a reasonable facsimile. Keep in mind she probably doesn’t have any cats as she would likely suspect them of trying to conquer whatever land her home sits on, but I think intelligence wise we’re right on the money with this. 

Now before I post her latest work of pure fiction, it has come to my attention that some find her stories too painful to read from beginning to end. I have found a secret means of coping with this which I wish to share with all of you. Just play the following on a loop while trying to digest her material and it will go down much more easily. Now onward to the juicy, conspiracy filled, incredibly racist work of fiction from Horn and the Mohawk Nation News. There are some points that I could not help but corrent and those will be bracketed in bold.

Download here


MNN.  Sept. 8, 2009.  The colony (Country) of Canada has officially recognized our sovereignty (You have none) on Great Turtle Island and has taken steps to abide by the Two Row Wampum agreement.  Canada admits they have no jurisdiction over Indigenous people and territory. 

On June 14, 2008, two women were peacefully crossing the illegal checkpoint in the middle of Kawenoke Island of Akwesasne.  The Canada Border Services Agency CBSA called in 12 burly well-armed colonial goons to viciously attack the two women.  One elder almost died of a trauma induced heart attack and the other was severely beaten and held incommunicado. (yeah right)

The two women live in the Mohawk communities of Akwesasne and Kahnawake.  They filed formal complaints with the RCMP, OPP, Mohawk Akwesasne Police and the CBSA to investigate.  All refused.  The women were treated like enemy combatants with no rights.  We are being falsely labeled as insurgents, terrorists and global risks.  This violates the Geneva Conventions 1949 which set the standards in international law for humanitarian treatment of civilians and the victims of conflict.  [See notes at end]   

The women are not Canadian citizens (yes you are) as the Mohawk Nation never relinquished our territorial independence.  The two women took it to the Federal Court of Canada, FCA T-1309-08, to address the human rights abuses.  Canada is supposed to live up to its commitments under international law to respect human rights of all.

The Crown issued orders respecting our sovereignty.  On October 23, 2008, Prothonotary Mireille Tabib ordered the two women to pay for Canada’s costs by depositing $19,460.00 with the court plus all subsequent costs.  The reason!  They live in Akwesasne and Kahnawake and are not residents of Canada.  An appeal was filed.  On January 29, 2009 Judge Francois Lemieux issued the same order.  On Feb. 26, 2009 another case was filed by one of the women, T-288-09.  On April 7, 2009, the same order was made because she lives in Kahnawake, making her a non-resident of Canada. (even the justice system can make mistakes)

The Two Row Wampum agreement separates the colonists from the true original Indigenous jurisdiction.  The Crown must fulfill our request to investigate our complaints against their agents.  The CBSA acted outside its territorial jurisdiction when it assaulted the two women and cannot demand security for their costs.

The CBSA can never return to Kawenoke Island, the real name of Cornwall Island, which they abandoned on May 31, 2009. (under threat of violence from extremists) The Mohawks refused to allow these foreigners (Authorities) to carry guns in the middle of our community. (only Mohawks are allowed to be armed to the teeth?) The old Customs House sits empty and belongs to the Mohawks.  CBSA needs to get their junk out of there.  When Alcatraz was abandoned, it returned automatically to the Indigenous people. (wrong again)

The colony of Canada removed the CBSA checkpoint from Kawenoke to the foot of the bridge in the city of Cornwall Ontario.  Cornwall is part of the Mohawk North Shore claim. (the fact that everything is part of a claim does not make it yours) A CBSA supervisor stated to Mohawk elders that the former Kawenoke Customs had to be officially de-designated as a Canada port of entry.  The new one sits on Akwesasne land.   CBSA has to remove its port-a-potties out of Cornwall to parts unknown, maybe back to England.   Phew!

Our territory extends all across this land.In requesting Mohawks to report to them when leaving Kawenoke, which they formerly treated as part of the colony of Canada, they are respecting our sovereignty.  They actually have no business asking our people anything.  (such as are you smuggling any guns this trip?) We cannot allow them to interfere with our natural birthright and our right to travel freely about our homeland or entering our communities. 

The colonial pirates that are attacking and confiscating our legitimate products (smuggled smokes and weapons are not legitimate products)  on our rivers are also out of their jurisdiction.  They have no right whatsoever to interfere with our trade and commerce anywhere.   All waterways are our highways long before the coming of foreigners to this land to be freely traversed by us. (yawn)

These Federal Court of Canada orders recognize that Indigenous people on Onowaregeh retain international sovereignty.  The demand for money is meant to discourage us from seeking justice against these brutal carpetbaggers.  They are telling us we have to buy justice from them.  Canada has no problems to dish out millions to the band and tribal councils to illegitimately sell us out and fraudulently try to settle our land claims.  It violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. (you’re not going to call enforcement of the law genocide this time?)

Our political position does not allow them to assault or murder us, prevent freedom of speech or violate our human rights.  These organized criminal cartels (the Mohawk Warriors? The HDI? The Men’s Fire?) have no right to extort money from us.  Everything they do falls under every kind of genocide (GENOCIDE!!) known to humankind.            

The checkpoint had to be removed.  The border had to be removed.  What’s next?”

She then goes on to ask for your financial support which may or may not be to help offset the cost of potential psych meds. Most of us lose at least a bit of our imagination as we age, but this does not appear to be the case with Horn and that I respect.

That’s the only thing about her that can be respected however as she is in my humble opinion both insane and dangerous. Perhaps the knowledge that she should be locked up is the reason she has never identified herself or her location. I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but so long as we have people feeding this kind of filth to impressionable minds there can be no end to the cycle of Native supremacist ideology and the criminal behavior that accompanies it.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Justice4all says:

    Jeff, unfortunately we both know there are people out there who take her word as the gospel. People who need someone to believe in, to think for them and will follow what she says with loyal hearts.

    It’s such a shame Horn and a ranting religious “Almond Joy” (sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t) named Kevin Arnett are being presented as the new face of the Aboriginal extremist (or racist if you will) movement.

    I hope when the chemical Kool-Aid runs out, people will wake up and say to themselves “what the hell was I doing?”, “what have I done?” and “who did I politically sleep with?”.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    My fear is for the next generation as if Native children are being fed this supremacist, conspiracy theory garbage on a regular basis, a good number of them will grow up believing that they are superior and entitled, and that our children are fair game for attack.

    I would submit that it should be classified as child abuse to attempt to raise a person on a steady diet of this crap, but such a law wouldn’t be enforced so it’s irrelevant.

    I hope the Kool-Aid runs out before it’s too late to undo the damage, but I seriously doubt it.

    Fortunately for every person who actually feeds into this nonsense, there are many others who are level headed reasonable people. The fact that of the roughly 1 million Natives in Canada, the DCE takeover has only ever had the support of a handful is promising.

    • Miss Marley says:

      You do know she had a child with a white man, right. Look her up on Wikipedia, she has four kids, and at least one was with a white guy! She also thinks that women should stay in the home…a hypocrite if I ever saw one!

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