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February 19, 2010

UPDATE: it’s been all of a few hours and emails are already coming in from people claiming this is just a rumor. Despite what they would like to think, the facts were verified by multiple sources who were at the meeting this morning.

By Jeff Parkinson

In a disgusting piece of news, Attorney General Chris Bentley met with members of Haldimand Council this morning to inform them that the Douglas Creek Estates will be given to Six Nations, and that Council had best go negotiate with Six Nations now if they want any chance at having a say in what becomes of the DCE.

The meeting took place this morning at a Tim Hortons in Brantford and involved Mayor Trainer, and several council members. The obvious plan being for the province to push Haldimand Council to negotiate a deal with Six Nations so that they can say “it wasn’t us, we’re just doing what the county wanted”. You can be sure the last thing they wanted was for this to be exposed to the public before McGuinty has had a chance to deflect the blame.



White supremacists lose kids

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Headlines, Jeff's Blogs

February 13, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

A Canadian judge has ruled that a couple who taught their 7 year old daughter how to “kill black people” and sent her to school emblazoned with Nazi propaganda are unfit parents, and given custody of their 2 children to the foster care system.

This is promising indeed for a Country that tends to turn a blind eye to supremacy, but will the courts take an even handed approach to all Supremacist parents?


February 11, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

Imagine this scenario. You own a cottage on the lake. You’re living the quiet life and loving it. You spend your days fishing, and your nights gazing at the stars. One day however, your peace is disturbed as some pesky boaters show up in the vicinity of your cottage. It’s an outrage! How dare the public enjoy a public lake! So what do you do? Ask them to leave? Call the cops? Behave like a civilized person and understand that you don’t own the world?

If you’re Victor Nanatakapo of the Big River first nation you pull a gun and start shooting at them. If you’re the judge in this case and you have just convicted him of careless use of a firearm, you give him a discharge and recommend that he meet with the community and police to discuss his concerns.


UPDATE: See the end of this story for a stomach churning update.

February 6, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

The Kahnawake reserve south of Montreal is about to take part in an ethnic cleansing that their chief says they’ve performed before. Although Grand Chief Mike Delisle insists that it’s “self preservation”, history records someone else who used such a slogan to excuse his unquestionably racist actions.

During a speech given on the 25th Anniversary of the Announcement of the National Socialist Party’s Program (Feb 24, 1945) Adolph Hitler stated “It is the sacred right of self-preservation. Whether this self-preservation will be successful depends solely on the greatness of our efforts and on willingness to make any sacrifice to preserve this life for the future.”

Sound innocuous to anyone? One of his next statements was “The crimes committed against our women and children and men by this Jewish plague are the most terrible fate ever conceived by human beings.”  (1)

During an interview with the Canadian Press, Chief Delisle stated “This isn’t about ethnic cleansing. It’s about self-preservation.”


February 3, 2010

By Jeff Parkinson

As everyone is aware by now, the McGuinty government had their crown employee Milan Rupic dismiss the criminal charge against fellow McGuinty employee Julian Fantino this morning. It’s no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that a politically motivated dismissal was coming.

The media coverage has been so fast and furious on this case that even CANACE can’t keep up, but of the dozen or so newscasts I’ve seen today, one stood tall above the rest. In fact it might be the greatest segment of any newscast I have ever seen.

From the Globe & Mail