DCE to be handed to Six Nations

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Attorney General of Ontario, Caledonia, CANACE, Corruption, DCE, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Natives

February 19, 2010

UPDATE: it’s been all of a few hours and emails are already coming in from people claiming this is just a rumor. Despite what they would like to think, the facts were verified by multiple sources who were at the meeting this morning.

By Jeff Parkinson

In a disgusting piece of news, Attorney General Chris Bentley met with members of Haldimand Council this morning to inform them that the Douglas Creek Estates will be given to Six Nations, and that Council had best go negotiate with Six Nations now if they want any chance at having a say in what becomes of the DCE.

The meeting took place this morning at a Tim Hortons in Brantford and involved Mayor Trainer, and several council members. The obvious plan being for the province to push Haldimand Council to negotiate a deal with Six Nations so that they can say “it wasn’t us, we’re just doing what the county wanted”. You can be sure the last thing they wanted was for this to be exposed to the public before McGuinty has had a chance to deflect the blame.

The message being sent here is clear. Criminal behaviour will be rewarded by the Ontario Government, (in this case the Attorney General no less), and law abiding citizen’s rights are subject to the whims of extremists. The precedent was set when the military base at Ipperwash was given to the radicals who occupied it, and we’re heading down a dark, disturbing path if it continues now.

Soon there will be no limits for Natives in Canada, and when you consider the grotesque things they did in Caledonia in order to force a claim that is not valid, you have to wonder when or if Ontario will ever take a stand. Attempted murder, kidnapping, arson, terrorism, if we don’t draw the line and start punishing instead of rewarding this behaviour, where does it end?

Ultimately, the McGuinty path will end with good people being pushed too far and taking the law into their own hands. As one town after another is terrorized while the police stand down and watch while average people live in fear for their lives at the hands of these extremists, as chunks of our Country are handed over like dog biscuits to reward the worst kind of behaviour, and as the government works to subvert the rule of law and the efforts of anyone with the guts to stand up to them, this could ultimately come to a bloody, brutal, and completely needless end.

There is of course another way. CANACE has started a powerful and very successful completely peaceful resistance to the chaos, and you have the power to join us and make your voice heard at any time. We’ve done it with few resources, fewer dollars, no prior experience, and nothing but our own determination to restore the rule of law to fuel us.

You don’t have to dedicate your life to this cause as we have to help. You can contribute financially, you can donate time, or you can join us in the streets at the next rally we hold (March 21, 2010 – more details to follow) and make sure that your voice is heard.

It’s much easier of course to find something else you would rather do with a Sunday afternoon, but is that extra hour on the sofa worth knowing that you sat silently while your government tossed fireballs at the fabric of our society? In my opinion it is not, so I have been at every event and I will continue to be at every event.

More information on this abomination will be made available as we get it, and we will continue the battle against race based policing / race based governance as we have for almost 4 years. No time frame has yet been given on the handover, so those wishing to get involved and have their voice heard still have a chance to do so.

Those wishing to express their thoughts on the handover of land to violent criminals to the Attorney General / new minister of Aboriginal appeasement can call the Ministry at 1–800–518–7901


  1. Gary McHale says:

    The facts regarding this meeting between Haldimand Council and Mr. Bentley was confirmed by more than one source. It isn’t surprising that CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com is once again leading the story surrounding Caledonia. Anyone who doubts our ability to report the news need to read what the Ryerson Review of Journalism stated in their 2008 Summer edition which contained the following statements:

    “I’m only involved because the media failed. That’s my fundamental statement I have made to the public many times,” says McHale. “I would not exist if the media had done their job. In a democracy, it’s the media that finally puts the pressure on governments – and it’s not happening in Caledonia.” When local media fail to cover important issues, or cover only one side of them, readers inevitably have to look elsewhere. In Caledonia, many go to Caledoniawakeupcall.com, created by Gary McHale. He has taken it upon himself to fight a perceived lack of law and order, subjecting himself to hatred, ridicule and near bankruptcy in a debate he can’t tear himself away from… And even reporters are impressed. “I think he’s done a really, really good job of putting any information that he can get his hands on out there for people to read,” say Dawson [Sachem Reporter]. “Really, if people didn’t have that they’d be in the dark even more than they are.”

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thank you for helping to set the record straight Gary.

    Now apparently, with efforts to simply brush this factual story off as a lie failing miserably, one of our more obsessed detractors is now telling people that I’m suggesting people should live in fear. That could not be further from the truth. I think the last thing any of us should ever do is live in fear of thugs.

    I do not however believe that we should allow ourselves to be driven to violence as that would solve absolutely nothing. Those who read this site know the CANACE path by now and I would encourage anyone wanting to take action to do so peacefully.


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