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April 24, 2008

When Aboriginal Appeasement Minister Michael J. Bryant visited Cayuga on April 22, 2008 I had the pleasure of being in attendance with many residents, and as I sat listening intently to his words, I found myself a bit confused as he appeared to be avoiding giving any real answer to the questions posed to him, but surely no member of the Liberal government (appointed by Dalton McGuinty no less!) would try to swerve us.


Originally published August 16, 2006. Republished August 27th, 2007 as evidence of the Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario.

As a Canadian we don’t normally have to read such vulgar hate speech expressed against other Canadians. Certainly we support the rights of all Canadians and the whole reason this site was created was to ensure that all people are equal under the Law.

We do not agree that Natives have the right to discriminate against others nor do they have the right to spread hatred.

The fact remains however, that many Natives are against Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews and Europeans and are demanding that they leave Canada – ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’ is their expression.

Our Governments have been wilfully lying to us over the years about the nature of many Native people. Even in Caledonia the Government is creating an Educational Program as part of the land claim – I don’t know what education has to do with a land claim that you already have decided is invalid. According to Hazel Hill this educational program is to address the racism of non-native people.

Once again the Ontario Government will go around telling everyone the Natives are right and we are racist.

Well, we say B.S. to that. We are not the ones calling for all Asians, all Blacks, all Jews etc. to get out of Canada. We are not the ones saying Canada isn’t a Country and that Canada has no authority to create a Constitution or Criminal Code.

How about an educational program teaching Natives that they are subject to our laws – something they don’t believe? How about educating Natives that other people have Rights, that other People are Human, that other People should not be assaulted and intimidated.

How dare Natives call upon Asians to get out of Canada. How dare Natives call Blacks white and tell them to get out of Canada.

We have seen the Natives in Caledonia fly Palestinian flags and march in Toronto in support of the terrorist group Hezbollah. [link][link]

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By Mark Vandermaas –

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgIn OPP Two Tier Justice policies victimize native people I outlined evidence to support my belief that the race-based policing policies designed by the OPP to favour native lawbreakers is responsible for victimizing innocent native people in both Ipperwash and Caledonia in addition to their traumatic impact on innocent residents.

Two rapes and “other unseemly acts” on Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia

Since my article appeared, it has come to light that at least two rapes have occurred on the Douglas Creek Estates, rapes made possible by the OPP/McGuinty ‘hands off’ approach that has created a lawless ‘homefree zone’ similar to the one still in existence at the former Army Camp in Ipperwash. 

DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry

The McGuinty Liberal Ipperwash Inquiry report whole-heartedly endorsed the failed, race-based OPP policies in Caledonia as “best practices.”

“The OPP’s ‘Framework for Police Preparedness for Aboriginal Critical Incidents’ is one element of a comprehensive OPP strategy to improve the policing of Aboriginal occupations and protests. It is an operational policy, intended to guide incident commanders and officers before, during, and after such incidents. The OPP has been applying the Framework at Caledonia. I consider the Framework and related programs to be best practices.”

Ipperwash Inquiry, Volume 4, Executive Summary, Policy Analysis, Volume 2 – Executive Summary (Preventing future violence), p87-88

Well, Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Fantino, in addition to traumatizing innocent residents in Caledonia for more than a year, your ‘best practices’ have led to a repeat of the out-of-control violence and lawlessness against native people seen in Ipperwash.



Congratulations gentlemen. Your ‘best practices’ and your Ipperwash cover-up are now enabling rapists. I hope you’re both very proud of yourselves. 

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An interesting take on the situation Canada is facing at the hands of Native Terrorists by Western Standard touching on such people as Jim Prentice, Phil Fontaine, Terry Nelson,  Angus Toulouse, Mike Harris, Dalton McGuinty, John Tory, and even Gary McHale (sort of). 

Also such Terrorists attacks as Oka where Mohawks shot and killed a cop, Ipperwash where they made Dudley George a martyr for being killed during battle with the OPP (yes they said during battle.. kudo’s Western Standard), the pathetic Ipperwhitewash Inquiry,  and Caledonia.

This one is definitely worth a read. Click here or on their interpretive art of how peace for June 29th was negotiated for the full story.

By Derek Nelson, Inside Queen’s Park, as published in Law Times

June 18, 2007

The gaping hole at the policy heart of the Ipperwash inquiry is commissioner Sidney Linden’s refusal to explain how an ordinary Ontarian protects his or her private land against aboriginal seizure.

The province failed to do it for Henco Industries at Caledonia. And for a proposed seniors’ complex in Hagersville. Or a quarry in Deseronto.

Just 12 per cent of Ontario’s land is privately owned, yet an increasing number of aboriginal protests are aimed at seizing such land. Much of the Haldimand Tract, of which the Caledonia and Hagersville lands are part, is privately owned.

The Ontario Provincial Police, the provincial government, and Linden’s report make quite clear that force is not an option in aboriginal land claim disputes.

It is all about “peacekeeping,” about consultation, negotiation, understanding, restraint, respect, and son on. The police are “neutral.”

As Linden said, the “avoidance of violence” is the aim.

Premier Dalton McGuinty, quoted by Linden, put it another way: “We are determined to resolve this in a way that results … in no incident and no compromise in public safety.”

Decoded, what he is really saying is that the government will do anything necessary to avoid a repeat of Ipperwash; that is, the killing of an aboriginal who is breaking the law in pursuit of, to use Linden’s phrase, “aboriginal and treaty rights.”

In the process, the theft of private land, major economic dislocation, and even violence committed by radical aboriginals will be ignored or tolerated. “No incident” acquired strange meanings.

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By Gary McHale –

It has now been a full year since I first got involved in Caledonia. A year ago the media was completely focused on Native Land Claims and Native Rights and paid little attention to the victims in Caledonia. 

Don’t get me wrong though, since I, like most Canadians, am more than willing to have our Government resolve Land Claims Issues and Governments should respect Native Rights. But those Land Claims and Rights do not include creating additional victims because some are frustrated with the Government.

A year has passed and once again the media doesn’t care about Caledonia or what happens to the residents there. What media takes any time to interview residents of Caledonia for their views? Who really cares whether a person with an AK47 is running around on DCE or whether there are fires on DCE and intimidation of residents?

Within six months I had the media talking daily about Two Tier Justice in Caledonia. The media across this country were printing stories about the problems faced by residents and by the end of 2006 few, if any, natives were being interviewed by any media. The topic had become Law & Order and the Rights of all people to be treated equally under the law.

The OPP & Ontario Government intimidated and pressured the County to take part in an endless attack upon me and anyone else who still was willing to speak out.Since the beginning of the year, the residents of Caledonia have demonstrated quite clearly that they do not want to have a voice. Their silence is deafening.

So where are we today? The media neither cares about the views of the residents nor any of the many events over the past two months – including the AK47 event.

A year ago I leaked the Liberal Plan that was to resolve Caledonia. This Plan included naming the various people in Caledonia who were working directly on behalf of McGuinty. I named two particular people who would work to ensure that McGuinty had it easier. They were to ensure that Mayor Trainer would not be re-elected and ensure that Caledonia had no voice. 

These two people were Ken Hewitt and Lorraine Bergstrand. Ken Hewitt went on CHTV with me and stated clearly that he had no connection with the Liberal Party – then he ran for the Federal Liberal nomination (surprise, surprise). He stated on TV the Alliance had received no funding from the Liberal Government but within a few days we exposed that two cheques went to the Alliance from the County from the fund provide by the Liberal Government.

Lorraine Bergstrand phoned me and told me that she wasn’t part of any Liberal plan to help McGuinty. She told me that she had no connection with the Alliance either. The same day I contacted her (conservation taped) and asked her whether she already had private meetings with the key members of the Alliance – she said ‘Yes’. This meeting was to get the key members of the Alliance to help fund her run against Mayor Trainer which she lost. 

Now she is running against Toby Barrett as a Provincial Liberal. She is now singing McGuinty’s praises, but a year ago she claimed no connection to the Liberal party. Isn’t it amazing how quickly she rose through the ranks of the Liberal party in less than a year?

The people of Caledonia made a choice. They chose to follow their fears and to believe the lies of McGuinty. Just how many residents believed McGuinty about all the great negotiations that were happening or believed McGuinty about protesters on DCE not staying there over the winter?

Now we have Councilor Grice and the County telling everyone that they can finally start helping the residents of Caledonia by replacing the OPP, but that will not be until the fall of 2008. Did you get that, the county which told you everything was going great a year ago is now saying that nothing can be done for another 14 months.

Under councilor Grice’s leadership the people of Caledonia have not been organized. McGuinty has been able to switch the Caledonia issue to be Nation Wide Land Claims which is Federal. For months Fantino ran around claiming that Caledonia cannot be resolved until the Federal Government resolves it. McGuinty is off the hook. Grice has been silent as he believes he is more than able to play the same political games that all politicians play. To Grice the solution to failed political games is more political games.

Grice has been out to every one of our marches including each Flag Raising Event. However, he openly lied to the people of Caledonia on TV after being threatened by Fantino’s email when he told everyone that he did not support the Flag Raising Events. Instead of Grice filing a complaint against Fantino’s threat he caved in and did what politicians do – he chose to lie to the public instead of taking a stand. 

Now Caledonia has no voice – what national media cares to interview a single resident? The reasons are simple – their political leaders and the major players in town will do everything to ensure no one speaks out. 

The town is silent – just like Ipperwash.

Congratulations Caledonia you are now Ipperwash Part Two or Ipperdonia.

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If there is a hero to be found in the Ipperwash story, it is a remarkable woman by the name of Mary-Lou LaPratte. She lived through it all: crime and intimidation from natives over an invalid land claim against her home and those of her fellow residents; an eventual Supreme Court victory; threats; a home invasion; an assault; ongoing OPP refusal to enforce the law; DND failure to enforce the law; abandonment by the OPP when they fled Ipperwash to save themselves after the death of Dudley George, and psychological trauma so acute during the events of September 1995 that her hair fell out in chunks.

Despite the unbelievable stress and intimidation that caused most Ipperwash residents to suffer unbearable outrages in silence, Mary-Lou refused to be bullied. She spoke out, again and again, on behalf of her fellow citizens who were too afraid to speak for themselves.

Read the full story here Much more at

Letter to Editor – London Free Press: June 4, 2007

I have another recommendation for the Ipperwash report. “Don’t break the law.”

That is exactly what Dudley George and others decided to do. Dudley George’s actions and moral choices got him to where he is now.

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An apology for the events leading to the death of Dudley George is a start, but there is a long way to go toward soothing relations between First Nations and the provincial government, says the chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ).

The apology from the province that accompanied Thursday’s results of the Ipperwash inquiry is a step in the right direction, said Chief R. Donald Maracle. But the hurt still runs deep.“Obviously it won’t restore Dudley George’s life, or the unjust loss of land,” he said. “But I think the issue was investigated properly and hopefully now a healing process has begun.”
(Edit: Click here for some of how “proper” this investigation was)

At a Deseronto-area quarry, where a group of Mohawk protesters have been living since March, the inquest results affirmed what they already believed, said Shawn Brant, who has served as a spokesman for the group.

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As Canada heads into what many aboriginal leaders have promised will be the “summer of the blockade,” the final report of the Ipperwash inquiry sends the wrong messages at the wrong time. By absolving native protesters of any responsibility in the 1995 death of Dudley George; and by recommending that the protesting band be given the provincial park they were illegally occupying, the report by commissioner Sidney Linden essentially tells natives across Canada that they are not responsible for their own actions. Nothing they do will be punished. Indeed, if they protest long enough and loud enough, they will be rewarded with land and money, even if their illegal acts end in violence.

This report simply adds to the fecklessness of officialdom in the face of the recent rail blockade near Belleville, Ont., and the illegal occupation of a housing development at Caledonia, Ont. (At the latter site this week, Ottawa offered squatters $125-million to end a land claim it originally claimed had no legal merit.)

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When the newly elected premier Dalton McGuinty called the Ipperwash inquiry in November, 2003, there was more than a whiff of politics in the air. The pending wrongful death suit brought by the family of Dudley George against Mike Harris had provided useful fodder for the Liberals during and after the former premier’s time in office and all through the 2003 campaign. The damage done, on election day the family suddenly dropped the suit — four days before the trial was to begin. So for all of Mr. McGuinty’s pious claims that the inquiry was merely about “looking for the truth about what happened” the night Mr. George was killed and “what lessons we might draw from that tragedy so that we can ensure that it is never repeated,” the subtext was clear: It was to put Mr. Harris and his government on trial.

The natives who seized the park had no mandate to do so from the local band council, and indeed faced active opposition from other band members for having done so.

Many of those who participated were not even from the area, but had travelled from as far away as the United States to show their support.

No formal warning was offered that the park was about to be occupied. No grievance was clearly articulated beforehand, other than a vague, disputed and intermittently advocated claim that the park contained a native burial ground. Even after the occupation began, the protesters refused to communicate in any way with the police. And in almost every case where police and natives clashed, the violence was initiated by the natives. While the beating of Cecil Bernard George at the hands of several OPP officers, the proximate cause of the events leading to the other Mr. George’s death, was clearly deplorable, it came only after the first Mr. George had whacked an officer with a six-foot length of pipe. The fatal shooting — again, as wholly unjustified as it was — came after natives drove a bus at police.

So the police badly mishandled the occupation, yes. But had this particular group of natives not taken it into their heads to break the law, defy their band council, and seize the provincial park, they would never have come into conflict with the police. Yet throughout his report, Judge Linden takes the existence of this and other such native occupations as a given.

They simply “occur,” as if by acts of God…

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Re: Flashpoints for protests remain ‘as intense,’ June 1

So the Ipperwash inquiry report has been made public and both the federal and provincial governments have been found responsible for the events of Sept. 6, 1995. What will become of this report?

We know that the
Ontario government and the federal government have been presented with recommendations regarding the outstanding landclaim disputes. Both governments are involved in landclaim negotiations with the Algonquins of Ontario.

For years, there have been complaints ranging from questionable election practices to the double-dipping of allocated funds by one community. To date, both governments have ignored these complaints.

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The official release of the government Ipperwash inquiry has had it’s designed effect. The Mainstream media fell for it and misinformed the public once again with excerpts from this politically correct, entirely slanted, one sided, useless, pre determined, tax payer funded, $25 Million report which kissed the arse of Terrorist Dudley George and bashed the OPP and Harris government for trying to uphold the law in 1995.

Their final conclusion? The events at Ipperwash were entirely the fault of everyone but the Native Terrorists who illegally occupied a Military base, and a Provincial Park. That in cases of Terrorism or any criminal activity that happen to be committed by Natives, law and order should be instantly abandoned and condemned so that Canada can be more “sensitive to Aboriginal needs”.


2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgcwuc_crest.gif– Joint Media Release –


June 01, 2007

Ipperwash Papers investigator calls Inquiry “shameful cover-up”

According to the lead investigator for The Ipperwash Papers project, the Ipperwash Inquiry is a shameful cover-up that deliberately ignored a campaign of native crime and intimidation against Ipperwash residents that began in earnest in 1992 following the submission of a little known land claim against the homes of West Ipperwash Beach residents by the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point.

The Ipperwash Inquiry did not call a single full time resident to testify about the trauma they experienced at the hands of natives before, during and after the events of September 1995. During the course of an inquiry that lasted three years, a mere 90 minutes was allotted for residents to address the Commissioner in a townhall meeting that took place on the evening of June 21, 2006. Vandermaas alleges that the minutes of that meeting were “sanitized” to downplay residents’ statements in a way that strongly suggests that the Inquiry’s conclusions were pre-determined. He says that the Inquiry’s minutes of this ‘Community Consultation’ differed so dramatically from a reporter’s account of the meeting that he felt compelled to verify that she was, indeed, writing about the same event.

At least one high ranking Inquiry official had personal knowledge of how Ipperwash residents’ were suffering at the hands of native criminals, but that knowledge was never made public or used to help give residents a voice at the Inquiry. 

the Ipperwash Inquiry also ‘overlooked’ a letter from the township that blamed Mr. George’s death and the “terrorizing of a municipality” on the failure to enforce the law against natives. This letter, along with hundreds of other victim impact statements written by area residents, was submitted to a federally-appointed representative in 1996.

Thirty-two of these victim impact statements form an important and poignant part of The Ipperwash Papers. They, too, were ‘overlooked’ by the Ipperwash Inquiry.

“The Ipperwash Inquiry deliberately chose to ignore the issue of native violence and the role it, and the failure of the OPP and DND to enforce the law, played in the death of Dudley George. Dudley George may have died from a police bullet,” Vandermaas says, “but it was the failure to enforce the law against native criminals in the years prior to his death that loaded the rifle.”

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Read the Ipperwash Papers, the True story of Ipperwash Here

McGuinty Started the Ipperwash Inquiry to make Mike Haris look bad – Justice was not served. Not one Resident of Ipperwash was ALLOWED to testify. Not one resident was permitted to speak about how much the residents were victimized by the illegal Native Occupation.

Not one Recommendation by the Inquiry to HELP the residents of Caledonia, Hagersview, Deseronto etc.

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