Caledonia residents visit Fantino’s home

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Caledonia, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Residents

March 3, 2008

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino made an interesting move yesterday in an effort to counter the Caledonia residents protesting outside of his Woodbridge home. He created a second headline for the media, and I’ll leave it to you to decide which one was more news worthy.

Headline 1: Caledonia residents protest at OPP Commissioners home

Headline 2: Cop visits donut shop.

A simple flag raising event was held outside of Fantino’s home by Caledonia residents at around 12:15pm. Brief speeches were given to the many media outlets present to explain why we were in Woodbridge, and enlighten those who don’t already know about the plight of the people living with no OPP protection on the Sixth Line.

Signs and Canadian flags were hung on hydro polls across from Fantino’s house by Caledonia residents Doug Flemming and Merlyn Kinrade in a peaceful protest which brought Caledonia to the attention of Toronto media where it belongs.


This simple, law abiding event saw Fantino bring in hundreds of OPP officers and the London riot squad when attempted in Caledonia on January 20, 2007. The York Regional Police had one unmarked van present with an officer quietly watching yesterday.

If Mr. Fantino objected to us coming to his home, he was well aware that all he had to do to stop us was agree to meet and speak with us, but as has been the case for over a year now, Mr. Fantino is only willing to meet with the occupiers of DCE who use violence to obtain their goals, and refuses to speak with law abiding citizens of a tortured town.

The media apparently didn’t think much of Julian’s visit to a donut shop for a meeting with OPP inspector Dave McLean as they made it a footnote to the story of our protest.

Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Caledonia Wakeup Call

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